Jones claims that one third of DoH employees have read/write access to the raw FL COVID data (the Merlin system) (at about 29 minutes)

This is blatantly untrue. It is a flat-out lie and everyone with even passing knowledge of the data workflow knows this is false.
oh my god

@MaxNordau pointed this out...

It sounds like Rebekah Jones thinks that the csv files that are being exporting out of Merlin *are* the core data and that editing the exported files them means editing the actual Merlin database

my god, if this were true, everything would make sense

When she claimed she was changing the data, she meant editing the exported files.

When she says that they were hiding data, she means the exported files were changed

I think she thinks Merlin *IS* those files
If you have no idea what I'm talking about, I have a post on the Florida Dept of Health data flow…

• • •

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9 Jun
I wasn't a fan of the J&J pause at the time, but the ramifications of it have been insane
There is a case to be made that the J&J pause just coincidentally happened at about the same time that most people who wanted a vaccine had gotten one. However, I'm skeptical of that narrative.
If you follow the vaccine numbers state-by-state, you see a lot of variation in vaccine velocity. Some states (West Virginia) sped right out of the gate, some took longer to get going, but every state that I've look at saw a drop in vaccination velocity at exactly the same time.
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9 Jun
Remember when Ron DeSantis said he was opening beaches and people accused him of murder?

Good times
Remember when Ron DeSantis said there would be no new state lockdowns but still let counties issue their own lockdowns and people accused him of murder?

Good times
Remember when Ron DeSantis said that counties could have their own mask mandates but they couldn't issue fines (which naturally were falling most heavily on the poor and minority communities) and people accused him of murder?

Good times
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2 Jun
As someone who has the utmost respect for Dr Collins (go ahead, search him in my timeline), this makes me think that even the most brilliant minds can only digest so much info at one time & 90% of all things end up in a "everyone I know says this, therefore it is true" bucket
Now, this sounds like excuse making... and it would be if I were then disinclined to extend this kind of grace to people who aren't the director of the NIH

What I see among my social ingroup is a tendency to hold the average voter to a higher standard than Dr Collins
This should cause a pang of humility to run through any science writer who ever wrote a "All experts say X, therefore only idiots believe Y" article

Even the most honest, decent, careful experts don't know everything. Everyone has to focus their intellectual energy.
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28 May
so it's come to this
Some people feel genuine outrage over Jan 6th but, tellingly, none of them ever give a shit about Wisconsin 2011

They've never heard of it and, once informed, none of them ever say "holy shit! That's *was* bad! Why didn't I hear about this!?!"

That's how I know this is fake
Are you upset that a mob, aided by Democratic legislators who fled the state, paralyzed an entire state government for weeks?

"but but but those were republicans and they were BAD!"

ok bro
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28 May
I've been thinking about some recent polls about "what Republicans believe" and have come to the conclusion that is anyone actually believed those polls, they would be demanding a national divorce to remove these crazy people from having a vote to influence national policy
Of course, they are not doing this b/c no one actually believes that Republicans believe what the polls say or else no one believes they would ever act on it

They only like these polls b/c they think the polls dissuade the moderate voter from voting for the GOP
No one genuinely believes that the GOP "believes the election was stolen" in anything more than the metaphorical sense that Hillary told Democrats the election was stolen…
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27 May
Ok, here's a good example against which I can demonstrate how my mind works when I hear new COVID news

Step 1) How could we possibly know that the vaccine provides years of protection? I mean, I'd like that to be true, but how could we know it?
(btw, as of right this minute, I have looked nothing up. I'm doing this in real-time with absolutely zero presuppositions) /2
So searching for "COVID Vaccine" and "years of protection" takes me to this Reuters piece on how the CEO of Moderna says there is "potential protection for a couple of years" based on antibody decay…
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