1. I wrote awhile back about how the homeschooling group we were a part of included "America is a Christian nation & we pledge allegiance to the flag" in their doctrinal statement. Instead of just leaving, we decided to do the harder thing of pressing in and educating.
2. There was no question that the group we are a part of desires greater diversity, but it also couldn't grasp how things like this hindered it. I spoke w/ leadership, pressed in when there was pushback, did it with grace, love, patience, & affirmation.
3. Long story short, they thanked us for bringing it up and explaining why it was wrong. They told us that it was above their head to change it but they understood why it wasn't good. I encouraged them to follow their newfound conviction; they spoke to HQ, they had it removed.
4. All this to say, change is possible. When Christlikeness & humility is present; ignorance doesn't prevail. Truth does. Love does. Sincerity and holiness does. I will always have time & patience for my white brothers & sisters who TRULY desire to abound in love & faithfulness.
5. Saving precious Christians from falling into the cult of White Nationalism, one awkward conversation at a time. 🙂

• • •

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10 Jun
1. The doctrine of “Total Depravity” does not teach that babies are evil. The doctrine, better expressed as “total inability” teaches that all of humanity is impacted by Fall to such a degree that they’re unable to come to God & live righteously w/o God converting & sanctifying.
2. The doctrine doesn’t teach that people are totally & comprehensively wicked, it teaches that every aspect of the human constitution has been impacted by the fall & is to some degree corrupt, corrupt to the point where humans need divine intervention to pursue righteousness.
3. Babies are not evil. No one is “born evil”, but we are all born fallen. Our fallen nature means that when we are born we are on a trajectory away from God & as we grow the chasm b/t us & Him grows unless he intervenes. The doctrine teaches we are born “fallen” but evil.
Read 7 tweets
8 Jun
When it comes to racial trauma in both the world & church, I’ve experienced just as much betrayal from non-black POC as I have from white Christians & so I have a very low tolerance for non-black POC who move in a way that appears to seek to use black people rather than uplift.
It’s my desire for ethnic minorities to come together & lift one another, work & build together. As Dr. King said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” But black dignity & history can’t be sacrificed on the altar of “progress” like many POC often seek to do.
Appropriating black pain, appropriating black movements, tokenizing/weaponizing black influencers against other black people, erasure, & a host of other moves; when done by POC, serve white supremacy & POC advancement at black community’s expense. It is not righteous or loving.
Read 6 tweets
1 Jun
1. It’s kinda weird seeing some of my former professors espousing trinitarian theology in conflict with Nicene orthodoxy. With that said, and I can’t believe I have to say this:

The Son’s submission to Father’s Will is contingent upon the incarnation; The Godhead share a Will.
2. Within Orthodoxy, The Incarnate Son, has two Wills. The Son has a Divine Will & human Will b/c he is both fully God & Fully human. For the Incarnate Son to be submissive in pre-incarnation; one would have to deny His divine Will & assert His human... before he was incarnate.
3. What we see with ESS (eternal submission of the Son) & I’ve heard it’s most prominent figures argue this in person, is a Trinitarianism that is rooted not in biblical or systematic theology. It rather within culture. Specifically, white cultural paradigms regarding power.
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1 Jun
1. The church doesn’t need critical race theory, it’s just that there are aspects of critical race theory that better testify to the comprehensive impact of the fall than *some* Christian faith expressions; namely those who’ve been empowered by white supremacy for centuries.
2. I have literally traveled the country teaching, counseling, & mediating issues related to racial disunity and it’s impact and I have never had to tap into any readings I’ve done in the field. As a theologian & historian, I haven’t needed to. I’ve just needed to speak truth.
3. We are in a time where various White expressions of Christianity, largely led by white men, are in a panic; they are losing power. They are losing power to minorities & women and in order to maintain it they are willing to sacrifice truth on the altar and pursue living a lie.
Read 10 tweets
31 May
1. As we reflect on 100th anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre (yesterday) it is important to recognize that no person oblivious to this history should have the audacity to criticize the call for reparations. So many criticize reparations & say, “slavery ended 100s of years ago.”
2. American History that has not been white washed by white Supremacists narratives tell us that every time the black community has risen to a point of prosperity & wealth; White America, w/ government support, has destroyed and/or stolen the wealth that had been built.
3. The Tulsa Massacre was just one of many events where white people have formed a militia and slaughtered black people as well destroyed the prosperity they built. White America did not just steal black bodies; once black bodies were freed it perpetually stole black prosperity.
Read 4 tweets
17 May
Speaking to car dealership after being screwed out of a lot of money due to shady warranty practices.

Me: I am extremely angry right now. I respect you & don’t want my anger to lead me to speak to you in a way that’s dishonoring. Let’s table this & I’ll reach out in a few days.
The employee: would you like to speak to the manager?

Me: Nor right now. Same reason. I’m gonna assume he’s a great guy who seeks to manage with integrity & I don’t want my anger in this moment to lead me to speak to him disrespectfully either. I’ll reach out in a few day.
Employee looked so confused. Yes, I’m aware that the likelihood of me getting this worked out went down due to my self-control & composure. I had a greater chance of resolution if I “wild out” but at what cost? No amount of money is worth me tapping into who I once was.
Read 5 tweets

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