25000 of you answered. Almost 3 in 4 of you believe either that UFOs are a deliberate fabrication of the government and/or Next Generation US Tech, or from some previously unknown advanced civilization.

About 1 in 4 say the US is just incompetent (in error or being leapfrogged).
The poll ran for 3 days to decrease selection bias. It was stable from early on in the response patterns.

Over 2/5 of you have already gone to some form of alien explanation.

Even at this crude level I find this fascinating having run several of these Twitter polls in the past.
The poll was intended to force people to make a definite guess:

There is nothing real there (lying or incompetence)

There is something there (US tech)

There is something there (Adversaries).

There is something there (Aliens)

More characters would have helped, but not much.
But here is what I find fascinating: if 2/5 of us think this is Aliens, and 3/4 of us think the US is *baldly* lying on a matter of grave security, in possession of out of this world tech, or are being visited by advanced alien civilizations…and UAP is still not the top story.
I personally have no idea what’s going on. If I believe in my country then it is most likely aliens. If I disbelieve my country we are engaged in a lie that will soon collapse and destroy our trust and credibility even more.

Moral: get us US scientists our own US UAP data. Now.

• • •

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10 Jun
One of the tells that Twitter is algorithmically altering my feed is the length of time before I see responses.
As if algos/people get toggled on to screen my tweets.

When there’s such a lag, I soon get folks telling me they aren’t being shown my tweets.

The lag just came back.
Whatever rights Twitter has to algorithmically alter our conversations cannot be allowed to be hidden any more than a food company has a right not to tell you the ingredients of your food.

If I order a hamburger and they give me a puppy burger that’s not a right as a business.
@jack, @vijaya, @TwitterSafety: we MUST see our algorithmic ingredients. It’s as important to a free society as knowing what side effects medications carry & what’s in our food & drink.

You now threaten our health by distorting OUR ideas & communication, like additives in food.
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8 Jun
Our world of institutions is lying about nearly everything, nearly all the time to nearly everyone who isn’t representing an institution.

I have no control except the pace w/ which I point this out. And I knew to slow down around the election. Which we NOW admit we “fortified”.
Somehow, our tech communication and information utilities got into the game of saying that what they believe politically is more important than what is true or what we their users believe is true.

Like a phone company listening to your calls for heresy against phone companies.
. @MaajidNawaz, this is intolerable in a free society. I don’t know why we can’t just ask @jack and @vijaya. I mean they are right here. @jack doesn’t hate us. But he has vanished from his own company & its commitment to allowing diverse voices to dissent sensibly.
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30 May
This should be one of the major fronts of activism: Projection Mapping.

And: it sucks.

It’s off center. It’s not adapted to the façade. It’s not very clever. It’s not animated. It doesn’t use beveling, angles, or other architectural features beyond the two dimensional.

I don’t know why this is taking so long. I think that the problem may be that we are missing brain power in our activism by crowding out technical knowhow with mind numbing social justice falsehoods.

What if the protest was done by these people instead:

I mean: couldn’t that change everything?

Imagine you wanted UFO disclosure & wanted to force news media to cover it. You could animate aliens and UFOs invading a government building to the tune “Planet Claire” by the B-52s:

So why don’t we see this much?
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20 May
The interaction between money being a “Store of Value” and “Medium of Exchange” doesn’t say what to make of something that is not inflated away but which is also not exchange rate-stable.

I wonder: is crypto novel enough to simply break our aging concept of money itself?
ConsumerPrices/Fiat/Crypto are vertices of a triangle. I can imagine Fiat being long term price-stable while subject to inflation and Crypto non-inflationary, but exchange-unstable. In essence exchange-volatility & price-inflatability can be separable threats to “Store of Value”.
Imagine you were in a regular hyperinflation with a fiat currency & all prices smoothly went up around a regular trend line in one currency. Priced in a 2nd currency however, they bounced around violently but with no trend up or down. There’d be no full “store of value” possible.
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18 May
Not sure I can convey how much excitement I feel getting a delivery from 225 Parsons street in Kalamazoo Michigan.

It’s like getting a package from Timbuktu or Atlantis. I’ve never been in this league. It’s like an adult getting on an airplane for the first time.
Dear @HeritageGuitars,

You didn’t need to do this. But thank you. I don’t know what to say. I’m so excited I can’t bring myself to open it. May I celebrate Edwin Wilson head of R&D? Here he is holding this instrument because I had to know who built it.

I love this planet.

And to the team that built this: thank you all for keeping our American history going. Thank you for believing that there’s still magic in that old Gibson factory. It really matters what you all did in gifting me this instrument.

And know that deep down...we still believe too.🙏
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16 May
When our experts now talk openly about all these UFOs they talk about their “technology”.

And every time they do, I replace the word “technology” with the word “physics” for the obvious reasons. Because if non-terrestrial craft are here, physics > technology.
Imagine if these UAP were actually visitors from beyond the local solar neighborhood. You wouldn’t be focused on their technology first. You’d want to understand how they got here and if they used new physics to do so. Most importantly, you’d want to know about dimension hacking.
A key issue in Geometric Unity for me is whether additional temporal & spatial degrees of freedom are accessible or shielded from manipulation. But consider what 6 additional temporal dimensions or the ability to manipulate rulers and protractors fundamentally could yield.
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