Yesterday I published a tweet in which I quickly explained who Dr. Kristian Andersen was and mentioned that he deserved a thread for his great work in supporting the future prisoner #Fauci. He is one more character in this network of lies around a virus like this that we suffer
and that it has murdered more than 40 million people in the world, that is known at least. Kristian G. Andersen is Professor of the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at the California Campus and at the same time also practices in @scrippsresearch which is a
a private biomedical organization. He is one of the greats in his field, Ph.D. in immunology from
@Cambridge_Uni ,a bachelor's degree in molecular biology @AarhusUni and with numerous awards in his professional activity. This I explain so that we can understand what I am going to
below and understand that the people who have been participants in the biggest hoax in history are not exactly low-level actors.
of which I now mention his Nick in this social network for a simple matter of visibility, since his account is
closed as a result of everything he did, he sent an email to Dr. #FauciEmails in January 2020 to tell him that the # COVID19 virus seemed to have been designed in a laboratory, as now everything indicates that it is true and of which he left the copy of sent mail.
Anthony Fauci, reading the mail, instructed one of his assistants to contact Andersen and not release any information until he received his instructions.
Fauci attached a document to the email about a previous investigation into "profit
function "and wrote:" Read this document, as well as the email I will send. You will have tasks today that you must do. "
Subsequent instructions were simply that he should never support that theory again and that what he would have to do from then on
it was to support everything that was indicated.
Two months after suggesting that the virus was inconsistent with the expectations of the theory of evolution,Andersen published a paper in which he strongly supported the theory of natural origin.Let's remember that he was the one
he communicated to Fauci that the origin was artificial.
Curiously after very little time, Dr. Andersen received through the CREID (Center for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases), which belongs to the
of which #Fauci is its director, the sum of $ 2,000,000
In direct grant, it basically means to Dr Andersen for unjustified use.
At the same time, another character to take into account is Dr. Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, a non-profit organization (it is curious that they all do it out of love
to others), dedicated to protecting people, animals and the environment from infectious diseases (they say so), received the same funding. Here I leave all the "lucky ones".…
Mr. Daszak was in charge of initiating an intimidation campaign against certain renowned scientists and forced them to sign a letter that would be published in
which is one of the bibles of the medical press, intended to eliminate any doubt about the
origin of #COVID ー 19, in addition to avoiding at any cost that it became known that the #WuhanLab laboratory was being financed with money from #UnitedStates.…
As a result of knowing all this information publicly, Dr. Andersen, despite being a very intelligent man, the first thing he did when receiving thousands of questions through Twitter regarding his behavior, he first dedicated himself to blocking everyone world and below
as it was not effective, he deleted all the posted tweets until he finally decided to close the account for good.
For being such a distinguished character in his world, the truth is that his attitude is somewhat childish, not to say cowardly.
But like those of us who have been behind these people for more than a year because from the beginning we did not trust the official versions and in the case of this "disappeared" this could happen, the tweets that he intended to eliminate are saved to prevent this from happening
and that now I will leave here for anyone who wants to read everything he published defending the artificial origin of the virus and then his defense that it was of animal origin. Here are the links to all the tweets………
Here is a part of the money delivered by #FauciLiedPeopleDied to the #WuhanInstituteofVirology laboratory that makes it clear that Fauci is an accomplice of this whole plot
This is a small part of the thousands of emails in which it is shown that everything related to the #coronavirus is a great sham (except for the virus that does exist) and in which everything is a lie.
In the emails and this is important for people to have knowledge, it is
They advise against #masks because they do not avoid the #virus and because they are very harmful to health, the same happens with confinements, restrictions, etc.
There were studies on the real effectiveness on hydroxychloroquine that this villain of Fauci knew and despite
This, revealed #donaldjtrump when he advised him for its benefits.
I can spend months writing about all this because the amount of information is such that today I can assure you that all the actions that have been carried out for our good were a fallacy. Think
in charging the blame on #AnthonyFauci is a mistake that should not be made, here all the great tycoons that we all know are involved with the support of all the governments that we also know. Everything that happens to us is related to this, but the true
guilty are those who are acting "for our good"
I just ask a question to finish, why after knowing that masks are harmful they have not stopped banning them immediately?
You will not see this in the media or read in the press except in some
places that dare to publish it.
When you sit down to dinner tonight watching the news, think that everything you are hearing and seeing at that moment is nothing more than an advertising campaign in favor of the tyrants who have led us to this situation.

• • •

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Los doctores Stephen Quay director ejecutivo de la empresa biofarmacéutica @atossainc y Richard Muller , profesor de física en la universidad @UCBerkeley acaban de publicar un informe que deja claro, aún mas que el #COVID19 se fabricó en un laboratorio.
En un artículo en
@WSJ The Wall Street Journal hacen un resumen detallado de su investigación.
La prueba principal en la que se basan para afirmar de forma tan rotunda que no es un virus natural se basa en la secuenciación de genoma, o el análisis de #DNA dels #SARSCoV2 que es el virus que causa
el #Covid_19 . Hay 36 segmentos del ADN compuestos por palabras de tres letras que los virus utilizan para producir un aminoácido llamado L-arginina. Este aminoácido ayuda a producir proteínas pero también se utiliza en la "investigación de ganancia de función" que altera a los
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El ataque informático que dejó toda la costa este de #EstadosUnidos
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Según sus propias palabras, existe un grupo de ciberataque dentro de la @CIA
denominado #umbrage que es experto en este tipo de sabotajes, además de
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