Here is my response to everyone's ridiculous takes about how the DoJ shouldn't defend the office of the POTUS from sex assault allegations. The evils are ALREADY teeing up sex assault allegations against Biden.…
And it's not even sex assault allegations that are being defended. It's the denial - the words - which every politician has to be entitled to do if someone makes an allegation against them.
The next couple of tweets are brought to you by Dark Dirk who doesn't really give a shxt right now so if you feel like you might be triggered by truth (and or unpopular opinion), maybe just move along.
E. Jean Carroll may be telling the 100 percent truth. But literally there are only 2 people on earth that know, and my bet is that even between those people the details are a little sketchy, murky and ambiguous.
What I DO KNOW, however, is that she elected not use the legal system to seek justice, by waiting something like 20 years to come forward. And she sold her book based on the allegation. And she did it while Trump was POTUS, which everyone is now upset about.
Maybe I'm supposed to believe that her coming forward had nothing to do with Trump being President, but I don't. And maybe I'm supposed to think that a POTUS accused of rape/sex assault isn't allowed to deny it ... but I don't.
Trump was the worst President in my lifetime. I hope and believe Biden will be one of the best in my lifetime, yet here we are on twitter acting like what might have happened in some dressing room in the 90s is The Big Thing That Matters.
It's like the Kavanaugh hearings. Kav was credibly accused of accepting pay-offs of a variety of kinds and was definitely the recipient of a massive boost of dark money. And the hearings devolved into a he-said/she-said about High School.
In that kind of shit fight it doesn't matter who is right, because we are ALL WRONG for falling for the Most Obvious Distraction Troll of all time. AGAIN.
And don't even bother to tell me that this is about believing women. Women are not a monolith and the women on the right LIKE sex assault allegations.
And not all women tell the truth, at least not all the time.
I want the DOJ to prosecute the kingpins of sedition as much anyone. So maybe let's not throw them under the bus like the criminals want us to. All Dirks Out.

• • •

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8 Jun
@BarbMcQuade is a formidable legal mind and this article is quite good. Nevertheless, here is DIRK'S HOT TAKE EXPLAINING WHY THE TWITTER MOB AND BARB ARE WRONG ON THIS POINT.
(I nevertheless take a moment to note I too am frustrated with the glacial pace of justice regarding the obvious trumpist crime wave of the past couple of years)
Key Point One: Ms. Carrol's suit is not about the attack she endured at Trump's hands back in the day. It alleges that Trump lied about the attack when she came forward about it in 2019. THE DOJ IS NOT DEFENDING A RAPE CASE.
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28 May
What Durham is doing is one of the great mysteries of the Barr era. I still think there's an above-zero chance he finds the opposite of Trumpists want, but I am less confident now that we know RR and O'Callaghan were turned. $1.5M is not a lot of money, really.
If you wanna don the Rose Coloreds ... we now know that Rosenstein and O'Callaghan ventured right up to the edge (and maybe beyond) of obstruction as Barr came aboard as AG. Durham is authorized to prosecute any crimes related to the Mueller investigation. Image
And we know that O'Callaghan was in the NATSEC division up until RR elevated him to supervise the Russia investigation. Durham is empowered to investigate "intelligence, counter-intelligence or law enforcement activities."…
Read 7 tweets
25 May
Judge Jackson is about to lower the boom on the Rosenstein and O'Callaghan conspiracy to keep Trump from being prosecuted.
They spoon fed Barr their own choice: to ignore all DOJ policy and make an affirmative decision NOT to prosecute Trump.
These clips are from today's reporting in the Washington Post which you should read.…
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25 May
Please take a moment before ripping the DOJ. This is not a wholesale appeal - it is tailored, see below.
As attorneys, we are trained from the beginning that attorney-client privilege is our most sacred trust. We should go to jail to protect it, we should NEVER violate that trust voluntarily.
The Court's decision was that there were portions of the memo that were after-the-fact cover for a decision already made, and that some was mere political advice -- those parts will be released.
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17 May
Roe v Wade is DOA. Some brief thoughts, some of which you won't like, so count to 10 before flaming me, please.
It's tempting, but a terrible mistake, to say "men should sit down and shut up" on this issue. At least 40% of US women are "pro-life"…
Combatting the pro-life movement therefore requires a coalition of liberal men and women. Telling a significant part of a coalition that their opinions don't matter is a mistake.
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15 May
KOMPROMAT. Let us examine the evidence that the Trump phenomenon is really just long form kompromat. A thread. (A cooperative thread, I hope, since y'all should add the stuff I miss).
Eric Prince and Project Veritas were back in the news this week for hiring professionally attractive women to video tape trump enemies. These women included.
This isn't the first time that Trump allies have been closely identified with running honeypot operations.…
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