White Aussies: ‘We don’t want critical race theory in our schools!’

Just calm down Karen you heard about it on a Facebook post last week.

Schools aren’t even funded well enough to remove all the asbestos let alone add new parts to the curriculum.
Like don’t worry there’s already plenty of white supremacist propaganda in the history curriculum to keep your kids safe.
White Aussies: ‘We hate foreign interference!’

Also white Aussies: ‘We also hate a thing we heard about from American media last week.’

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2 Jun
Clark Kent is actually a bad and immoral journalist who uses his secret identity, privileged access and illegal surveillance to get stories.
The person handing over the criminals to the cops also reporting on them gives him a terrifying conflict of interest and functionally makes him an agent of the state.
If you’re an agent of the state then you aren’t a check on the power of the state.

At best you’re a propaganda arm.
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24 May
Copaganda has always been about convincing you to detach individual cops from their role in systemic oppression.

That’s why they’re taking selfies at pride, doing pick up games on the street and being portrayed in fiction as lone warriors against an uncaring system.
It’s idea that while the system might be off course there are good individual cops working to fix it and help you.

So they can broadly accept the idea of reform and redraft it to mean we need to give ‘good cops’ more resources and freedom.
‘Good people in an imperfect system’ is an incredibly attractive narrative for people who are not yet ready to admit they’re ok with a violent status quo.

But it also frames the system as imperfect rather than deliberately engineered.
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15 Apr
This idea that white people need to be shocked into caring by seeing Black people being murdered is much like the one of white ignorance in that it continually centers undeserved white rehabilitation and forgiveness.

They've walked past it & aren't going to develop empathy now.
Also lets dispense with this idea of empathy being a miracle cure for deep systemic violence that is going to get white people to divest from white supremacy.

They can still passively support these systems while performing empathy.
There's no lightbulb moment that is going to get them to invest in the sort of work that is required and continually pushing the consumption of someone else's pain as curative is simply another form of violence.
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15 Apr
I like Bluey but it's also pretty plain that the experiences within it are coded white.

The Bluey world contains an understanding of the other (Bluey's French friend, ordering from a Chinese restaurant) so 'its just dogs' doesn't cut it.
It models human child play with tips to them being dogs and part of that should be understanding of prejudice - it shouldn't be this hard to understand.
So yes, there are totally cartoons where no one is anything because they're animals but the moment you start characterising things strongly with human traits to make them relatable and only doing it for white experience that isnt good enough.
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13 Apr
The ‘I can’t say anything these days political correctness’ people used to be the ‘ban D&D think about the children’ people and I want it remembered how easily corruptible the angry cis white dude nerds who’ve hitched themselves to these people are.
For all their free speech talk they wanted to ban video games, censor tv and monitor their children into the ground.

And when they pivoted slightly to within the interests of bigoted nerds, those nerds switched sides without a thought.
So yeah as much as they talk about how much they love their hobby/interest the reality is that they love their bigot club more.

And their vaunted encyclopaedic knowledge is just gatekeeping.
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5 Apr
‘Poor people shouldn’t have children’ like your system isn’t designed to keep specific people a breath away from poverty to exploit their labour and hold their access to raise children as hostage.
‘Poor people shouldn’t have children’ because you believe in *some* people’s predestination to poverty and also refuse to acknowledge a system where *some* people fall in but rarely out of poverty.
‘Poor people shouldn’t have children’ because you want to say ‘those people’ but you’re not ready yet.
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