Flight of the Navigator rewatch. Starts with dog frisbee and brotherly rivalry. Also casual use of ableist terms. :(
I thought everybody in Florida lived on the waterfront.

Also he’s spying on his crush with a telescope.
Mom tells David to go walk his brother home and he’s disgusted bc his brother is eight and therefore capable of walking home thru the woods by himself.
Also this movie is fond of UFO takeouts. So far they’ve teased us with a water tower and frisbees.
Truly the late seventies were a different time when tweens could just wander thru woods at night.
Kid falls into a ravine—no sign of any extra terrestrial activity—but he blacks out and wakes up...in the 80s.
His family has moved. He’s been declared dead.
Jimmy Carter is definitely not the President of the United States.
His parents must be freaked out. This scene hits different being a parent now even if the old age makeup on his parents is weird.
The space ship! I loved this space ship.
Kid wakes from his faint being rushed through the hospital.

Tells them to ask his brother Jeff abt getting lost.

Jeff is now the big brother. Rolled sleeves.
I like how he’s feeling vulnerable enough to tell his brother that he’s scared.
Remember when this spaceship was cutting edge special fx.
He just communicated a picture of the spaceship to the computer with his brain.
Ominous Scientist trying to convince family to put the kid up at NASA or whatever.

I think it’s NASA but it’s also the most ominous I’ve ever seen NASA portrayed. If there’s a cuddly branch of US institutions, it’s usually NASA.
Kiddo us being bribed with TV and a hat in a room that’s super claustrophobic.
Sarah Jessica Parker is explaining the 80s and what happened to Starsky and Hutch. She has purple hair and goes to Twisted Sister concerts. This is how I learned abt Twisted Sister.
There’s also a delivery robot named Ralph.
My husband reminds that the EPA was the villain of Ghostbusters so this NASA slander is about par for course.
David talking to computers.

How does David have a font of alien languages that displays?
They really should have had his parents with him for all this. That’s another thing that wouldn’t happen now.
Flight of the Navigator is notable for being one of the firs
Sarah Jessica Parker telling a 12yo he’s cute out of nowhere. Why. No.
The mind voice for the alien is so ominous and creepy and hilariously out of synch for what we know is coming.
Escape by robot to heavy synth sequence. I always felt this was far too formative to my musical tastes.
Also who ever did the sound grading for this moving is...

Dialogue so quiet and synths so LOUD.
They really just let this robot go anywhere. Just like tweens in the 70s.
The Mercury stairs!
And now everybody is losing their shit.

And all the guns come out.
Why did the ship let itself be captured in first place? It’s obvious it wasn’t really constrained. Why not go find kid? Also how did it lose kid?
Twenty miles from here. Yep.

You should really enjoy the floating around, kid.
Time for the first class maneuver. Time for warpy space ship.
Sarah Jessica Parker worried abt her career belatedly.
The Glitter Almond!!!
Tiny puppet alien.

And now it’s time for alien to turn into Pee Wee Herman.
“We’ve misplaced the two most important discoveries of the twentieth century.”
(The internet does not make an appearance.)
Apparently random NASA scientists can put people under house arrest.

Now it’s time for the stereotypes tour of the world as we go to Tokyo.
San Francisco is represented by the Golden Gate Bridge. And cable cars. Not in sight but you can hear them.
Now it’s time for the human to explain music.
But no opera or music from other cultures. Only Beach Boys.
Now it’s time for Florida as represented by Al’s Gator City. Pee Wee Herman alien makes fatphobic remark.
Nestle Crunch featuring as the candy in this 80s alien movie.

In the ET novel, ET likes M&Ms but Reese’s ended up being licensed for movie. Nestle deciding to learn from Mars mistake.
Kid learning about consent to important procedures that could vaporize him. Too bad the aliens didn’t learn that first.
I somehow don’t remember the lighting storm through time part.
Cue brotherly bonding over weird alien shit.
Roll credits with synthy sound track.

Pee Wee credited as Paul Mall.

• • •

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8 Jun
Note: pre-blocked this dude. But note that he says “zero credible reasons” to abort. Her not being ready isn’t enough of a reason for him. Her reasons are ignored in favour of HIS wants.

Being “not ready” is a good enough reason and encompasses more than you know. Tweet from Brendon Leslie: ...
“I’m not ready” can cover:
- not ready to be a parent
- not in a relationship where parenthood would be ideal, such as co-parenting w a jackass who ignores you
- not financially ready
- not physically ready
- not mentally ready

But it’s all valid.
I had major depressive episodes during my 20s and was easily more stable and tempered in my 30s.

We waited bc we wanted certain benchmarks of stability to be better parents.
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