@DrMayssaID @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 @TracyBethHoeg @DrDanielJohnson Sister, I called unions being the barrier to open school last April. Saw the writing on the wall in my deep blue, no-clue city of Evanston, IL, in July. Sacrificed a contract for my fourth book, my whole career, everything, to give my kids a mask-free, screen-free education.
@DrMayssaID @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 @TracyBethHoeg @DrDanielJohnson So don’t you dare try to preach to me. I’ve given up - and lost for good - many things I held dear.

I would love to move out of this God-forsaken state, but it’s not possible now, so we sold our lovely home of 12 years and...
@DrMayssaID @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 @TracyBethHoeg @DrDanielJohnson ...are moving to an area I’d normally prefer to avoid - and one with much higher taxes - just so my kids can have a shot at going to normal school (one of which we’ll be paying for).

I’ve learned the hard way that you & other wannabe advocates are limelight-seeking grifters
@DrMayssaID @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 @TracyBethHoeg @DrDanielJohnson I worked my tail off to ensure that my Governor’s scheme for saliva-testing every kid in the state every week was thwarted. And I was successful.

Now, you and the likes of you, have the audacity to tell me and other moms we need to keep subjecting our kids...
@DrMayssaID @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 @TracyBethHoeg @DrDanielJohnson ...to the psychosis and shame of covering their faces with Old Navy cotton.

You are not, and will never be, an ethical person or doctor, like @klfaber1 @ebennett74 @shvetaraju

Step away, and take the L.

You’re wrong.


• • •

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10 Jun
This afternoon, I called the Governor’s office to ask why the heck children haven’t been de-masked.

Know what the staffer said?

“They want more kids to get the vaccine.”

Parents, please:

Now this. Of course.

Listen, Illinois Parents - you HAVE to get educated.

It’s okay if your kid gets Covid. Really. Truly.

There were 8 pediatric flu deaths in IL in 2020, and 4 Covid deaths.

Wake up.
Don’t believe me about flu v Covid pediatric deaths in Illinois? See thread.

📺 Stop watching CNN
👩‍👧 Stop listening to your Facebook mom friends
😷 Stop telling yourself masks are harmless, righteous, & effective

✅ Start reading the data.
Read 7 tweets
7 Jun
Lead researcher for CDC's Vaccine Breakthrough Team has confirmed that fully-vaxed patients who are hospitalized & incidentally test positive for SARS-CoV-2 are NOT seen as COVID hospitalizations or deaths

This is a sharp contrast to the CDC’s stance during the pandemic🧵 Image
2/The email was a response to my inquiry re: data in the team's 5/28/21 report. I asked about the diff (if any) btw 2 categories of vaxed patients cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/7…

Researcher confirmed "asymp or hospitalized for a reason unrelated to COVID-19" are mutually exclusive Image
3/ Evaluating reported breakthru infections, the CDC team distinguishes 3 kinds of hosp patients. Per email, Patients B & C are "cases [they] know are not related to infection...whose outcomes were clearly NOT related to C19."

Patient A? Data "isn’t strong enough to say" Image
Read 17 tweets
27 May
Poignant remarks about masking, from @nytdavidbrooks' @BostonCollege commencement address (inaccuracies asterisked*) americamagazine.org/arts-culture/2…

"I’ll end by talking about the most important process we’re all going to go through over the next couple of months: The Great Unmasking"🧵
"For 15 months we’ve been wearing masks. People wear masks when they feel unsafe. It filters out the virus* but it also filters out each other. Two ppl wearing masks find it easier to walk by each other on the street without recognizing the presence of another human being."

"But of course, we don’t only wear physical masks, but also psychological ones. Productivity is a mask. I’m too busy to stop and see you. The meritocracy is a mask. I judge you by what school you went to and what job you got. Essentialism is a mask."
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26 May
1/ On Monday, the Illinois State Board of Education posted an updated Q&A regarding its resolution supporting in-person instruction isbe.net/Documents/Reso…

Re: masks, the agency says masked will be required in the 2021-22 SY, and cite the Governor's 2021 May 17th announcement 🧵
2/ The May 17th press release says, "in line with CDC guidance, ISBE and IDPH require masks in schools." www2.illinois.gov/Pages/news-ite…
3/ The associated executive order correctly states that the CDC "advises" (i.e., recommends) masks in those settings www2.illinois.gov/IISNews/23322-…

So, the CDC advises, ergo ISBE/IDPH "requires." 🤔
Read 13 tweets
24 May
Unvaccinated Americans are spending more - and going out more - than their vaccinated counterparts. It’s almost like the vaccinated don’t believe the vax works, & - like @RandPaul - a good portion of unvaxed hv faith in natural immunity wsj.com/articles/are-v…
Spending & survey data (via @cardifydata) also shows states with a lower % vaxed are getting back to experience-economy activities at higher rates than states with a higher % vaxed

Seems removing policies that restrict freedoms is the way “out,” not the vaccine per se ImageImageImageImage
The vaccine doesn’t make you healthy or less fearful.

Woman profiled in the article is a prime example of someone who is living a more sedentary lifestyle that’s putting her at greater risk for many issues

Elected & public health officials have deluded her & people like her 😞 ImageImage
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16 May
Article written in April 2017 warns that acculturated masks can become addictive.

“People were wearing surgical masks not for the purposes they were intended for...but because they had grown used to living behind the anonymity of a mask.”
“While some people used to feel safe or secure when going out with a mask, it has reached a stage where they cannot go out without wearing a mask. That's how serious it is getting," said Yuzo Kikumoto, a professional counselor who coined the term "mask dependency" in a 2009.
Now, compare what you read above with these excerpts from a NYT article this weekend.

Anyone else see “mask dependency”? nytimes.com/2021/05/15/us/… ImageImageImage
Read 13 tweets

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