$XPb may be one of the best kept secrets in #crypto! Amazing developers, endorsed by #ChainLink $LINK, makes use of $MATIC L2 to minimize gas fees, staking @ ~100% interest, easy ability to double up. #XPb now = ~45¢. Once staked, can be “sublimated” into $USDT #Tether. /thread
So, you can stake a 45¢ token ( $XPb) for rights to convert it to a $1 token ( $USDT), and if you take the #Tether, those #XPb #LeadTokens are BURNED FOREVER! The total supply is 2 million XPb. Has a MICRO cap <$1 million. I like this project as much as anything in #crypto now!
Things are still being worked on with the games, but THEY WORK! I tried the #TransmutationGame yesterday & WON! Transmuted 89 42¢ $XPb tokens (~$38) for 0.1 $ETH (~$230-240ish)! That, plus the staking/sublimation...this project rocks! I’m amazed it hasn’t taken off, but the...
developers haven’t begun earnestly marketing yet from what I’ve seen, and I believe they’re capable and plan to help kick it off when they’re fully happy with the project. Get in now while it’s cheap & get an easy 5-10x!


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11 Jun
Often referred to as “kundalini (energy).” The energetic pathway begins at the base of the spine & “snakes” it’s way up, climbing the 33 vertebrae and the 6 chakras that reside along the way, to reach the 7th, or “Crown” Chakra, which corresponds with the pineal gland/3rd eye.
At “age 33,” or upon reaching the apex of the 33rd vertebrae w/ kundalini energy, one may experience an awakening wherein they feel their “old self,” the physical self, the attachment to the material realm, has “died,” and as the energy/light fills the 3rd eye, one is “reborn”...
in a spiritual, ætherial, immaterial sense, into their deeper spiritual form & the corresponding deeper level of awareness. Descarte believed the Pineal to be the “seat of the soul,” if I’m remembering correctly, and mystical traditions seem to almost universally point to the...
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10 Jun
Slavery was never abolished, merely modified & spun with a big-budget marketing campaign. Wage slavery, debt slavery. Minimum wage increased by 70% on one single occasion in 2 decades. The dollar’s buying power decreased (“officially”) by 7% every year for 20 years. In reality...
it’s inflated more than that. But wages & consumer price index aren’t the underlying issue. It’s the entire monetary/financial/banking structure, from the worthless, unbacked, make-believe currency, backed by waging war on any nation who refuses to accept it, to the debt system..
that enables it. One dollar used to be exchangeable for, and then at least backed by, one dollar worth of gold. That was sound money. That was low-inflation money. That was actual WEALTH and an ASSET. Still to this day the old dollars are an asset and have appreciated over time.
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10 Jun
Anybody else holding any $KMPH #KMPH #KemPharm stock? Great day thus far. Company got approval for a new ADHD drug/formulation in March & stock price is ramping up to potentially go parabolic soon as it hits the market. 5Y high: $126.40. Current price: $13.59. 1W: +22%. #Stonks .
Given a long enough time period, all values inevitably drop to 0 & all living things die. But if you zoom out far enough, you see that there never was a 0 & there is no death. There is a unified state of 1 and a recycling of energy & spirit. Life is a dream, death’s an illusion.
The natural world is circles & spirals, not so much rigid lines & squares. All things revolve around & take on different states & energies & importance as they do, transforming from each vibrational state to the next. Your mother ate plants & animals whose cells became your cells
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10 Jun
We are about 30 years deep into China’s game plan to fracture the US, weaken our dollar, military, & society, and “take our place” as the “World Superpower.” The US Gov functions largely as Terrorists & Treasoners. The CCP is far worse than even that, at least to its own people.
We’re nearly 60 years past Old George & the CIA assassinating #35 in Texas on live TV in a murder ritual intended for all to see, asserting, “The presidency no longer matters. WE are your masters. Will we KILL your democratically elected President IN FRONT OF YOU, and...
you ain’t gonna do shit about it. We run the show. We own you. We own the presidency. We own the US Government & Military. Bow down. Obey.” So the domestic situation was & still is dire to begin with, but many of the narratives we’re seeing play out in the media, particularly...
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10 Jun
Now she’s pumping the upcoming government-ledger CBDC(s). I think $BTC has genuinely worried the power structure enough they have to craft a narrative to devalue it enough to buy controlling stakes while trying to block & hinder it & pumping a Fed CBDC to track & monitor...
everything. It’s the endgame conclusion the conspiracy theorists have been warning about for years & the large globalist organizations & think-tanks have openly stated they want for decades: the cashless society, wherein every transaction is tracked, and you can be “shut off.”
Independent, decentralized cryptos with open public ledger & only relevant tracking of transactions (amounts, wallet addresses, time stamps): great. Positively world changing. Centrally issued, controlled, tracked & monitored with private government/Fed ledger tracking excess...
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9 Jun
If you’ve ever been a part of a “counterculture” or “subculture,” for example punk rockers, but any “underground” misfit archetype works...if you came up through that type of life, what’s going on now doesn’t shock you too much. We’ve known how fucked things were for years.
If you watched any Alex Jones flicks or did ANY type of research into world events & politics beyond the surface, mainstream level...you saw this coming. We all hoped it wouldn’t. But the things we were called crazy for have mostly been proven to be true now. Epstein was real.
My point being, people like me who were already outside of the mainstream culture & accepted mores are already prepared & living life like we always have, albeit perhaps more stressed. Those “just waking up” are likely overwhelmed, confused, and scared. Don’t be.
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