I keep seeing certain conservative “pundits” offering thinky pieces on vaccine passports under certain conditions (eg., cruise ships).

First, this is the camel’s nose under the tent that will lead to ever more “exceptions” to prohibitions about asking people for medical info...
Second, it yet again dodges the issue that so many blue check “cons” feel they need not reply to: Covid-recovered people have natural immunity. Moreover, they were excluded from vaccine safety trials, along w pregnant women.

Doctors who follow medical protocols would NEVER...
...advise those who were not among the test participants to take the vaccine, first because of safety concerns and second because it is redundant.

To deny these people entry to businesses because of what is or isn’t in their blood is akin to the 1-drop rule used to determine...
...race in this country in the early 20th century. It was meant to suss out “invisible blackness”.

Here, a vaccine passport is being used to prove you are pure of blood, filled with administered antibodies. Those w/o the vaccine are under suspicion for “passing”.

...all smacks of modern day medical Jim Crow. It’s 21-century leper colonization with no basis in science.

If you are vaccinated — and you believe the vaccine works — you have nothing to fear from non-vaccinated people. Estimates are that 150 million Americans have already ...
...contracted Covid.

Cruise ships have medical doctors. Ivermectin and HCQ as prophylaxis are as effective as the vaccine.

Make these drugs available, then have non-vaccinated people sign waivers.

Stop punishing people for having recovered from the virus.

And stop...
...pretending that this is a private business decision, because that’s the same argument that was used to keep blacks out of restaurants and hotels. It’s discrimination couched in phony caution.

• • •

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8 Jun
The changes in vocabulary Orwell pointed out nicely with his critique of euphemisms. A follow-up to that is how with each more specific iteration of a term we're "allowed," the vocabulary of necessity shrinks.

My critiques is structural: we've adopted as legitimate and ...
...will accept reflexively, an interpretation that allows the reader, listener, or a given "interpretive community", to claim that, while the writer or speaker may have meant one thing, it is *perfectly proper* to take as an equal interpretation what those who receive...
...the message (text) decide to do with your signs. To mean, you first signify. What's received by your readers or listeners are signifiers, which they then add a signified to to re-establish a sign. The sleight of hand comes when the reader or listener disregards what the...
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30 May
Everyone who follows me — or who spent years reading pw — needs to listen to this debate. Here are my instant takeaways, harsh as they may seem: 1) French uses abstractions, appeals to legal authority (often incorrectly), and a sleight of hand that has him concentrating...
...on universities, while avoiding K-12, where the audience is captive, to promote his argument, which is at every turn, sophistic. 2) French relies heavily on his past 1A victories as a litigator against university speech codes, to draw false equivalencies b/w those...
...and compelled speech.

His dodges, IMO, were both obvious and insincere.

From the standard of practical governance, @realchrisrufo won the debate, and it wasn’t close.

French showed only that he doesn’t understand that the goal of CRT is not to establish a line of...
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22 May
As Jews are being spit on & beaten in major cities, NeverTrumpers like @DavidAFrench are keen to express their OUTRAGE over an R rep’s use of analogy suggesting that Speakler Pelosi is quite literally normalizing IN THE HOUSE a 2-tiered justice system, and...
...a medical caste system — precisely the kind of dehumanizing Marxist regimes begin before they launch their Cultural Revolutions or build their camps and gulags.

Antifa, BLM, Occupy, & now “pro-Palestinian” groups act as their on-the-ground shock troops and enforcers,...
...while a woke corporate culture, big tech, & corporate media control information, communications, and master narrative in their combined function as propagandists for the Great Reset.

Public schools and academia pump out the left’s child soldiers.

And the flaccidcons...
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5 May
The logical offshoot of what libertarians who favor this proxy censorship reign by by way of private companies partnering with government, is that a similar arrangement can be made to replace the capricious targeting of con speech w black speech (save that we’ve made it illegal..
..to discriminate on the basis of color, while we’re quite comfortable discriminating on the basis of what progressives and govt has determined to be wrongthink or “hate speech”).

They revere private property rights over speech — a position that, in a representative...
...republic means that they find it perfectly acceptable that if your business does well enough, you can affectively control public discourse, which as we saw with MLB and Atlanta can cost states revenue and coerce legislators into shaping policies that please these businesses.
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5 May
This is how you know our education system is broken. No, the 3/5 compromise was not intended to “uphold white supremacy.” It was a compromise that allowed southern states some apportionment for slaves, but not full apportionment.

Ironically, the...

...VERY SAME PEOPLE who think this compromise a “white supremacist” move — even though it limited House seat apportionment in the south — think tying contemporary apportionment only to citizens is “racist”, arguing that illegals should also count toward representation.

...you believe the South should have picked up more legislative influence because it kept chattel slaves, or you believe it a commonsense move that to repeat what you believe was a past error with today’s 25 million + illegals.

Honestly. Until we stop pumping out...
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3 May
What’s the solution, then? The obviously partisan tactics of social media titans, privately-owned or not, are not only controlling information flow, but they are actively shaping public discourse — something they can do by choosing to promote certain stories, ban others...
...tamp down on responses / corrections, and deny those looking for information access to, for example, DeSantis talking about the science behind Covid restrictions with a panel of medical experts.

More, it can be used to amplify pressure on certain businesses, or by ...
...businesses like Amazon or MLB, eg., to influence the legislation supported by voters and legislatures by threatening states — always those with R Governors — with the loss of hundreds of millions in revenue.

If there’s a better solution, let us know. But doing nothing...
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