For folks writing about CRT and education: education has always (always!) been political. Whether we're talking about who gets educated, the purpose of education, or the content or style of education. Every single bit of it is political, hence subject to being propaganda.
For example, yesterday we talked about the extension of the right to vote to white males--extending the right to vote caused a crisis in education. Reformers argued that if we were going to have universal white male suffrage, then we needed universal white male education.
When systems of public education were developed they were supported by arguments by conservatives like Daniel Webster who saw education as "a wise and liberal system of police" and radicals who argued that education was the path to equality.
For another example, read this essay by education theorist Henry Giroux from 1992. It's written as universities were bowing to pressure from conservatives to change the curriculum away from the humanities & liberal arts and toward business & STEM:…
Here are a few excerpts:
I'm with Giroux: what kind of education will best serve the cause of democracy? That's what we should be teaching.
Read the Giroux quotes and/or essay and you'll see just how desperate and anti-democratic and facile these critiques of CRT really are. CRT is part of democratic education, no law can stop that--nor should any democracy want to.
Once again the right has dominated the terms of debate. They do it every time we talk about education. Every damn time.
Don't argue the CRT good/bad claim--that framing is their framing. Debate a different claim, one centered on what kind of education is best for democracy. Make it a values debate, not a policy debate. Policy comes from applying values. What values does banning CRT serve?

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8 Jun
OMG, I’m so excited to receive this advance copy of @wstorr’s new book (not out until September). I super learned a lot from The Science of Storytelling & status is definitely a part of what I’m writing about now. @HarperCollinsUK
Also, getting an advanced copy is pretty “high status” isn’t it? 😉🤩
Speaking of status (not mine), the first ever advance copy of a book I received was when I was in grad school. It was @AlexKeyssar's The Right to Vote (EVERYONE SHOULD READ THAT BOOK IMMEDIATELY).

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Reasons Trump continues to coup:
Ego: cannot admit he lost.
Money: fundraises off his followers' hope.
Power: if his followers think he's still president, then he controls them & GOP.
Authoritarianism: he has to be seen as a strong leader.
Violence: ancillary benefit for Trump.
But! You say, how does violence help Trump? Trump sees violence as a strategy. He's a dangerous demagogue who uses language as force. He has wielded his followers like a cudgel since 2015. This is an intensification of those same strategies. He won't stop.
oh, forgot:

Attention & engagement: Trump remains relevant and interesting and we continue to talk about him if he's a "pretender to the presidency."
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oh and I just switched my fancy cherry jar w/plant and my book so that's visible.
Here’s the shelf. Pleased with this!
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31 May
When I teach my students about #MemorialDay addresses, commemoration, epideictic, and eulogy, we always study and read aloud Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. Do yourself a favor and read it now:
Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers brought forth, on this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived, and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war.
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