This is a sign you should not trust what this man says.
I can forgive having dinner with Amy Chua, but claiming to enjoy it?
I don't even disagree with the premise here -- there's a tension between these students' intense hierarchical ambitions and their professed commitment to equity...
...but it also strikes me as probably a positive good that at least some Yale Law School students are pushing back against the decadence of court life.

Dissident courtiers make poor revolutionaries but they're better than nothing.
Also, focusing on the students here is a low-key way of saying, "Of course elite spaces are full of bullies and sexual predators. So what? That's how power works."

And the same people are flummoxed by QAnon.

• • •

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10 Jun
This is an important connection.

In general, I think the left in 2021 has primed itself to expect repression from the liberal state without really understanding the right-wing grassroots dynamics of how the Red Scare worked in the 1950s, let alone today.
Particularly given that a core component of American liberalism in the 2020s is a (professed, at least) commitment to anti-racism.

Obviously what liberals mean by anti-racism often differs from what, say, CRT has to say on the subject, but nevertheless.
One of the ironies of the Red Scare is that while it worked—leftists and left-liberals were driven out of the government and lost a great deal of political influence—the American right believed they actually lost.
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9 Jun
There's a particular narrative about conservative radicalization that centers the inability of the right in the 1980s to completely impose its agenda -- especially around issues like abortion -- which misses how this is a cyclical phenomenon in American politics.
I'm not saying that perceptions of social, cultural, and political power don't matter -- they absolutely do! Just that the siege mentality on the right is a recurrent trend.
For instance, most people on the left -- and even many liberals, for that matter -- don't generally look back on the 1950s as a period of unchallenged hegemony.
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8 Jun
Imagine being dumb enough to think this is actually how the classroom works.
Also, I'm skeptical that a dude who went to NYU -- an atypical college in many, many ways -- can actually say anything meaningful about "the college experience" as experienced by most students and faculty.
Hint hint: at most schools, the *vast* majority of students have no interest in being friends with their professors.
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31 May
Sometimes I forget just how hostile the African American press was to the more radical elements of the civil rights movement.

Parts of this, from the PITTSBURGH COURIER, could have come from NATIONAL REVIEW.
And that's nothing compared to George S. Schuyler's column on the same page.
Still, there are important differences. The COURIER's opposition to the Anti-Riot Act -- which was eventually included in the 1968 Civil Rights Act -- was couched in concerns that it could target peaceful activists -- Martin Luther King in particular.
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30 May
Mainstream media bothsides-ed the civil rights movement by juxtaposing SNCC against the American Nazi Party. Image
This was also a common tactic of Southern segregationists in the early 1960s -- here's the mayor of Selma in 1965 blaming the troubles on "outside agitators" like MLK and George Lincoln Rockwell.

Of course, he uses a racial slur to refer to MLK.
Oh, and here's the WASHINGTON POST outright blaming Stokely Carmichael for George Lincoln Rockwell.

"Extravagances like Carmichael's nurture and sustain him." ImageImage
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23 May
"Why do historians even write, when other people have written about this stuff before?"
Nota bene: Do actually read DuBois, Woodward, Fields, etc.
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