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9 Jun, 29 tweets, 7 min read
does anyone remember what year it is
because I apparently don't
I'm not an expert but I don't think floppy drives are supposed to sound like this
that's even less what they're supposed to sound like
Here it is with the top removed.
This is a Futjitsu M2551A drive.
So right here there's a track-zero sensor. That thing on the left is an opto-interrupter/photo-interrupter. Basically it's an LED and a light sensor. If it can see the light, it knows there's nothing in the way. if it can't, something's in the way.
And the drive head mechanism has a little "wing" that sticks out to fit into that sensor.
The drive head position is controlled with a stepper motor (here on the bottom), but that just means it can move a track up or track down. It doesn't know WHERE the head is.
that's what the track zero sensor is for. Basically if the drive controller is ever told "go to track N" and it doesn't know what track it's on, it instead tries going down a track forever. Eventually it'll hit track 0, and know it's there because of the sensor.
then it just needs to move up a track N times.
The controller remembers which track it's on, so if you then tell it to move to N+1, it just goes up a track, rather than doing this zero-seek all over again.
it seems what's happening here is that the opto-interruptor isn't working, so the drive controller starts trying to seek down to get to track 0, and the physical head eventually gets there, but the controller never knows it's there.
thus the BZZZT noise as it tries to seek to track -1, which is physically impossible
this sort of thing is why the Apple II disk has that very distinctive chattering noise. Instead of a track 0 sensor, it just seeks down enough times that it knows it's at track zero, because it can't physically move past that point. It does this by banging the head into the case
and sounds like this:
So opening it up and doing a little cleaning seems to have fixed the BZZZZT and it can seek now, but it's not able to read any sectors or write any sectors. Seems it's dead.
so yeah, all of those drives are either broken or not the kind I need.
THAT'S OKAY, I have alternatives I can try.
hmm. I think my disks might be bad. several of them can read my test disk, but then when I try to format a blank disk, they make it 17 tracks in and start throwing errors

maybe track 17 is just bad ?
I'm using official IBM disks, though. how can they be bad?
also apparently one of these attempts at formatting B: unpartitioned my C:

I'm not gonna ask exactly how that happened
fortunately this is a test system so I didn't lose anything
the fuck, IBM? Are you really worried that people with hack into your floppy drives?
fortunately I am nothing if not a person of screw bits
it's all metal inside.
here's where the big cable comes in
I like how they locked the case with security bits and still put a voltage warning inside.
Never change, IBM.
yeah that screw is going to be fun to get out
And it's out!
And this is apparently a DFC642B09A, which is supposedly a 1.2mb drive!

yeah this is the 4869-002, not the 4869-001. So it's the 1.2mb HD drive, not the 360k DD drive.

ok closed it back up.
minus those security bits, because fuck that.

• • •

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I wonder if anyone has tried retrobriting new hardware.
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I don't support this kind of trolling, so I'm not going to retweet this without commentary. This is fake, intended to make you go check and end up rickrolling yourself.

Which I do support, so...
Also when I typed "rickrolling" my keyboard didn't have it in the dictionary, so it suggested "rickroll ingredients"

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