the Trump administration taught us something important: if there's ever a fascist coup in the US, the BBC, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC, and every other Western state-owned enterprise will cover it in the same dull tones they do everything else
so will the New York Times, before the fascists bust down their doors, of course

the Washington Post will probably be the most defiant, like always, but it won't do anything and their media peers will sneer at them. but even their defiance will be somehow both-sidesist.
the other organizations, that is, The Atlantic, etc., will respond in varying degrees.

the corporate outlets will sensationalize it (CNN, ITV) before the fascists come for the American ones too. FOX will celebrate and claim the Republic still exists and it's all fake news.
FOX will become PBS…or at least their equipment and personnel will. OAN will find themselves running OAN+FOX. PBS will no longer exist. It'll be rebranded and become something like fascist CSPAN.

some social media giants will defy. Twitter probably. Google maybe. Instagram no.
Facebook will make their o's into Nazi swastikas (or w/e) in celebration, and to signal to the coup leaders that they're willing to collaborate to the degree IBM did during the holocaust. the coup leaders will install loyalists in Facebook's hierarchy to be sure
at the end of the day most billionaires will quickly change their tune. most large corporations will as well. Hollywood, to the surprise of many not paying attention, will flip overnight, although most of the actors will be all new people. but not the companies.
internet service providers will barely put up a fight. maybe a few small ones will, perhaps even Google Fiber. nothing more.

textbook publishers like Pearson will gladly rewrite their books. after all, they already publish Texas textbooks. those'll be the basis.
in fact, the CEO of Pearson will proudly tell the coup leaders, "oh yes we were rooting for you quietly, and now that you've won and the glorious American Second Republic is Deep State and pedophile-free, let's show you the draft of our new history book we've been writing"
intellectuals and academics will follow as well, although probably 75% will die. those who remain will recontextualize everything. yes, they'll say, there was no plan, Q was fake, a lot of Pizzagate beliefs were hoaxes. however, this is true of all revolutions, you see.
what matters is not so much the facts, they'll say, those didn't matter during the Bolshevik Revolution or even the First American Revolution. what matters is that they gave a voice to people who felt voiceless, and carried us to victory. "it was never about the facts"
"so great was the cunning of the glorious forefathers of the Second Republic, that they knew to get the public's support they'd need to exaggerate. this is not a bad thing. landlords were not literally pigs in China, but were depicted as such. this is normal, it is beautiful."
the prison industrial complex will happily convert their facilities over to mass euthanasia. indeed, they already were that basically before, just without the killing. they already were a Hell few condemned to them escape from. few who wind up in jail go there only once.
the medical agencies will gladly rewrite the rules. the prominent doctors who remain'll say that they wanted to all along, but the pesky boot of the Deep State stopped them. indeed, many sharp minds will get off this way. the coup leaders know they can't kill all the smart people
people will quickly learn: to get off in this new world of your past beliefs, etc., it's enough to say the Deep State made you do it. actions by them don't matter. you'll hear a lot of talk of the former "self-censorship" and "chilling effects" which prevented change.
some people will embellish as well, especially if they once had completely different opinions and were powerful people. they'll claim they were actually threatened, or what have you. no one will investigate, kangaroo courts already killed all the politicians who will be blamed.
the Second American Republic will put "blood and soil" on the dollar. people will cheer. the 14 words will enter the pledge of allegiance, except with "American" instead of "white". but make no mistake, the new constitution specifies only white people are American anyway.
people of color won't be killed all at once of course. they weren't in Nazi Germany either. politicians will get bolder and bolder. ghettoization, institutionalization, work bondage, sterilization, genocide. that'll take around 30 years in peace time.
and through all of this, the BBC and all the rest reported on it as dully as a coup in any country. they even invite on the new fascist politicians to present both sides. how can they not? it's the most poweful country in the world! their nukes! this is allowable opinion now.
a lot of the Western world will fall once the fascists get control of the CIA. sometimes they won't even need to do a big coup, natural ones will happen, as naturally as happened here. Ukraine will shrink year by year. the non-interventionist fascist USA will have other problems.
people like me were killed in year one. we're just too involved in the mythos to not be. it doesn't matter how much we "repent", and believe me, just like North Korean prisoners, we will "repent". for some of us it might take drugs. for some, CGI.
the fascists eagerly develop a technology that lets them puppet a human. put something in their brain, make them say certain words, drive them around like a car. they don't really need it, it's just fun. our bodies have no value after all, no ethics in medical experimentation.
they do everything they accused their enemies of. they use CGI, neural networks, all sorts of things to attack the news of other countries. they use our CIA to wage a war for fascism worldwide. their war is now a war against "crony republics", fascist speak for democracies
China and Russia find they now have much in common with the US. tensions virtually stop. it's rumored US troops even helped with the annexation of Ukraine. France remains defiant, and if not them, Germany. but it's hard. it's really hard to resist internal forces.
and that's the thing. once other countries grow wise to the fascist CIA tactics, that won't be the big issue. but trade will be. radicalization at home will be. USA fell to fascism not due to any external force, neither will most other countries.
Heil Trump, heil our forefathers, heil our blood and our soil, God bless America, land of the free, home of the pure

• • •

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