More on links between white nationalists and the GC movement.

TL;DR version: GC's favorite transphobic researcher Ray Blanchard appeared on the the show of white nationalist Edward Dutton to promote his theories about trans people. 1/n
Ray Blanchard promotes the narrative that ALL trans women are either self hating gay men, or perverts. He's also written twice for the GC blog "4th Wave Now" promoting "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria." Neither theory has any credibility in the psych community. 2/n
Edward Dutton is a white supremacist who promotes scientific sounding rationales for claiming whites are smarter than Blacks in his "Mankind Quarterly Journal". He's also a big fan of Richard Spencer, and close with Patriotic Alternative. 3/n
If Patriotic Alternative sounds familiar, it should. It's the white nationalist group that GC Tabitha Stirling (aka Miss Brittania) was affiliated with that cost her a book deal with Julie Burchill when the optics got too toxic. 4/n…
PA is a far-right white nationalist group all over the UK. PA was founded in July 2019 by the British neo-nazi and anti-semitic conspiracy theorist Mark Collett. In September 2019, PA held its first conference, with Edward Dutton as a speaker. 5/n
Clarification / Edit: Julie Burchill dropped Tabitha Stirling as a publisher when she learned of Stirling's ties to white nationalist organizations. 6/n…
The reason Burchill had been looking for a publisher for her book in the first place is that Little Brown (and imprint of Hatchette) had dropped publication of Burchill's book in 2020 for Islamophobic tweets she made. 7/n…

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9 Jun
More than half of the 3502 followers of this charming gentleman also follow the LGB Alliance. ImageImage
Now, here it gets interesting. Here's a guy who is unabashedly anti-Feminist sharing the Nazi-sympathizer's anti-abortion tweet. Also, Kathleen Stock went on Boyce's show, and defended having anti-feminists in the GC movement. 2/n ImageImage
It gets even better! Boyce has not only hosted @dockstockk, but Sargon of Akkad aka anti-feminist gamergater Carl Benjamin. Benjamin tweeted in 2016 to Jess Philips: "I wouldn't even rape you," but for the fact that "nobody's got that much beer" 3/n Image
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6 Jun
Some folks don't like it when I mention who they share their views, and power, with. However, the fact of the matter is that if you give the Christian right the political power to do what they want to transgender people, they have the ability to do it to anyone else they hate 1/n
Anyone who is paying attention to US politics realizes that the GOP, and the Christian right, is playing for keeps: they aim to achieve power via any means available and never let go. 2/n
Ryan Anderson of Heritage, and now the Christian Nationalist Ethics and Public Policy Center, openly declares in the first few minutes that the real power of GCs comes through giving their power to the religious right.

He's not wrong. 3/n

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6 Jun
Something I don't talk about enough (but should) is climate change. The TL:DR reason is if we don't preserve democracy, there is no path to cutting carbon emissions. The GOP has made denialism, and anti-environmentalism, a core tenet. 1/n…
I feel about democracy the way this man in the Propublica article feels about the environment. The difference is, I see saving democracy as a necessary condition, and the one that is about to expire first. 2/n
I include this (briefly) in my book: if the GOP seizes permanent power, most of the life on this planet goes extinct in a few hundred years in an event rivaling the the Great Oxidation Event. 3/n…
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6 Jun
Spent my morning looking through memes created by this racist, homophobic, transphobic, anti-Semite. All the trans people on this list turned later up on neo-Nazi posters issuing death threats. 1/n…
Oddly enough they're using some of the same talking points as, well, let's say other anti-trans voices. They're not the only ones to zoom in on Jewish people as the culprits for "transgenderism" 2/n
Look, this should go without saying, but...

If you find yourself on the same side of a battle for civil rights as the American religious right (which brought us slavery, Jim Crow, Donald Trump, and the end of Roe v. Wade), you just might be the baddies. 3/n
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4 Jun
It's rare that Christian Nationalists say all the quiet parts loud at the same time. But, today on the Federalists' main page, there are three articles up at the same time that show what a GOP takeover of the government would mean. 1/n
Leaving aside Beavis & Butthead humor about the headline, this article on Ben Domenech (Megan McCain's spouse) on Fox News calling for the US to embrace religion as centerpiece of our culture. 2/n
How would they do it, when "nones" are rapidly becoming the largest religious group in America? Why compelled prayer, of course. Though they claim atheists are powerful, there's few openly in government. 3/n
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3 Jun
Short thread on this.

1. Apparently Millar tweeted *something* that was bad enough that she was charged with a crime. We don't know what.

2. Generally, police won't touch social media stuff unless the post clearly constitutes a credible, imminent threat of some sort. 1/n
3. Stock was recently named to the board of LGB Alliance

4. LGB Alliance was given charity status, after it promised that it would stop doing incendiary things against trans people. 2/n
5. There is a continued push to revoke their charity status.

What all this means:

1. Strong probability that when we learn what the tweet was, it will involve doxxing and/or credible threats of violence. 3/n
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