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10 Jun, 19 tweets, 4 min read
People say I am rude on Twitter. But I am not rude. I would be dishonest if i called takes like this anything less than absolutely stupid and the person expressing it devoid of any understanding of what has been going on in the region for the past 20 years.
This is an ELI5 of War on Terror in Afghanistan.
You can find generally agreed upon sources for all the statements.
In 2001 after the heinous 9/11 attacks on WTC twin towers and the Pentagon, United States decided to invade Afghanistan. Now Afghanistan is a landlocked 1/n
Country. Which means that to reach Afghanistan you have to go through another country. US Military's Central Command (centcom) had to do this invasion, and they had two options - go thru Iran or Pakistan. This is what the region's map looks like from the empire's perspective:
Iran has very bad relations with the US since that one time US tried to orchestrate a coup there for oil but thats another story.
Pakistan was the only option. The official term US presidents have repeatedly used to describe coercing Pakistan to this end was "carrots and sticks".
Which means that Pakistan must be threatened with dire consequences and encouraged with some aid to go along with the war efforts.
Pakistan's initial reaction according to multiple historians of the war was this:
The Pak military command tried to persuade the US against
A land war in Asia (which is one of the classic blunders, as everyone knows). However, if the US is angry, and understandably so, might we interest them in some aerial bombing. This was roundly refused. Most books by historians of WoT spend the first couple of chapters in their
Books dealing with this random piece of diplomacy that in hindsight makes Pak generals somehow look like visionaries in front of US counterparts. It is funny because its true. In Pakistan, there was no civilian govt that the generals could scapegoat for their ambivalence
So in light of above, Pakistan reluctantly decided to become a US ally on WoT, like many other countries of this Earth who considered the attack on Afg a Just War.
The war had one stated objective: End Terror from Earth™. This was later crystalized into two main parts:
#1. Catch/kill OBL, and end his organization Al Qaeda.
#2. Wipe out Taliban and install a friendly govt in Afghanistan.
Now historians diverge here:
Some writers say Pakistan did honestly help the US in #1.
But most western writers agree that about 2, Pakistan intentionally
Undermined the US objectives in the region. This has been variously described as duplicitous behavior of Pakistan, janus-faced, double game etc by writers and op-ed columnists. It did not help that OBL was eventually found in Pakistan. However, to make long story short...
Even Pakistan's honest supporters in academia and journalism would only go as far as providing the following apology on behalf of Pakistan:
US will leave Afg eventually and Pakistan will have to deal with the Taliban hence ISI's Directorate S serves Pakistan's strategic objective
That it will not abandon even if it invites American wrath, which it did many times. So this was the situation.
Pakistan did not want a ground war in the neighborhood, Pakistan had always wanted the WoT to end and Americans to leave Afg, for nefarious reasons or strategic - whic-
Whichever way you choose to look at it.
Then came Trump. Even before Trump there was realization in Pentagon that Afg war had become a major timesuck and mindfuck. Trump wanted to focus on China and trade war, so there was an agreement to just, like, bounce.
This was of course welcomed by Pakistan. To facilitate this, Pakistani generals (while rubbing hands in shady rooms no doubt) used their connections that they had secretly maintained with the Taliban to help with a negotiated withdrawal of American troops.
The two years pre-covid were a circus of bearded Taliban leadership hopping from country to country giving interviews in broad daylight to, including but not limited to, unveiled white women. .
So now that it finally comes to this that the Biden admin has decided to continue the Trump policy of bouncing the fuck out of this madhouse, and Pakistan has finally been asked to do that one thing they had been literally suggesting for twenty years.
Of fucking course Pakistan wants to facilitate this negotiated exit you absolute idiot. But - Pakistan has learned one thing in the aftermath of 1991 and US bouncing and all, that you always end up paying a lot more than you think so ask for a higher price.
Also, if youve made it this far, please observe that no such activity has ever gone unpunished. None of this is a joking matter, Pakistani diplomacy should be literally walking on glass right now.
Not literally but you know. The End.

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