I have an uncle that changed his name.

He decided to change it not because he's trans, but because his first name is fucking horrible.

It's the English version of Cletus.
I knew a woman who changed her name.

Not because she's trans, but because she was named after a horrible person in her family and she wanted to distance herself from this person.
When I was growing up, I wanted to change my middle name because there was a famous person who was horrible that also shared my middle name. I wanted nothing to do with this person.

Turns out my middle name was misspelled on my birth certificate. I love my middle name now.
Before I discovered the spelling mistake, I had to tell everyone my middle name in school. I mentioned I didn't like it, so of course the kids bullied me for it, cementing the reason why I don't like that name.
If anyone deadnamed my uncle, the woman I knew or even my middle name, people would understand why we would be a LITTLE pissed if they did that.
However, for some people, that charity stops as soon as a trans person decides to change their name, even if it's to a gender neutral name.
To those people (from a person who wanted to change their middle name because of a very negative connotation to another person who shared that name), I want to say, from the bottom of my heart:

Fuck you.

• • •

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22 Apr
Yesterday I wrote this, but I want to expand a bit more on the speed of the COVID vaccine.
You keep hearing that this vaccine has been rushed.

It hasn't.

And here's why.

Getting funding for ANY scientific research takes time. Lots and lots of time. It's REALLY hard to get it. It's competitive, exhausting and demoralising.

Very worthy research can take months to years to be approved.
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21 Apr
One of the things that not many people realise with vaccine development is that technology improves.

In 2000, portable discmans with anti-skip functionality were being used.

10 years earlier, Katalin Karikó was trying to get people to research mRNA for vaccine use.
The University of Wisconsin was able to make mRNA vaccines work in mice. That was 1990.

At the time, Windows 3.0 was released into computers that worked compatibly with DOS.

Commodore released the first 32-bit Amiga.
In 2003, the SARS outbreak happened.

This is a caronavirus and was thought to have the potential to spread amongst humans as COVID-19 has.

Thankfully it didn't.
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30 Mar
Not engaging with this person because of my "pinned tweet" rule, but there's something that we need to address about poverty.
1. It's the expectation that adults must sacrifice EVERYTHING to ensure that they are feeding their children.

While that is the most important thing, adults health is also important. You cannot function properly when you have nothing to look forward to.
2. So, you and your kids are starving, you've been working 3 full time jobs and you haven't had a day off in a year.

You put aside money from your own food budget for a beer.

That is perfectly OK. You're allowed that beer.
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29 Mar
I won't lie.

I'd LOVE to get a ball python.

But they're illegal here because of the chance of it becoming an invasive species.

So I'll have to be ok with natives here.

Photos of Australian pet snake species:
Carpet python. A dream snake for me but they get BIG.

3m in length.
Spotted python. Beautiful animal. I'd love a blonde one too, which is a morph.
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4 Mar 20
I'd be a hell of a lot more worried about coronavirus if it was killing young adults. That's a disease that causes cytokine storms. It also kills working age people which does bad things to our economy. Worse than a week off.

Give me the coronavirus over the Spanish flu any day.
Leading on with this, it shows how sensationalist the media is with an imminent threat but how it downplays more long term threats like climate change. The coronavirus has shown major weaknesses in our international infectious control network and this should concern us.
But did you know that due to climate change diseases such as smallpox will re-enter our communities due to people buried in permafrost who died from these diseases become uncovered due to receding ice cover? Diseases we don't know about from 10k years ago may reappear.
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