Yuri Bezmenov was a Russian Spy, a KGB Agent who was sent to INDIA during Indira Gandhi’s tenure.

He revealed in his Interview given to American TV Channel that his team was instructed to create a Gang of Useful Indian Idiots by Brainwashing them into Communist Ideology.

He said that, "This was my instruction. Try to get into large circulation established conservative media, filthy rich movie-makers, intellectuals in so called academic circles, cynical egocentric people who can look into your eyes with angelic expression and tell you a lie.

These are the most recruited people, people who lack moral principles, who are either too greedy or suffer from self importance. These are the people who KGB much wanted to recruit. They serve their purpose on the stage of destabilization of a nation.”

These intellectuals and academics were then invited to USSR and were fed all the propaganda about the utopia of the Soviet communist systems.

“They were idealistic minded Leftists who made several visits to USSR. The useful idiots, the Leftist (of New Delhi) idealistically believed in the beauty of Soviet socialist or communist system.”

Sumitranandan Pant, one of the so-called progressive left-wing poets was in fact a part of the Soviet propaganda machine. The Indian Government even honored him with Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhusan, two of the highest awards received by Indian citizens.

NCERT still includes Sumitranandan's poems in their books.

Connect Yuri's words to the Leftist idiots in JNU, Award Wapsi gang, Arundhati Roy, Barkha Dutt, etc. The complete Left ecosystem was explained by Yuri several years back.

Yuri fell in love with India and had to go underground in India and couldn't help Russia much. But he was handed over to Russia.

Despite this he managed to escape to Canada but was unfortunately killed there.

Please listen to him on:


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11 Jun
Have anyone heard of Savarkar working for untouchables and opening a temple in Ratnagiri?

When Savarkar was under house arrest at Ratnagiri (Maharashtra), he toiled hard and persistently, for decades, to eliminate casteism (Jaat-based discrimination). Image
Result? Well, as Ambedkar himself noted, because of Savarkar's work Ratnagiri district and parts of Konkan were totally free of caste-based discrimination.

(We were always taught of Gandhi fighting for untouchables 😏) Image
He organised community feasts where people of all castes sat together and ate, he got temples opened for all castes, where properly trained priests from, what were traditionally considered, lower castes presided, he got thread-ceremony (Upanayana) performed on
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1 Jun
"Coming to the Indian Scene"

It's not new that a few pharmaceutical companies give expensive gifts, distribute cash and pay for extravagant pleasure trips of doctors willing to push their products. In turn the companies increase the price of the drugs to recover this amount.
Why aren't these companies & doctors involved punished?

One RTI on the same in 2016 revealed names of 20 firms charged with bribing doctors, medical shopkeepers & unauthorised medical practitioners to sell their pharma prods.

None of these 20 companies are Ayurvedic companies.
Unfortunately there are no laws to deal with this.

Some people have dared to submit a few evidences on this but in vain.

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30 May
"How Drug Companies mislead doctors and harm patients?"

This is a title of a book written by a British physician Ben Goldacre.

One of the famous example cited by him is an example of one particular antidepressant reboxetine. Image
Only one trial of this was published out of seven when tested against a 'placebo'. Obviously the trial published found it to be effective and the remaining six trials remained unpublished.

What were these unpublished trials like? Image
The same antidepressant was tested against serotonin reuptake inhibitors. It was proved in this trial that the particular antidepressant was not only less effective but also had worse adverse effects.

I'm just citing one such example from the book.
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30 May
Pravritti and Nivritti #Thread

Pravritti is worldly interaction i.e from inside to outside whereas Nivritti is inner contemplation i.e from outside to inside.

Let's understand both with examples

It naturally flows out of us and is there from the time we are born till we die. And we are naturally inclined towards action.

A baby crawls, turns, twists , pulls, pushes, walks, runs without any formal training. Because it's the pravritti of the baby. Image
Outward interaction is essential for the continuity of life, for organising the Society, and concluding with Karma Yoga.

Right Karmas (action) can bring prosperity, happiness and contentment.
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28 May
#Thread on #Savarkar

Most historians - British as well as Indian, have described and dismissed the rising of 1857 as a ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ or at best ‘The Indian Mutiny’.

We all have read it in the similar fashion in our History Textbooks too.
Whereas several revolutionaries and freedom fighters regarded this as a strategy that was well planned, & organised to destroy the British power in India.

#Savarkar was the one who looked at it from the Indian perspective.
Being a revolutionary himself, he was inspired by the bravery, heroism, the burning passion, suffering and the unfortunate tragic fate of the leaders in 1857.

He decided to change the British and the Indian narrative about 1857.
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28 May
Some people are deliberately circulating this on the #savarkarjayanti today.

I need your support in busting these lies. Please help me reach the masses.

Here is the truth.

This is just another conspiracy to defame Savarkar.

Both Netaji and Rash Bihari Bose were admirers of Savarkar's works.

Savarkar met Netaji in Dadar (Mumbai) at his own residence.
The ToI dated June 24, 1940 carried an article on this meeting :

"Subhas Chandra Bose arrived in Bombay on June 22nd and had discussions with Savarkar with a view of exploring the possibilities of co-operation between the Forward Bloc & the Hindu Mahasabha respectively."
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