100% of the ballots were counted — twice. You lost.
Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
Every QAnon account on @telegram uses this fake account as some sort of validation.

@ArizonaAudit is just another part of the Thiel/Flynn/Watkins influence operation.

@Twitter @jack shut this shit down 👇
This is what the “audit” is really about. Continuous 24/7 brainwashing operations. This is radicalization. That is ALL it is.
Well then, we are going to have to take a very hard look at “The America Project.”

I invite you to take a look into the eyes of Patrick Byrne while Flynn talks. There’s one word for it and it starts with “mindfucked.”

This is where they launder money for the fraudits.
“America’s Project” is to put every last one of you cartoonish criminals in prison for the rest of your lives.
Rut roh. They are on @Twitter and looky here. This looks familiar.
Got it. This is all the same thing. Please note how “The America Project” goes out of its way to use the term “civil war.” Twice.
The poster looks familiar because Clay Clark and his Thrivetime op have come up in several threads about Peter Thiel.

Thiel also funds Rumble that broadcasts all of this propaganda.

<sigh> I’m tired. Does anyone give a shit?
“Our goal is to spark a new American Renaissance”
Do they have to spell this out for us more than this?
Not only is the Arizona “audit” not legitimate, it is a deliberate coordinated psychological operation.

Anyone remember what 1/6 was about again? Election disinformation.

They are dragging these audits out because it causes more psychological harm and therefore, more violence.
“Where did QAnon go? I guess it went away.”

Guess again.

• • •

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More from @jimstewartson

10 Jun
Jan 6 was executed by a few thousand Proud Boys and QAnon cultists who managed to capture the seat of government — without guns.

Every last one of them was a “digital soldier.”

There are thirty million more of them.
My friends and I warned about 1/6. We’re warning you again now.

If we do not grapple with the fact that there are tens of millions of people in our country who have been indoctrinated into an anti-American death cult, we are going to have more violence. A lot of it.
This is not hair-on-fire liberal hysteria. It is DATA.
It is public, prime facie command and control of this. 👇
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10 Jun
The case for prosecuting Rudolf Hess, Jan 1946
Seriously why in the utter fuckity fuck do we have to make a CASE for prosecuting Donald Trump? He did prime facie:
- Literal gallows-level treason
- Conspiracy to everything
- Obstruction of everything
- Negligent murder of 600k Americans
- Espionage

Just... what?
We’re psyop’ing ourselves into thinking this is a fucking ISSUE.
He’s the ACTUAL ENEMY. Of the United States.

The proper headline is:
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9 Jun
🚨Here we go. This is a court filing by an insurrectionist’s lawyer.

The lawyer says his client was there as a “digital soldier” which is a term that is *literally trademarked* by theocratic fascist traitor Lt Gen (Ret) Michael T. Flynn.
Thing is, the guy was telling the truth. He WAS there as a “digital soldier” which is just Flynn’s brand name for “indoctrinated into my white supremacist mind control cult.”
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9 Jun
Sure, let’s make sociopathic accelerationist Peter Thiel a fucking trillionaire. Sounds like a great plan.
Peter Thiel literally believes that fascism is the future of mankind and moreover that he is entitled to be Master of the Universe.

He wants death and destruction because it makes him more powerful, and because it’s really good for business.
Peter Thiel managed to fund most of these ops as a mere billionaire. Just imagine the fun he’ll have with a trillion dollars.
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9 Jun
Unfortunately, we’re going to need to talk about Charles Murray.

Here is an incredible piece by @mattyglesias on just how pernicious his ideas are.

Once you unwind the pseudo-science and damn statistics you find laundered white nationalism, nothing more.
In this thread I note that Charles Murray was a nobody until the Manhattan Institute started paying him to do scientific racism in the early 1980s, right at the same time the Institute published “Broken Windows.”
It is not a coincidence that many of the same racist ideas that birthed “Broken Windows” and then Palantir show up in Charles Murray’s writings. For all intents and purposes he’s an Institute operative and has been for 40 years.
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8 Jun
Here is literal traitor and Putin puppet Mike Flynn raising money for his #CNP project “America’s Future” by selling American flags. 😠

The only future these seditionists should have is monthly movie night in prison. ImageImageImage
Whose flag Mike? 🇷🇺
Just keep America out of your filthy mouth forever. Image
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