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10 Jun, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Yup! And this has been said from the beginning —before it was a mainstream political controversy and the only folks making the ridiculous accusations were evangelicals who didn’t want to critically examine race in America and abroad—it’s even more true now.
The conspiracy has already been made plain for folks to see. Cats don’t even cover it up anymore. Christopher literally said “the goal is to have public read something crazy in the newspaper and immediately think “Critical Race Theory.”” e.g: one big misinformation campaign.
One has to also ask themselves if evangelicals help lead the misinformation about CRT - what does that say about their integrity and commitment to truth? It says that it can be determined not by what is actually true but what narrative and partisan loyalties they are beholden to.
Cats rather make accusations about things they really don’t know anything about (except for it talks about race and “whiteness” and I don’t like it!”) than actually do the hard work of critically examining how racial structures work in this nation.

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26 May
One of the reasons I know that a lot of evangelicals wouldn’t have supported the Civil Rights Movement even though they say they would have is that some of the same ideas that the leaders exposed in how racism and whiteness works is also exposed in CRT and they reject it.
They literally don’t see CRT’s insights about race and how it works within society is not new. Read King, Du Bois, Douglass, Baldwin, Wells, etc. and you literally see the same delineations without the same terms. The issue is some evangelicals could care less about black history
These are the same guys that quote someone like MLK to defeat CRT but don’t see how in “Where do we go from here” he lays out interests convergence very plainly in the first chapter. This is why some of these same folks would have rejected the CRM too
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26 May
So funny how many Christians and also political conservatives denied all the anti-semitism from some on the right—and even what was stoked by Trump—but now that folks want to hold Israel accountable in this conflict they are screaming anti-semitism. It’s crazy.
Folks deny systemic racism until they believe liberals do it (they claim this is the case with CRT being pushed in schools, etc.), they deny anti-semitism until they believe liberals do it. They say liberals push socialism but cons won’t touch fascism. Partisansim sucks.
Character and speech in the presidency mattered until trump. Innocent civilians being killed in bombings mattered with Obama & drones but w/Israel it’s just self defense. Babies shouldn’t be murdered w/ abortion but Palestinians are pulling infants from the rubble.
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27 Mar
I like Christian Bale as BATMAN a lot. But guys, Christian bale is like 5’2 120 pounds - they had to put him on platforms in certain scenes so others didn’t tower over him.

Ben Affleck has the look and stature of the Batman in comics. That’s my point.
I mean come’on LOL
I hope y’all know that I’m joking about Bale’s height. But Ben is 6’4 225 in the Batman v Superman film. I’m saying who is gonna really look like Batman from the comic
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26 Mar
What’s so weird to me about some folks on the right constantly talking about others having a “victim mentality” is how they don’t recognize their own.

“The left this, cancel culture that, big tech this, the media hides that! Neo Marxism this, CRT that!”

I mean..
Who is really playing victims here?
Claims of systemic and institutional discrimination and oppression isn’t legitimate unless they’re talking about leftist and Dems doing it. Cancel culture is systemic, them talking about being de-platformed on social media is institutional - they just don’t use the language.
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24 Mar
Tommy lived through American churches endorsing and theologically buttressing the status quo of Jim Crow laws and violence when he was a child and is saying that “wokeness” is the most insidious ideology he has seen in all of his life.

We are in the twilight zone.
Listen, if folks will say stuff like this (and some have even doubled-down) then barring a miracle there is no bringing them back from the other side of their views here. This is why incessant debate with them here is a waste of time.
My man literally is saying “woke” ideology (that they can’t even clearly define) was worse than men, women and children who were assaulted and MURDERED by those who name the name of Christ and gave theological justification for why it was ok. Or those who were silent.
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24 Mar
I’m all for tightening some measures here and there but banning assault weapons won’t fix this problem.
I am from an area where cats commit home invasions with rifles (a friend of mine lost his eyesight as a victim of one) these cats don’t care about no assault weapons ban. They will keep toating sticks (rifles) and so will folks hell-bent on killing a multitude of people..
Folks should be able to keep their rifles for self defense instead of being stripped and leaving them in hands of criminals. You also don’t hear about folks like Stephen Willeford who responded to the Sutherland Springs shooter with his OWN AR-15 which made him flee the church
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