People who say "Prostitution is real work" act like that is some sort of mic drop moment. Child Labor is real work, as is Slave Labor and Prison Labor. Exploitation and the denigration of a human being can indeed be work. Work, however, does not justify itself.
No matter what Prostitution, Stripping, and pornography are not forms of legitimate work. It is work. Work that steals the dignity from said workers and will never be a form of honest work. People need to stop letting the exchange of money dictate what is right and wrong.
Just because society allows these things does not mean they should be allowed. It is not an indictment upon the women who do these things, many feel they need to because of their current lot in life. It is an indictment of the society to allow and celebrate the humiliation-
that is endured for a fist full of cash. So, no, the idea that "sex work (prostitution) is work" does not obfuscate the vileness of what it is. The Exploitation of desperate women (and the few men in it) who live in a society that does not care about them lest they have money.
That also leads us to another issue. We, men, know all these things are wrong. We make fun of men who strip for a living and we make fun of male prostitutes. We have zero respect for them. Not just that but very few men would want their wives/daughters/sisters/mothers to strip.
If one cannot bear to see their loved ones robbed of their dignity for a few dollars, then why would you want a stranger to do that? Let's face it. There is zero justification for this crap and there never will be. To allow women to be disgraced like this we disgrace ourselves.
Because at the end of the day, who is more disgusting? The person profiting off the work (the Pimp) or those ignoring/supporting/or enjoying it?

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