#Yoonjin AU

Yoongi tries to protect his non-existent pride as his ex-boyfriend shoves his new partner shamelessly in his face.

Lucky for him, an unexpected stranger accepts to help with his pathetic situation in the middle of the club.

🌱Sope Ex-boyfriends
🌱Namseok boyfriends
🌱"Strangers to lovers" Yoonjin

(Please be gentle, this is my first twt AU)
“You look thinner” Hoseok whispers with concerned eyes as soon as Namjoon leaves the private room.

Yoongi looks at him with hateful and hurt eyes. He wants to stop him, make him shut up. No Jung Hoseok, you don’t get to pity him now. You don’t get to talk about him at all.
“That has nothing to do with you” Yoongi replies gluing his eyes down to the empty table.

“I was just saying”

Yoongi crosses his arms “Why are you lying?” Maybe tonight it's his only chance to clear things up, “Why are you lying to Namjoon?”
Hoseok doesn’t act surprised by any of his words, he looks prepared to answer it, almost waiting for it.

“Isn’t it obvious? Namjoon is the love of my life, I won’t lose him over you” His voice is so sharp, it stabs Yoongi’s destroyed chest.
“I’m sorry I confused you, I’m sorry I hurt you, I thought it was clear from the beginning that we weren’t serious”

Yoongi snorts, biting his lip until it turns blank “Are you being serious? It didn’t mean anything to you?” He sounds vulnerable, he despises himself.
“I guess not as much as it did for you” That’s a low move for Yoongi, too low “I’m not saying this to hurt you, okay? I just want you to understand that I was lonely, and Namjoon wasn’t here, and you were, so I let myself feel something I shouldn’t”
His voice is steady, not a piece of insecurity or pain in it... it’s shattering.

Yoongi is so stupid, he is so damn stupid.

“Please don’t make this a big deal, I like you as a friend, but Namjoon is the love of my life so don’t get your ass involved in my relationship”
Namjoon enters the room with their first round of alcohol, perfect timing Yoongi thinks ironically.

He finishes his drink at once, both hurt and broken.
He remains quiet the rest of the night, listening absently to Namjoon’s words, and acting blind when they give each other flirty smiles in front of him.

The world will never stop giving Yoongi shit, it feels like a personal vendetta against his poor soul.

How unfair it is.
About an hour later, Yoongi finds himself slightly lost on the first floor of the club, surrounded by strangers' bodies bumping into him.

He is so dizzy, he hasn’t drunk alcohol in weeks, too busy crying to hold a beer.
Why did he start drinking tonight in a club? Right, because he is a dumbass.

His mind is running, all his thoughts getting mixed up inside his head, dancing along with the background music.
He just wanted to use the bathroom; he was about to pee himself upstairs, that’s why he went downstairs, where the party was wild and reckless.

“Hey! Where were you?” Yoongi jumps, taken aback by the hand grabbing his arm.

“Where were you? We were worried you weren’t coming back” Hoseok scolds as if Yoongi were a child. The producer wants to laugh in his face, and he does, sharp and clear. The alcohol doesn’t seem to match his filtering system.

“Oh, fuck off!”
Hoseok’s brows dart up to his forehead “You are drunk, let’s go back before you get yourself lost in here”

The way Hoseok treats him like a child bothers Yoongi. Does the dancer think he needs his help, his pity, his love? No, Yoongi is sick of it.
“Why are you acting like my big brother? I said fuck off” Hoseok frowns “I met a guy and I’m having fun so leave me fucking alone!”

Hoseok opens his mouth but closes it without saying anything back. Oh, his delicate brows are furious.
Yoongi doesn’t regret anything he said, he is done with him.

“Well, I’m watching you standing all by yourself”

Fuck, that’s right. Yoongi rolls his eyes, caught in a lie.

“Well, I’m not. Let me enjoy my night, go back with your boyfriend, and leave me the fuck alone Hoseok”
Yoongi turns around, feeling quite disoriented.

What the hell is he going to do now? Yoongi wouldn’t describe himself as an Adonis, he is handsome, and for some reason, his gummy smile snatches people as a weapon.
Yet, Yoongi is realistic. He knows he can’t walk to a random guy, flirt with him, and expect a positive reaction just for the sake of it.

But damn, Hoseok is staring at him, Yoongi knows it, he feels the pressure on the nape of his head.
If he wants to demonstrate to Hoseok that he is doing fine, that he hasn’t been mourning him for weeks, then this is his right moment.

"Come on Yoongi, don't fuck it up" He whispers to himself.

He scans the place, trying to ask for help, but no one catches his attention.
That, of course, until something does: a pink fluffy jacket.
Yoongi’s eyes scan the guy, he is on the phone, wearing a charming smile. The man’s lips are covered in a natural shade of lip gloss and a bit of eye shadow on the corner.

He turns around laughing with his full chest, exposing a cute phone case of an alpaca with hearty eyes.
If that guy isn’t gay, then Yoongi’s radar is rusty and broken.

He walks in his direction with fake confidence; there's a possibility of being kicked in the ass for this and taken to the police station for sexual harassment.
But Hoseok is staring, and Yoongi is half drunk.

The irrational part of him needs to protect the last piece of pride his name still holds.

As he closes the distance, he falters a bit, the guy is so huge. Seems like Yoongi needs to jump if he wants his plan to succeed.
The guy stops laughing for a second, turning around again. His brows rise as he notices Yoongi is walking in his direction. He doesn’t take his eyes off Yoongi until he reaches his side, biting his bottom lip.

“I know this is stupid” Yoongi mumbles almost unintelligibly.
The guy frowns “Do you need anything?” His voice is calm and soothing, despite the sharp scowl on his face.
Yoongi bites his lip a bit harder, nervous “Do you have ten seconds?”

“Sure, what do you need?”

Yoongi sighs, defeated. “A kiss”
The guy blinks a few times, wordless. “Hey, I’ll call you asap-” He murmurs on the phone, keeping his eyes focused on Yoongi who shifts uncomfortably. “No, nothing happened I’ll call you again, bye”

Yoongi clears his throat, biting his lip again until it turns white.
“You want a kiss?” Yoongi nods, trying his best not to turn his head around and look for Hoseok. “But I don’t know you” The man’s voice is gentler than Yoongi expected. The guy must be a very sweet person.

“I promise it will take only ten seconds”
The tall guy blinks at him again as a tiny and almost nonexistent grin appears on his face “You are strange but very cute” He sighs, sliding his hands inside his pockets “I’ll give you ten seconds”

Honestly, Yoongi didn't expect that.

The guy smiles, nodding with his head “Yes” He mumbles with a very sweet tone.

“You kinda saved my life”. The guy chuckles, tilting his head, looking endearing. Yoongi loses focus for a second.
Yoongi snaps out of the guy’s smile, and decides to act quickly, he feels Hoseok is looking at them at this exact moment.

Yoongi bites his lips and walks two steps closer to the tall guy. Taking Yoongi by surprise, the guy puts both of his hands on the shorter’s waist.
Yoongi gets nervous for a second, but he leans first in a brave move, carefully trapping his bottom lip between his own.

The lip gloss is less sticky than he expected, and to his surprise, the stranger closes his eyes and kisses him back.
The guy’s lips are plump at the touch, they feel and taste sweet. Yoongi doesn't remember receiving such a delicate kiss since he was a teenager.

He likes the feeling.
It finishes quickly, just ten seconds as Yoongi said. It lasted a bit more than that but not enough to satisfy the sudden need to touch those lips.

Still, he breaks the kiss, not wanting to ask the guy for more.
As he opens his eyes, he sees the man standing eyes closed, hovering right over his face. Yoongi absorbs his features as he discovers how weird it's to kiss someone else now that he has tasted Hoseok, especially when it was someone so different.
Hoseok lips didn’t taste sweet and didn’t feel like plump pillows, no, they tasted like yearning and desire.

Like something he craved for years and wanted to devour.

Yet, different didn't mean bad. Not at all.
“Thank you” Yoongi whispers as his nose grazes the tip of the other guy's. The tall boy tilts his head, locking his eyes with Yoongi’s.

“Why only ten seconds?” He whispers back, making a smile escape from Yoongi's filter.
That smile has been hidden for weeks, covered in pouts and tears. It feels great to smile again without forcing it.

Yoongi bites his lip before kissing the guy again with more confidence this time. It's not a hot kiss, on the contrary, it's gentle and calming.
It feels like one of those good morning kisses, genuine and private.

It’s pretty odd, this isn’t the type of kiss you share with a random guy in the middle of a club.

Yoongi stops kissing him just enough to brush their noses together.
“What’s your name?”

Yoongi starts feeling a pair of fit arms around his waist, the guy wraps him around in a tight hold with enough strength to lift Yoongi at any moment.

“Yoongi” He answers, biting the guy’s bottom lip, as their bodies get flushed together.
The boy separates their faces, locking their eyes. Usually, Yoongi would get shy and break eye contact, but there's something about him that makes him feel more and more confident each second.

Maybe Yoongi is just too drunk, and too needy.
“I’m Seokjin” Yoongi smiles, leaving a peck on his lips, Seokjin pecks him back, smiling sweetly too.

Maybe both of them are too drunk to act like strangers. They hold, kiss, and smile at each other with unexpected familiarity.
Seokjin chuckles as Yoongi licks his bottom lip “Seokjin” Yoongi whispers.


“Kiss me”

Seokjin holds Yoongi’s cheek with one hand and confidently leans to kiss him open-mouthed for the first time.
Cute was nice but rough and raw is fantastic and delicious.

No, Seokjin is delicious.
Yoongi lets his tongue meet Seokjin’s as the tall guy shifts their positions, pressing him against the wall.

Seokjin guides the kiss with expertise, switching from fast to slow, from tongue playing to barely licking. He is driving Yoongi insane.
A soft chuckle escapes from Seokjin when he feels Yoongi's hands on his waist under the t-shirt. The latter feels confident in his movements, as Seokjin's fluffy jacket hides them from curious eyes.

“Your hands are cold” Seokjin whispers, sliding their lips together.
Yoongi grins at him, scratching Seokjin’s back purposely, surprising him “Warm them up then"

Seokjin locks his eyes with Yoongi’s, as his hands slide up and down over his skin. “You are messing up with me right now”
Seokjin whines, leaning further, licking Yoongi’s sharp jawline and pressing their lower’s bodies together.

Yoongi hisses “Fuck” Seokjin's teeth find his earlobe, Yoongi can feel his eager tongue playing with his sensitive skin.
Yoongi has never done this type of thing in public, not even when he was a teenager, but his hands seem to have lost any sort of filter, moving all over his smooth back, feeling his muscles, tracing a path down his spine.

“You are hot” Yoongi mumbles with his mind blank.
Seokjin chuckles one more time, licking inside Yoongi’s mouth, straddling him against the wall.

They make out in the dim corner of the club for around ten minutes, their hands get lost in each other’s skin until it starts to feel too intense and overwhelming.
At some point, it looks like they won’t stop and will undress their bodies right there.

Seokjin breaks the kiss first, just for a small second to ask an important question before letting his hands go to untouched places.
“Do you want to stop?” Seokjin whispers with swollen lips, surprising Yoongi.

He is so gentle, and careful, what’s wrong with him? As a person with almost no manners, Yoongi is enchanted.
“I think we should? I mean, we are in public and-”
Seokjin smiles, kissing Yoongi’s cheek and stepping away.

Yoongi panics for a second and quickly removes his hands from under Seokjin’s t-shirt to lock his fingers on his belt, keeping him close.
Seokjin can’t avoid laughing when Yoongi pulls him closer, kissing the corner of his mouth.

“Do you want to have a drink with me?” Seokjin asks instead, sounding shy and charming at the same time. Yoongi is slightly disintegrating.
Before he can answer positively, Seokjin's phone vibrates in his pocket. Yoongi looks down at the screen and in a brave slash dizzy moment, takes the phone in his hand, hijacking it in his power.

"What did you as-"
“Yoongi, we are going home” A familiar voice almost screams in a sharp tone.

From the corner of his eye, Yoongi sees the one he thought was the love of his life, scowling at them. Well, at Seokjin.
Seokjin notices how Hoseok's eyes penetrate his mind, shifting uncomfortably.

“I think I have to go”

Maybe there’s a shade of disappointment in Seokjin’s eyes, or maybe Yoongi is just imagining it.
The shade is gone before Yoongi can read him properly. “It was fun,” Seokjin murmurs with an angelic smile.

Damn, he is gorgeous.

“It was”
Yoongi looks to his right and finds out he doesn’t like the way Hoseok is looking at Seokjin. The guy was so sweet, the type of guy that avoids trouble.

“Did you bring my stuff?”

Hoseok shakes his head “Namjoon has them, he is waiting in the parking lot. Let’s go"
Yoongi wants to roll his eyes but stops midway when Hoseok grabs his hand, that’s unexpected.

Seokjin stays still, watching Yoongi follow the blond guy as if he was under a spell.
Part of Yoongi wants to apologize for being a jerk and leaving right after making out but ends up too distracted with the hand holding him.

He turns his head around once, but Seokjin isn't looking at him anymore, he is walking to the opposite side.
“He was pretty” Hoseok murmurs bitterly, getting Yoongi's attention back to him.


The wind slaps Yoongi's face, distracting all the thoughts inside his head, turning his body into a blank human barely walking in the cold.
Maybe if he wasn't that distracted he would have noticed there was something in his hand that didn't belong to him.
He just finds out the next morning, when a concerned guy insists on calling, waking up a hangover Yoongi just to scream in his ear as soon as he answers the call.
"Finally!" An annoyed husky voice whines "Listen to me asshole, give me my phone back before I call the police! You don't know who you are messing up with, you damn thief! I'm gonna beat your ass for trying to fool me with a tasteless kiss Yoongi... if that's your real name!"
Yoongi barely opens his eyes, not understanding what the freak on the phone is saying, or why he is holding a phone with an alpaca case on it.
He doesn't remember what the hell he did last night, but he doesn't need to worry, a handsome man will make sure to remind him, becoming the pain in his ass.
🌱 If you took the time to read it, well, thank you so much, I adore you 🌱

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