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9 Jun, 5 tweets, 2 min read
wanna hear a story that starts happy, becomes depressing, but might be about to turn happy again?
there are some people who actually think the orange car looks nicer than the yellow car in the 4th picture. they are called "people who need an optometrist"
for the record the original datsun still looks best, and I think you can still by them in somewhat decent states of repair*

*may be a death trap
The upcoming Nissan Z still looks *weird* it just looks like an acceptably-non-hideous kind of weird

its angular chunkiness (tm) is actually cool
compare to this bulbous specimen

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11 Jun
The Soviet method of propaganda seems to have been by far their greatest achievement.

It's astounding to see how "their truth" still reverberates and shapes worldviews to this very day, many years after its original goal has ceased to be achievable
the double-layer of concealment, in which propaganda is hidden in a veneer of truth-seeking without explicitly supporting the side that produced it, the concealment of its telos, seems to give it a magical life of its own
"yes this was all a total fabrication to support the furtherance of soviet interests, and there is no longer any official team aside from theirs, but isn't it true though that the US was the single greatest cause of global instability in the 20th century"
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11 Jun
I am hoping my writing brings more love and peace into the world, and I hope it does it without activism
I want to give the reader what certain, special books have given me at times - solace and peace and a mending of the spirit

not explicitly - for the explicit attempt to create solace and peace usually destroys it


through coming together, through reconciliation
sometimes I think about how Seinfeld answered, when asked "what do you seek from an audience," "their sublimation"
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10 Jun
I have never played a soulsborne game I found fun or that held my interest for more than an hour, and I've tried several
I am happy for those who are into them that their big new experience has a date
Aesthetically I don't really get it either - these are not particularly good looking games and never have been, in my opinion. Art direction is grim and dark and monstrous. Characters seem fairly standard, cookie cutter?
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10 Jun
Hark, new, from me!

In my humble opinion, the writing I'm currently doing for my glorious Summer of Substack is some of the most interesting I've ever done.

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The Torah appears to view itself as a special sort of wisdom, which is hard to comprehend on several grounds.

This essay attempts to pinpoint the exact nature of the difference, as a basis for further exploration along the line between different forms of wisdom.
Before you can talk about the vague, somewhat illusory "Torah/Science" tension, it helps to understand whether Torah is something that cannot in principle be reduced to science.
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10 Jun
alright grabbing a cup of tea then time for Loki
Strong aperture science vibes
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9 Jun
"the humanities are important because they teach critical thinking" is the way STEM students who don't know they're STEM students describe their fields
the reason you can't justify the humanities is because they are fundentally unjustifiable -

You study a poem or a play because they're true, and they're true because the human soul knows them to be true
they are "those wisdoms that would be hierarchically closer to platonic truth would platonic truth exist"

they are the arch that still stands without the keystone

they are truncated vectors pointing at a truth long lost
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