So these rankings are the reason why IITs are being screwed over with humanities and the woko haram virus

But I don't understand the reasoning behind this. What will we achieve with improved global rankings? We aren't planning to give jobs to immigrant workers anyway
All we need our institutes to do is engage in quality research work and cutting edge frontier technologies

For that we need to increase R&D spendings and improve the research facilities

All these cosmetic rankings will change nothing in reality. It'll just increase wokeness
The inferiority complex ridden junta would b happy with a cosmetic "global" ranking while nothing will improve for a common Indian despite us putting in r tax money into these institutions

Wokeness will lead 2 drag queens in IITs and IIMs eventually

Research will remain sub-par
And if your goal is to attract quality researchers in your colleges from across the world then you gotta pay them. So yet again the solution is increased spendings in R&D

Although rankings might help float the Vishwaguroo bubble while the real research in IITs remains pathetic
Meanwhile the IITs due to the lack of funding come out with cartoonish stunts like this. Lol…
Even the course syllabus of IITs are so antique that often times you are left wondering whether you are still in 1970s

It's just the sheer brilliance of the students that they are able to dominate the top fields of the world

• • •

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More from @saffron_yoda

10 Jun
Hindus aren't allowed to run their own educational institutes across the country

Either give Hindus the right to do so or ban every other religion from education
Notice how this Communist(atheist) married to a muslim is worries about the Christian education mafia.
Such secularism much wow.

Hinduphobia is the marching slogan of all leftist shits
Hindus are not allowed to run their schools. Even if they are, they are forced not to teach our own religious texts

Even if the school somehow copes, they are burdened with 25% RTE quotas whose fees is always paid late by the govt

Forcing schools to shut down due to bankruptcy
Read 6 tweets
5 Jun
Rajputs have some genuine grievances

>Appropriating our icons to other castes by the RSS led establishment
>Disproportionate demonization of Rajput icons for tactical alliances which every clan in India is guilty of in their own age
>Disrespect meted out to Rajput womenfolk
To label every Rajput who raises questions as a unionist is totally uncalled for and just inciting further fault lines

There is nothing called a Unionist. It's a boogeyman. Just a bunch of facebook exiles who are being given undue attention by this side of twitter.
I don't see the real pioneers of Unionism aka the Jats given such a hard time over this term. Farmer agitation is literally a Jat Unionist supremacist movement.

Challenge the folks pretending to be Rajputs insulting heroes of other castes n communities without insulting Rajputs
Read 8 tweets
5 Jun
What has this "Secular Democratic Republic" given us?

>Heavy taxes without any benefits
>Third World infra
>Third World healthcare
>State persecution of Hinduism
>Third World per capita income
>Bureaucratic feudalism
>Antique military infrastructure
>Billions spent on Ms
>Police which bullies Hs but protects minorities
>Pathetic R&D
>Demonizing businesses
>Pathetic justice system whose judges are part time reformers and part time lawmakers
>Totalitarian oppression of Hindu Temples and institutions
>Pushing globohomo degeneracy on r children
I fail 2 see the difference between the current Indian State n the British/Mughal occupation

Taxation of Hindu Temples and it's illegal control by the "secular" state is almost equivalent 2 a modern "Jiziya"

Let us not forget the devastating social engineering of faultines
Read 4 tweets
30 May
Attended a space hosted by @AzadSenaChief ji yesterday. Key speakers were @Shubham_fd and @DivyaSoti

The topic was the SC/ST atrocity act. The gist of the space was that Abhishek ji argued for immediate solutions and Divya ji argued for long term long term solutions
Shubham bhai's argument sounded more practical to me because although both Divya ji and Abhishek ji are right in their assessment, but we have to act in a long term strategic way but we also need to provide immediate relief to the thousands of innocent victims of Atrocity Act
If we cannot immediately dissolve the unnecessary SC/ST atrocity act, we atleast need to add relief measures and stringent contingencies to deter false cases

The compensation scheme, the non bailable sections and the imprisonment without trial practice are deeply problematic
Read 4 tweets
28 May
Dungheads from Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha (BDSM), y don't you help these Hindus?

Or are they from the "wrong" religious background

@gargmohit97 , @ChiragPruthiBJP , @Abhiemanyu , @CharuPragya , @IShivamChhabra , @rohit_chahal , @dhruvwadhwa ?
Look at this dunghead. Acting all smug after helping Duas, who wish dedth upon us for voting his boss to power

"Thou shall only help your elite Lutyen's neighbour at the cost of your Hindu voters"
- Matthews 303, BDSM 69

Fix your team @Tejasvi_Surya

Fuck you elitist punks @BJYM and fuck your humanity

Friggin frauds who cheat on Hindutva
Read 4 tweets
17 May
The key takeaway from the unhealthy RW/Hindu kanging for Israel is that Hindus respond positively to display of strength

Even the Chinese researchers have noted it in this paper . They observe that unlike Chinese Nationalism, that derives strength from victimhood and defeats
Hindu nationalism derives it's drive and push from victories and strength

ThIs psychology can be roughly traced back to the dominant ideologies of both the countries, aka Confusicianism vs Hinduism with it's Kshtriya spirit

Here's the paper…
So according to this research and it's observation, if @narendramodi and his party want to reinvigorate the popular support they once had, they have to display formidable strength and give the core supporters some tangible victories

The alternative is a downhill spiral
Read 4 tweets

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