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9 Jun, 15 tweets, 2 min read
I think my 3d printer's camera may be misaligned
It just sent me an update saying that the print is done, and included this picture of the final print.
I knew it was a mistake to try to print on the ceiling
Actually now I'm wondering if that would work. Gravity obviously helps a print stick to the build plate and helps the melted filament go in the right direction, but in theory you could get by without it. I could mount a 3d printer upside down and have it print!
The main issue I can think of is that my printer intentionally does some nozzle clearing stuff that may depend on gravity, which would cause problems. They'd end up dropping filament on the nozzle which would be bad
Also I have a Bltouch bed leveling sensor installed and that does require gravity to deploy
But I could always disable that
Disabling that and the nozzle cleaning would probably do it, though.
The other fun part is that it would add a constraint on build size:
Once the build gets too big, it'll exceed the build plate adhesion and fall off
Also my build plate is magnetic. At some point even if it couldn't disconnect from the build plate, it'd just pull the build plate off
It'd be interesting to see what exactly would break when you try this.
I'm sure something would, and it'd be something I wouldn't expect. But it'd be neat to see, I'm sure.
I don't want to break my own working printer right now, though.
Maybe when I finish putting my broken one back together
It's lighter, too, which'll make it easier to mount upside down.
Although I think the design is harder to mount... I may need a lot of duct ties and zip tape
Also I would like to say that it is ANTI-SOUTHERNER prejudice that "which'll" isn't in my keyboard's dictionary. We speak contractions, fluently.
Y'all'd've thrown a fit if we left out yankee nonsense words like "unsweetened tea" or "bubbler" or "we don't have air conditioning"

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11 Jun
Someone should make a compilation of people who did unaware playthroughs of The Outer Wilds and their reaction to what happens about 20 minutes into the game.
This thread will have spoilers when I go and do that
But for now, if you haven't played it, don't look it up. Just go play it. It's an amazing game of space exploration in a small scale
First Materwelonz. They didn't die before. My favorite part is "wait, what's that noise?"
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11 Jun
That conspiracy about the vac cine making you magnetic is just the best. I love it, because it's just so left field and nonsense
BTW if you take too many Tylenol/paracetamol it will make your body emit radio waves in the 93.4 mhz range which may interfere with your reception of your favorite heavy metal FM radio station
Be careful doing electrical work if you're on antibiotics because they can cause your body's resistance to drop, which may increase the chance of a dangerous shock
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10 Jun
I've argued about this before, damn it! Launching billionaires into the sun is a terrible idea.

It takes way more delta-v to get to the sun than it does to just fling them out into interstellar space!
And the reason is simple: you'd think it'd be easy to fall into the sun, and it is, if you're motionless relative to the sun.

You are very not.
You're already moving at about 30 kilometers a second, sideways, because YOU ARE IN ORBIT OF THE SUN ALREADY
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10 Jun
Today I may get to document a previously unknown type of floppy disk.
It's a good day to be a Foone
Ever seen one of these before? Image
here it is next to an 8" (NOT a 5.25"!) disk
this is officially a Huge Motherfucker of a disk. Image
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10 Jun
Opening up a snowball USB microphone.
Fun fact: it's screwed and then TAPED together. Image
It's apparently an ICE-6327, or a P2FH31497A0 Image
So the main chip is a Cmedia CM6327A, which is a USB Mono ADC with USB interface.
This thing is designed to interface with an external EEPROM to get configuration info like product string and USB VID/PID, or you can have another microcontroller talk to it over i2c Image
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10 Jun
This is software for the videonics DirectED video editing device. The software loads from vhs tapes, and consists of a bunch of flashing black and white rectangles.
I'm only like 90% sure it's not trying to hypnotize me
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