One thing that I kept thinking about before making the decision to move on from my last job was this… The right’s decision to go all-in on culture war stuff — to the point of just inventing things to be mad about — is going to be very, very bad for everyone
What are the policy goals of the Republican Party right now? Do they exist?

During the Trump administration, there were clear policies being pursued by Democrats (DACA, making fixes to the ACA, criminal justice reform).

But the GOP right now? Nothing. Just culture wars.
It’s an inherently substance-free bit of posturing. They’re able to make it work thanks to 2 things:

1. The right-wing media ecosystem.

2. Mainstream media outlets that refuse to see their strategy for what it is.
I kind of touched on this topic a little bit today…
GOP doesn’t support policies that would actually improve people’s lives. They exist to try to stop Dems from passing broadly popular policies, hope that it makes people’s lives miserable, and then go, “See? You’re miserable! Vote for us!” But in the meantime, they need a theme.
So they’ve more or less invented this freak out over Critical Race Theory. It’s an actual thing, but it’s taught in law schools, not grade schools or whatever. But it’s a scary-sounding term, so it works. They tell their audiences that CRT is being pushed on their K-12 kids.
GOP-run states are making big shows of “banning CRT” by trying to actually making it illegal to teach anything even remotely accurate in US history. It’s all culture war. That’s all it is. It’s bad, and it’s not going away anytime soon.
I do want to point out that all the people who’ve spent the past several years writing one moral panic story after another about “the illiberal left” or adopting the framing of the right’s “campus speech” stuff — those people are, at best, useful idiots.
Just as that New Yorker article took one person’s tweet about Dred Scott and framed it as an ongoing debate within academia as a whole, every time a major US paper decided to weigh in about some dumb student dispute at MiddleOfNowhere University, it lent credibility to the right.
The correct way to respond to students doing something on campus is to be like “Who tf cares? I’m not a student.” But what’s worse is that most of those stories didn’t even hold up to mild scrutiny.
So right-wing media will keep churning out stories about Dr Seuss and Mister Potato Head and whatever other fake controversy it can. It keeps audiences engaged (and more importantly, enraged). They do it because a.) it’s a successful strategy, and b.) they have nothing else.
This is going to keep happening for at least as long as Biden is in office. So get ready for 3.5 years of outrage of the day content curated from 2 angry tweets.

• • •

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Happy Pride from the Biden administration, right folks?…
Of course of course of course of course
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9 Jun
Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t think “I saw a tweet thread I disagree with” should be the basis for an entire article framed like there’s a big push to abolish certain things from being taught.

If a Twitter thread is the extent of it, that’s not really a story.
Here’s something I wrote more than 2 years ago. This is the strategy that has snowballed into the giant “cancel culture” freak out…
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The hat’s not bad. Other than that, though…
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After nearly 3 years at @mmfa, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on.
I’ve long joked that being so plugged into the right-wing media ecosystem was breaking my brain, but it really was taking a toll.
But more than that, the problems in media that I’ve written so much about these past few years extend far beyond just places like Fox News, Newsmax, OAN, etc.

They’re problems with media and communication, generally. We have no shared sense of reality anymore. That’s worrying.
So I started thinking about communication in a more general sense, how our words shape the world around us, etc.

In doing so, I concluded that the best way to deal with my personal bit of burn out was to try something new. So I’ll be doing that.
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This is a major tell in that NYT ACLU story. Also, it’s just amazing that the author of the piece is weighing tweets from individual employees heavier than the organization’s actual work.
Also, see if anyone can find the flaw with Bob’s logic here
Just realized that this article was filed as a straight news piece even though it’s pretty obviously opinion
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