My witch/evil step-sister thoughts are brought to you by a situation where a friend, arguably my best friend, has taken it upon herself to constantly trash another woman who is one of my husband’s friends.

All because said woman is dating a man in first woman’s friend group. :/
Every time I see the woman (A) who is the target of the verbal abuse campaign, she is perfectly nice, albeit somewhat domineering, and her boyfriend (B) seems pretty into her.

But my friend (J) is determined to paint A as a hot mess that B has no real interest in.
To the point that J brags about having confronted A and B about their behavior….(like sharing expenses or partying)

She has told me all manner of stories. And since we had A and B over for dinner last night, I’m starting to think all of it was either exaggeration or lies.
What I don’t understand is that J has her own boyfriend. Why does she care if A and B are together? Or even get married???

It’s like she has a fantasy that she is the Smurfette of the group of male friends. And she’s jealous of anyone else attracting their attention. 0.0
The truth is, A and B seem a lot happier together than J and her boyfriend. (Who she has been with 5+ years, with no sign of marriage in sight.)

Man…it’s amazing the lies women tell themselves. And the lies they tell others.

People are so delusional.

• • •

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10 Jun
I dont understand these people who think there is “no way” a genocide against white people “could ever happen.”

Like…not in 50 years? How about 100 years?

What makes you so certain you can predict the future?
First off, these people should look at what percentage of the planet was “white people” 100 years ago.

Hint: there were a ton of us.


In the global world, we are a serious minority.
In 1950, almost 28% of the world was white.

Now, we are plummeting toward less than 10%

Do you really think a global world (as everyone claims we live in today) would never want to get rid of a middleman minority that only makes up 9% of the population?
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9 Jun
I had a thought today…

Was talking to Younger Kid, who was bemoaning her weight.

She is by no means “fat.” But like me at her age, she weighs 5-10lbs more than she wants.

I told her this: At some point, you need to decide This Is What I Look Like.

Stop focusing on what you
“Could” look like, and accept what you “Do” look like.

There will always be people who say, “You’d be so hot if you were a little thinner.”

A little more successful.
Had a better job.
A smaller nose.

And you can obsess about these drawbacks about yourself, OR
You can think (as my daughter should): I have a beautiful face, clear, lovely skin, a great sense of humor, a sharp mind, and a cute (if ever-so-slightly zaftig) body.

I am awesome, and people should like me for what I am. Not what I “could be.”

This advice is transferable
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8 Jun
I just saw the weirdest “parents”. They weren’t interacting with their toddler at all. basically ignoring them. But were all weird & suspicious of anyone (me) smiling or looking at child.

They were rich, foreign hippies.

Not sure the woman was even the kid’s mom. 1/
The kid had long hair & was wearing just a diaper, & I said, “Your little girl is adorable.”

To which they said coldly, “He’s a boy.” They smirked when I said, “He’s adorable.”

It’s like they live in a world where no one else exists, and they have no idea how to interact.
There is a certain type of person who thinks it’s okay to have their 2-3 year old in nothing but a diaper at an upscale shopping center.

I get that it’s Hawaii, but…yeah, the rich jet setting hippie crowd really annoys me.
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8 Jun
Shouting from the studio this morning.

Older Kid woke up at 6 am to find that Broody had built a shelf in their room on which to place all his ugly-ass man-gear.

Oh, I have so been there…
Oh my god, I just passed their room, and the thing is HIDEOUS.

Just hideous.

Husband is going to have to have a man-to-man with Broody about this.
I had to document the man-splosion that occurred…between the television and the coffee table…while Older Kid was sleeping. >.< lolol

Oh, Broody. You’re about to learn an important lesson about “living with a woman.”

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8 Jun
I dont think modern women hold out a bar of “do you want a relationship” when deciding whether to sleep with someone.

Rather, they sleep with the guy, and then either hope he wants a relationship, or keep sleeping with him until they convince him to get into a relationship.
If modern women actually decided to consider whether a man wanted a relationship with them before they slept with him…things would be very different in the dating market today.
If a woman simply TELLS a man, “I’m looking to get married and have kids” before sleeping with him…she’ll weed out 99% of the men who arent interested in getting serious.
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8 Jun
I’ve never understood the trope about guys lying to girls to get sex.

For th most part, a girl either wants to sleep with you, or doesn’t. Not since the 1950s did it matter what you say.

Besides…most normal people are shitty liars.
If a guy claims he wants to marry you and you haven’t had sex yet, he’s either a weirdo or joking/kidding/flirting.

I dont know that I can even count it as a “lie” as it would be so ridiculous.
The other option is that he is a sociopath/malignant narcissist/psychopath.

But if you’re on a date with someone like that, it’s pretty likely you enjoy being lied to and choose those types of people on purpose.
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