When men make a lot of money, they think "I can take care of my family with this", but when women make a lot of money they think "I don't need a man that makes less"

Common for men to support women, opposite is rare

The pay gap is fake news, but if it was real it'd be righteous
I think people who are more likely to "spread the wealth" by spending it on their family (who are poorer) deserve to be paid more than people who "won't date down economically" and thus consolidate wealth.

If you're any kind of socialist, you have no argument against this.
Due to women's mating preferences, paying women the same as men results in more inequality, not less. Because many a rich man would marry a waitress and lift her out of poverty, but few rich women would do the same for a waiter.

Feminism is thereby pro economic inequality.
It is no coincidence then that due to these kinds of assortative mating patterns and women's growing incomes, social inequality has only risen rapidly since the 1970's. This is not the only reason why (it's multivariate) but it plays a significant role in the equation.

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8 Jun
Judge people by their choice of role models.

It tells you who they are and who they wish to be better than anything else.
Well stated. Those with rotten idols are tainted, and the network effects of their preferences are abominably incestuous. They're drawn to the same type, all think the same way, and once you know 1 you know them all, for the categoriseable is predictable.

People who can be categorised in this way all have similar views and preferences, depth of nuance and critical thinking is rare amongst their number, and where it does exist, the predictable elements that drive their preferences and associations are a byproduct of pathology.
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8 Jun
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- Be more masculine
- Understand female nature
- Learn how to pick the right wife (avoid divorce and child support)
- Get better at "playing the game" (social dynamics)

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7 Jun
Fight her early and often to learn who she truly is, and what she's capable of.

Cruelty lies concealed in smooth seas, but rough storms arouse latent darkness.

You don't know a woman properly until you've fought her.

If she's not cruel when she's angry or hurt, you're golden.
You can expect an angry woman to say unkind things, but unkindness doesn't become cruelty until it's sadistic. What you're looking out for is a type of gleeful insanity, an out of control pleasure in causing you suffering when she's hurt. This type of woman you never commit to.
So if you want to learn the content of a woman's character, you fight her. If you want her to tell the truth, you fight her. It is only when her emotions run high that her illusions drop, the truth spills and the doorway to her soul opens.

No pretensions, just her raw humanity.
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5 Jun
Feminists want a man that doesn't exist. They want a "real man" that is looked up to, but they also want a man that tolerates the selfishness and disrespect only a weaker man would. They thus seek an unstable contradiction - a man who is a leader, but enforces no boundaries.
For feminist women, it's never about what they can do for others, but about what others can do for them. And so rather than either pick family or a career, they try to have both, in the same way they try to have two men in one.

Such delusional greed is a recipe for failure.
Committing to a feminist woman is an admission you don't think you can do better for yourself. It's for low self-esteem men.

She will make you miserable, because they are selfish people. They always put their work before everything, which means you and your kids will get scraps.
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3 Jun
You pay for the sins of every guy that fucked her up before you met her. Her father, her ex etc.

Because the trauma from her suffering typically overshadows the wisdom from her experiences.

Women do not improve with use. They deteriorate.

Deep down everybody knows this.
This is why being the first love of a woman of a good father is the best shot you'll ever have.

This is why traditionally women were married off young as virgins.

Because women are fragile, and as they accumulate experience they accumulate trauma that ruins them for romance.
The feminine is not built for stress. It is the masculine that is forged through the traumas of suffering, not the feminine. Women who actively have to work on being feminine aren't ascending to a higher stage, they're trying to get back something they had but lost to suffering.
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1 Jun
Narcissists think everyone who isn't aggressive and conflict seeking is dumb and that they're smart, but when faced with someone who is actually smarter than them, dismiss them as a cowardly nerd without actually proving them wrong.

So all smart people are nerds except them. LOL
So if a narcissist calls someone a nerd, they are actually admitting "this person is smarter than me" in a hostile way, and because they can't win through superior logic, they just double down on bullying and reputation destruction whilst bragging to make themselves look better.
Most narcissists claim they are smart, without keeping the company of smart men or indicating any kind of scholarliness or higher level thinking. So their claim to genius is a delusion, because they don't even like most the smart people they meet anyway. They like violent people.
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