Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, tarot reading -

Many opportunities are going to begin presenting themselves to you within the coming months. I see right now you may be feeling called to rest more, which you should listen to. It’s important to listen to your inner guidance right now.
In the past few months, you may have experienced some conflicts within your life, or for others of you it could’ve been a pressure you were putting on yourself to succeed. It seems like you may have felt like you were in competition with others around you at times and maybe
Questioned whether you were good enough for what it is you want to go towards. For a lot of you this seems like career. You may have not seen things progress as much as you’d like just yet, which causes self doubt. This is understandable, however it’s important to know that
things don’t happen over night, and just because you aren’t at the ‘ final destination’ yet, doesn’t mean you aren’t succeeding! It’s more about the journey and learning to experience joy and gratitude now, even if you still wish to grow and improve.
I also see for a lot of you, you have maybe had to take a step back from certain people. I’m seeing this could be a group of friends with the two 5’s here. You may have felt like you were needing to spend more time alone and focus on yourself and building yourself up.
Though it’s important to be around loving people, and you shouldn’t ever feel you are completely alone, it’s also a good thing to have boundaries and protect your energy from draining or toxic people. If you’re feeling unsure of what to do on this situation, you’re being advised
To listen to your gut feeling and spend some time alone acknowledging and understanding how you feel. It may even help to meditate. As you do this, it looks like for a lot of you you will be being called to speak up and assert boundaries. You shouldn’t have to carry all of this
Heaviness alone. Be strong in what you know is right and don’t let people treat you unfairly. Call it out, it will either leave to a resolution or it won’t and you will know that you are better off moving past this. Don’t let this situation stop you from opening up to new
Blessings though. I see some things you’ve gone through, you may have had a bit of a victim mindset at times but you recognised it. You are or soon will be realising why certain things had to occur the way they did, especially when it comes to feeling betrayed or lost.
Meditation might give you the ability to see things from a higher perspective, and to see where you can learn and grow from the things you’ve been through. Many of you have been focusing your energy on healing some emotional pain and nurturing yourself. It was not easy but
By doing so, you’re allowing yourself to make way for new things to come. For many of you, you’re going to be coming into some real success these coming months. Some ideas you’ve been starting recently are coming into fruition. I feel for many of you, if you’ve been feeling more
Drawn towards pursuing something new when it comes to work, then this is something to definitely work towards. Like I said before, it might not happen over night, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be successful! Also Just because other people are already doing what you’re interested
In doing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it! There will always be people who we can see as ‘better’ than us at something, but that isn’t actually true, because everyone brings something new and different to the table. If you have something, especially if it’s emotionally
Fulfilling to you, you should go for this. I also see you coming to realise what stability and contentment looks like for you. Being secure not only in the external world but within yourself too, especially emotionally.
I also see for a lot of you, you’re being advised to release some emotional burdens from your childhood. In doing this, it will actually allow you to have a fresh start in going towards what it is you’ve been longing for. Again, spending time alone with your thoughts will help
You understand what it is you need to release. For some of you, this can be overworking / pressure you put on yourself due to how you grew up. For others of you it’s emotional pressure, feeling like you have to carry the burdens of others and keep everything inside.
This is something that may be coming to the surface, but remember this is happening so it can be dealt with and healed. Two tens here and the wheel of fortune shows me you’re coming out of a cycle and into a new one. What you’ve been experiencing, walking away from all of this
old stuff, people and mindsets, it had to happen this way to show you where you deserve better and where is best to put your energy. Focusing on yourself right now is really important. Self worth is a big thing coming up. Let yourself feel any emotions that are coming up and
Express them! You don’t have to bottle them up or keep them to yourself. Many of you may be having a new start in love soon too. This could be something you have been manifesting, or just wishing for. It seems like you have found your independence so you feel ready to
Have a connection with someone which is good! I see this person could be someone you have known for a long time or it’s someone you will feel like you have known for a long time, even if you haven’t. The 6 of cups shows me it will feel familiar.
This situation may feel like a little bit of a risk, maybe because of these past things but you’re being urged not to be closed off from this. Be open, have boundaries and let yourself experience happiness here. This looks really positive!
Join my patreon for the extended reading, including much more insight into what’s to come and specific things and signs that are relevant.
A lot of people have been asking where to tip so here’s the link. Tips are massively appreciated but not required, they just allow me to keep doing general readings like this one 💘

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