The Golden Bough 1890: People loved it, the Press loathed it. Influenced Eliot, Lovecraft, Paglia, DH Lawrence, J Joyce, Hemingway. Took anthropological evidence and depicted muh noble savage as more savage than noble. There’s abridged single volume copies you can read.
Mexicans crushed men between the “meeting stones”. Sacrificed babies at sowing, children at sprouting, elderly at harvest.
Pawnee would fatten up teens, split their heads with a tomahawk, shoot them full of arrows. Wimmin would grease their hoes with the fat. They’d send teen squaw from wig wam to wigwam collecting wood for her own fire. Roast her on spit and then eat her heart and flesh.
West African Kween would have a couple chopped down with farm tools.
Papua NG impale smol gril who were bred for slaughter
Botswana tribe intoxicates wee man and kill him. Eat his flesh, coagulate his blood to be burnt and ashes spread on crops
Filipino headhunters ambush and cut off head, feet and hands. Take to village and dance around heads. After heads rot the killer takes home as trophies. Every farm must secure one head at sowing and one at planting.
The Dravidians were undoubtedly the worst which makes sense why the Aryans were seen as heroes. They’d kidnap boys and eat their flesh. Some tribes required the sacrifice to be sired by a previous sacrifice so mothers would presell their boys.
Some tribes would conduct orgies before killing the boy. Some would flay him alive. Some would break all his limbs. Some would drag him across the field while slashing him to ribbons as blood gave turmeric its color. Some believe the more the boy cried the more rain would fall.
The British in India sought to extinguish these practices. Their efforts now excoriated by historians many of whom are descendants of these savages. Mexicans, American Natives, Indians, Asians...all spawns of satan. Never forget.
Interesting note Coppola recruited a tribe of these Filipino headhunters to “act” as Kurtz’s (Brando) Montagnard cadre. The water buffalo scene was an actual ritual sacrifice they filmed and added in. The chief offered Francis and his wife the heart of the buffalo as a gift.

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