What do "leftists" mean when they say this? Because as a black person, this almost always reads as a dismissal of the concerns of people of color, but i'm saying that as someone who understands what "woke" means and where it comes from.
"Woke" became trite when white folks overused it to the point where it became more of a buzzword. It has its roots in black folks speaking to black folks about becoming aware of systemic racism.
So what do "leftists" mean when they say this and how are they different from those on the right who, equally, despise conversations of systemic racism?
This person gives an example of "wokeism" and just for context, THIS is what that woman said.

Why exactly is it a bad thing that someone who's going to Africa to "fight against AIDs" got fired from her job for making a racist tweet about how she's impervious to AIDs because she's white? Is this guy's argument that she should keep her job and be able to publicly say this?
"Leftists" who hate "wokeism" will always just sound like racists to me. Give me some more examples of "wokeism" that aren't just being upset that someone was racist and received backlash for it.
And while you're doing that, keep in mind that black folks are constantly having to shift their actions for survival in a white supremacist society. Explain it.
Just so we're clear, I don't really think you can be a "leftist" and complain about "wokeism". It's a bit of a contradiction. I definitely understand complaining about sanctimonious folks. Definitely get complaining about hypocrisy or performative activism, but...
I find it really hard to believe that anyone's a "leftist" who despises "wokeism"; because the only way this thought process tracks is if you're literally operating from a right leaning understanding of "woke". Sounds p liberal to me.

• • •

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More from @kat_blaque

9 Jun
Because I don't know her. Because she is a civilian and the joke doesn't really have a punch line. It's not even one of those well crafted edgy jokes. It reads like a declaration. You're supposed to laugh because Africans have AIDs, that's the joke.
YOU can think it's funny, and that's fine. I think it's pretty safe to assume that you also carry really negative beliefs about black folks because that's really the only context in which someone would find something as deeply painful as AIDs to be a laughing matter.
This joke requires a degree of gleeful joy at the death of Africans because of a disease often passed to them by birth. It's only funny to people who lack empathy and see black bodies as less valuable. Everyone else just sees the racism clear as day.
Read 5 tweets
9 Jun
That's her literal joke. Her joke boiled down to her not being able to get AIDs in Africa because she's white.

What I'm curious about here is why you genuinely expect for a black person or anyone who cares about racism to read that joke and not see it as racist.
And again, what exactly is the joke? Why did it need to be made? Why shouldn't an employer be let go from their job for violating their employment contract (which most companies require you to sign; that often tells you not to post dumb shit on social media).
I'm just fascinated by why this is the particular hill you choose to die on and why it's unreasonable for anyone to have a negative reaction to this. Because from my end, it really just seems like racism. Clear, out and out racism.
Read 4 tweets
9 Jun
LOL. This is the shit that gets me. I BELIEVE that he's made the content he describes and has the political beliefs he expresses. What I don't appreciate is him trying to describe me as irrational for reading his tweet how it was written, which didn't indicate ANY sarcasm.
And I'm not the only person who read it like that. Read the responses below him from people who outright agree with that argument and went back and forth with each other because of it. Come on, you're not being reasonable.
I think i'd have a much different reaction if he said "Hey, I was being sarcastic and probably should have made that more clear", but he's talking about how I'm "embarrassed" for "misreading" him, which I absolutely am not and did not do.
Read 5 tweets
9 Jun
That's EXACTLY what's happening here. I can buy that you were being sarcastic. I can support that that's what you meant. What I don't support is you suggesting that I "misread" your post, which didn't at all connote any sort of sarcasm.
That's incredibly condescending, but I've come to expect that, especially from men.
I'm not even close to embarrassed because I didn't "misread" what you posted. You posted some casual racism that virtually required for people to know who you were and understand what you advocate for in order for it to be understood.
Read 6 tweets
9 Jun
I'm going to need for people to understand that your ironic racism is still going to be digested as racism perhaps you're famous and well known in your mind, and others, but I've got no clue who you are and this just read as casual racism.
And I think if you're a person who does actually care about these conversations, you're going to think about that. White "leftist" content is often alienating to me because it is often made... well, for white people. There is absolutely no consideration for a black audience
How is any one who reads the original tweet and your response supposed to surmise that you're joking? You're gleefully quote tweeting your post with a "fishing" picture. I'm so happy that you've found a way to entertain yourself, I'd like to point out that it isn't helpful.
Read 10 tweets
4 Mar
I had a really interesting conversation with a transphobe who was trying to fuck me the other day. After offering me casual sex he asked me why I don't categorize myself as just trans and exclude myself from categorizing myself as a woman entirely.
Many men who approach trans women are deeply transphobic, which is part of why I never buy into this idea that the key to not being transphobic is being sexually available to transgender people. So many men who fuck us hate us and this is a great example.
Transphobes often do this very interesting double talk where they tell me that I should accept and celebrate myself and that by categorizing myself as a woman I am denying the reality of who I am. Except most trans women aren't trans because they believe they have a uterus.
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