THE FROG is the emblem of Apollo, who was known in Ancient Greece as a “healer and god-protector from evil.” Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.
The frog is the main symbol of the Men of Crete, who were known in Latin as the Cappadocians, and in the bible as the Philistines.  They had come to the Land of Canaan from the island of Crete, that was known biblically as Caphtor.
They were a class of warriors, priests, magicians and merchants. The frog was also known as a symbol of the Arcadians and the people of Argos as an emblem for them to keep at home, in what we know today as the Ancient Greek Empire.
In the 5th century BC, Plato had said that the Greeks had lived in “a small part of the world between the Pillars of Heracles and Phasis, living about the sea like ants or frogs around a pond.”
This pond Plato was speaking about was actually more like a massive collective body of water consisting of, back then, all of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. Aristotle would simply call the Greeks “frogs.”
The Greeks referring to themselves as frogs is a recurring theme in Greek literature such as the work of Homer titled, The combat between the Frogs and the Mice (Batrachomyomachia). We also find frogs again in the comedy,”
In ancient Egypt, the frog was a symbol of regeneration and the amulet of the frog was associated with resurrection.
The Greeks and Romans associated frogs with the planet Venus for fertility and harmony, and also with the goddess Aphrodite.
Later it appears that the symbology and worship of the frog was forbidden in the Roman Empire for in the Liber de Hcerisibus (xi.) of Philaster, Bishop of Brescia, the frog worshippers {ranarum cultores) are mentioned as a heretical Christian sect.
To the Jews, a frog is applied to a timid, degraded man, who morally turns and returns. The Hebrew name of the frog, is written in vowels “TSPR,”to turn, to convert one’s self, in a physical as in a moral sense; The second root of the name frog is Do| science, knowledge wisdom.
The Ancient Greeks of Crete were known to be Magi and also fire kindlers. Hence, they were the pagans and Jews of their day whose teachings were contrary to that of the church and deemed heretical.
They had believed in reincarnation, and I assume would practice these rites in their places and temples where they were said to have worshiped the goddess of War, Ma.
This may be the reason why in Europe the symbol of the frog was considered bad. It had went from being a symbol of fertility and resurrection in the East, to the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greek Arcadians and later with the Romans.
Three black frogs were the original arms of France and the first king of the Franks, Clovis who had three frogs in his original coat of arms. Clovis was
the first king to unite all of the Frankish tribes under one ruler.
In Scotland, the frog is a symbol of good luck. However, this would later change to bad luck during the middle ages, where, in Christianized European folklore where frogs were now associated with witches, or familiar spirits who had magical powers.
FROGS OF THE APOCALYPSE Saint John in Revelation 16:13, sees a vision of the dragon, the beast | false prophet spewing three unclean spirits out of their mouths (frogs) who create armies of the earth that Satan attempts to use to defeat the army of Christ from heaven.
Info in this thread
is credited to: Gnostic Warrior.

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