A tenured ass. prof makes debatable claims about Hinduism - an indigenous knowledge tradition that has been twice-colonized and won’t actually debate the claims with actual scholars, whitewashes a genocidal tyrant in print, provokes and bullies the 🕉 community on social media,… Image
justifies her harassment using “truth telling” and colonial tropes as cover, claims victimhood and bravery, won’t engage with reasonable dissent, curates and amplifies trauma-responses, weaponizes these responses to amplify colonial stereotypes about the 🕉 community,
produces academic papers and conference presentations *using these responses as DATA*, reduces any dissent to 🕉 “misogyny” and fascism, is supported by other tenured professors (some of whom *also* build careers off of studying and demonizing 🕉)
who claim *her* academic freedom is under threat while mocking the claim that Hinduphobia even exists.

Poor thing. Of course she needs union support. Let me get out my tiny violin.

• • •

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21 Jun
The obscenely backwards use of “settler-colonial” in reference to Kashmir by brazenly anti-factual Islamist apologists does such a huge disservice to legitimate claims of settler colonialism elsewhere. We need to hold up a high standard of proof for this term to mean anything.
And, no, not MSM articles that are all informed by the same sources (ie the elite, English-savvy “South Asian left” who have a disturbing track record of co-opting US terminology without integrity.)

It can’t just be up to the Indian “right” to call it out. It impacts everyone.
For example, when “Stand with Kashmir” (who brazenly lie about Kashmiri history while celebrating Hindu slaughter) stand in “solidarity” with … well, anyone…and that solidarity is reciprocated, it makes me question the analytical integrity of SWK’s allies. It gives me pause.
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19 Jun
The debate on the TISS thesis controversy is an important one that goes deeper than "LW"/"RW" (as many have mentioned). Or, perhaps, it reveals the nonsense of the LW/RW framework. Let's start with assumptions.
It is very reasonable to assume that institutions - *especially education* - continue the colonial agenda after independence. Foundational to this agenda is to critique the natives in order to justify and rationalize colonization.
This is particularly true in the disciplines that inform society creation, i.e. the humanities. The colonial agenda is committed to undermining everything native, and the entitlement of its stewards is that it has such a long narrative legacy that it has cemented its authority.
Read 13 tweets
18 Jun
One of the hardest things about being 🕉 American is seeing how the same people who thoughtfully unpack even the subtlest forms of oppression and divisiveness in American society also don’t recognize 🕉 genocide bc it didn’t happen here. Or it’s called Islamophobia to mention it.
During my pilot study for my dissertation, I interviewed 2nd generation Asian American teachers. One - who was an Indian American Hindu - called out how American critical discourse erases immigrants’ ancestral history.
As if we only began to exist when we arrived here or our history can only be viewed from here.

“Isn’t that what the enslavers did to the Africans they enslaved? Cut off their roots?” she asked.

Her statement shook me. I’d always felt it but had never heard it framed that way.
Read 4 tweets
10 Jun
I tweet about a tenured white prof. who has full support of her union, her uni, & her peers who DEMONIZES those who critique her claims about 🕉 & won’t debate any scholar.

*I* am accused of “acting like Hindu Taliban.”

It’s in play. Next level Hinduphobia unlocked.
Also, to be clear, the problemS are:

1) she misquotes other scholars
2) she isn’t actually fluent in Sanskrit and refuses to be corrected
3) she isn’t qualified to teach about Hinduism as a knowledge tradition - her discipline is history
4) she is a white tenured professor
(Cont’d) which means her word has > weight than a brown 🕉 professor who disagrees with her because the academy is racist and Hinduphobic
5) her family are ✝️ missionaries in 🇮🇳 which means she has a vested interest in demonizing 🕉
6) she collects human subject data unethically
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3 Jun
This isn’t just about HAF. It’s about the right of every Hindu American to live with free will over our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and faith; to congregate; to express our ideas. We are being monitored, policed, and censored and the progressive left has bought into it.
Because of that buy in, it doesn’t matter how progressive we and our organizations are. We are now the enemy by default. The only way to be a “good Hindu American” is to associate with “Hindu” organizations that actively deny our community’s rights while peddling half truths.
We have a handful of institutions here that actually speak about us honestly. Progressive Americans flinch as if Hindutva is Hindu ISIS. AS IF ACTUAL GENOCIDE is happening in India now and *we all endorse it*. The metaphors and exaggerations have solidified into fact.
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1 Jun
The “Rational Hindu” may pull a Truschke to distinguish themself from the “irrational, emotional Hindu hordes”.

Pull a Truschke: Make flippant, obnoxious tweet re: Hindus/🕉. Use reactions to chastise community + deny one’s orig. provocation + claim to be acting in good faith
My point is to raise awareness about how folks who want to show that they are reasonable Hindus *in order to advance the Hindu cause* may be demonstrating Hinduphobic behaviors in order to make that point. This is harmful. I am not comparing them TO AT, only mapping the pattern.
This doesn't mean that people *intend* to be Hinduphobic, but this is how it ends up playing out. My point was not to castigate or label, but to draw attention to a behavior that I find troubling and that does our community a disservice.
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