The reason Moderna pivoted to vaccines is because mRNA therapies use these fat droplets to deliver the nucleic acid (RNA) into your cells, and your body can have an immune response to this "vehicle". Repeat doses make that response worse.
A regular RNA therapy for a disease would then have a side effect profile that gets worse every time you take the drug (not good). So theoretically a vaccine you take once or twice in your life should be better. But I'm sure you've heard how rough the second dose can be.
I dont know for sure that immune reactions to the lipid nanoparticle (LNP, the fat droplets) is what causes this, although it may contribute.
I see a lot of buzz in the media about producing lots of other mRNA vaccines, but having developed an immune reaction against the vehicle, you might not be able to tolerate them if you had the covid shot or other hypothetical vaccines.
This is probably less relevant for say cancer or aids vax development, but as a rapid response to novel pathogens, it may become an issue. Certainly it limits the utility of seasonal boosters.
For this reason I have been skeptical boosters will be a thing, but the regulatory environment for these products is so suspect that I wouldn't be surprised if the side effect profile was totally ignored in favor of rapidly approving any and all boosters.
Internal docs from Pfizer reveal that they want to make covid vaccines a long term profit engine, so maybe it's on the way.
And after all, they authorized it for 12+ even though the vaccine will almost certainly make that segment of the population sicker than covid. That is setting aside weird tail risks and long term effects and just talking about acute side effects.
This is all just speculation from a non expert in mRNA vaccines. Take it for what it's worth.

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People are being hard on burger King for being pozzed, but I went there recently and the food was great. Best fast food experience I'd had in months.
Guys, look, if I was only consuming non-woke products I'd be living in a barrel in the town square.
"HomeBarrel Inc wishes to signal its support for George Floyd protests and racial equality" FUCK
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Note also the repeated "bake the cake" language--implies a pre-prepared talking point and money behind the effort.
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2 May
This is an interesting paper that supports my thinking on the issues. I am not a subject matter expert in immunology so the following is speculative.
There are three mechanisms I suspect are causing bad reactions and blood disorders in shot recipients. 1)immune reaction to vehicle 2)direct s protein damage 3)Autoimmune reactions
By immune reaction to vehicle, I mean any reaction to the contents or components of the shots. For P and M, this means the LNP formulation or the mRNA itself. For J and A, this means the adenovirus.
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If you had covid already there is no medical reason to get the shot. It literally makes no sense at all. You don't need to bow to social pressure on this.
I just read a tweet about a woman who was hospitalized with covid saying she ways going to take the shot.
Last night I was on reddit and read posts from people who got the J&J saying they were going to go back and also get Pfizer.
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