Known as the Guru of Hindvi Swaraj Sansthapak Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's Guru, Swami Ramdas Samarth is well known not only in this identity, but he established many Mutts and Maruti temples all over the country.
Born to Suryaji Pant and Renuka devi in Chaitra month in Samvat 1665, his real name was Narayan. As a child he was very naughty. But he was very intelligent. He would perform two thousand Surya namaskars daily. Hanuman ji gave him darshan at the age of eight.
It is believed that the name Ramdas was given to him by none other than Prabhu Shri Ram. He vowed to remain Brahmchari so he ran away from lagna mandap. He reached Panchvati where he rendered Karunadashak in front of Prabhu Shri Ram on getting darshan.
He stayed in a nearby cave in Tafli. He went on reciting the thirteen worded mantra "Jai Jai Raghubir Samarth" continuously. He also read all the scriptures (Shruti, Smriti, Itihaas & Puranas).

After staying there for three years he left for tirth yatra, starting from Kashi,
then Ayodhya, Badri, Kedar, Gokul, Rameshwar etc.

After that he set forth for Godavari Parikrama. At Paithan someone told him about Ramdas's mother's illness. He immediately left for Jaamb gaon, his native village. He cured the blindness of his mother just by touching her eyes.
Similarly on being given the Ashirvad of "Ashta putra saubhagyavati bhavah" (eight sons) to a widow, she questioned him that with a dead husband how was it possible. He asked her to bring the husband's corpse. He sprinkled some water along with the chant of RAM's name.
The corpse was now alive and proved that his blessings were divine.

After twelve year tapasya and twelve year tirth yatra, he stayed at Mahuli on the bank's of Krishna river. It was here that the Sanrs like Sant Anand Murti, Sant Rangnath Swami,Sant Jairam Swami and
Swami Ramdas came to be known as Das Panchayatan.

He now came to stay in Shahapur in a cave. He established a Maruti mandir there. Many Subedars along with their families took diksha from him. He also started celebrating Ramanavami utsav from 1772.
It was then that Chhatrapati Shivaji took diksha from him in 1706 at Shinganwadi. He settled at Sajjangadh near Parli where Shivaji would come and meet him regularly.

In Thanjavur, he blessed a blind artisan with eyes, who then prepared a statue of Ram, Laxman, Sita and
Maruti for him. Then when this statue reached Sajjangad in falgun 1738, Shri Samarth decided to take Samadhi on this day. He sat in front of the statue with the anxious disciples watching, he recited " Har" twenty one times and just as he uttered the word Ram,
a flame from his face entered the statue of Shri Ram.

The books written by him are Das bodh, Mano bodh, Karunashtak, Atmaram, Ramayan,etc.
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Instagram link👇…


Source - Gita press(Sant Ank)

📸 Credit - Bamaneroshan (Instagram)
Just in case if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel, please do subscribe, I have already posted 6 Videos till now on different subjects, Specially Mythbusters topics. Do watch them and give your feedback in comments section.…

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11 Jun
Rig Ved 1.44.11

Here Hota means one who accepts. So here Agnidev is Hota, चित्त (State of Mind), विप्र (Brahmin) and Parmatma. Although he is one Tatva, but takes different forms as per the function this Body or उपाधि(Tittle) performs. The Eyes - See, Ear - Hears,

1/7 Image
Mouth - Tastes, & Skin - Feels the touch. Every function is responsive to the Param Paavan Parmaarth. Parmatma is Purushaarth and Purushaarth is Parmatma. So Agnidev is Parmatma, Purushaarth and Param Purushaarth.

नि त्वा॑ य॒ज्ञस्य॒ साध॑न॒मग्ने॒ होता॑रमृ॒त्विजं॑ ।

म॒नु॒ष्वद्दे॑व धीमहि॒ प्रचे॑तसं जी॒रं दू॒तमम॑र्त्यं ॥


अग्ने - Agnidev!

यज्ञस्य - In Yagya.

साधनम् - One who performs.

होतारम् - The one inviting the Devi.

ऋत्विजम् - Priest.

प्रचेतसम् - Intelligent.

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8 Jun

It can lead to misguidance to mass.

The refutation for your illogical tweet is already mentioned in Devi puran.

Devi Puran 6.18.23 to 28 says Jalandhar & Vrinda was born from Vishnu Ansh.
Even Shankchud - Tulsi story refutation Devi puran 9.23.26 Shankh is known as Hari Adhishthan swaroop i.e Hari itself
and Devi puran 9.17.7/8 Vrinda/Tulsi is said to be Lakshmi Ansh i.e Lakshmi itself hence they are Hari and Lakshmi itself, many people misquote this and make propaganda against Sanatanis).

I have mentioned Jalandhar's correct version story in my upcoming book so people will not
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8 Jun

Born in Junagadh, Gujarat, Narsi Bhagat (1414-1481) was the most popular poet saint who popularised Vaishnav bhakti. He was a great devotee of Krishna. Most of us must have heard this song" वैष्णव जन तो तेने कहिये
जे पीर पराई जाने रे" It was one of the most favourite bhajan of M.K Gandhi but he was not the one who had written this it was Narsi ji who had written this.

He belonged to a not so well to do family. He spent all his time in Krishna worship, not much contributing
anything towards family. He believed that eventually Krishna would come and help them. Once his sister in law taunted him about this. This was the turning point of his life. He left his house and stayed at juna Mahadev mandir near Junagadh.
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7 Jun
Rig Ved 1.44.10

Now that the morning Sun is shining, the arkness or ignorance has gone. Sushupti has replaced awakening(To understand about 4 पद i.e जाग्रत स्वप्न, सुषुप्ति and तुरीय 👉… ). Here the phrase village protection denotes that our whole

1/7 Image
body is like a village and all our senses are it's devtas. In the middle of this body is situated our Praan which is a fire element. So Agnidev is considered as the Purohit who is responsible for conducting everything. Therefore he is called the leader.

अग्ने॒ पूर्वा॒ अनू॒षसो॑ विभावसो दी॒देथ॑ वि॒श्वद॑र्शतः ।

असि॒ ग्रामे॑ष्ववि॒ता पु॒रोहि॒तोऽसि॑ य॒ज्ञेषु॒ मानु॑षः ॥


विभावसो - Wealthy and influential.

अग्ने - Agnidev!

विश्वदर्शतः - To be seen by all.

पूर्वा - Past.

उषसः - Morning.

अनु - Later on.

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6 Jun

Swami Samarth ji was believed to be incarnation of Bhagwan Dattatray. Swami Samarth was born in Karanja, Maharashtra to Madhav and Amba Bhavani. His exact date of birth is not known, but his followers believe that he lived for six hundred years.
His date of Samadhi is April 30 1878. He was named Narasimha Saraswati by Swami Krishna Saraswati, who initiated him in Sanyas.

He started reciting the word Om right from his birth till the age of seven. At seven he indicated through gestures that his Yagyopavit
or Janeu should be performed. Just after his Janeu sanskar, he could recite Vedas verbatim. Soon people flocked to listen to him.

He travelled extensively. As per his biography, Guru Charitra, he was in deep Samadhi for three hundred years.
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5 Jun
Rig Ved 1.44.9

When the person becomes enabled through साधन चतुष्ट्य (To understand साधन चतुष्ट्य read the previous mantra 👉… ), He now is entitled to request his subject for his own betterment

so that he attains his श्रेय(Shrey is when Aatma is feeling pleasant) and प्रेय (Preya is when you feel pleasant while fulfilling your materialistic desire). But their intentions are same therefore there is no choice. Also all the Devi's Devta's and all the resources

together will help you achieve this through previous planning.

पति॒र्ह्य॑ध्व॒राणा॒मग्ने॑ दू॒तो वि॒शामसि॑ ।

उ॒ष॒र्बुध॒ आ व॑ह॒ सोम॑पीतये दे॒वाँ अ॒द्य स्व॒र्दृशः॑ ॥


अग्ने - Agnidev!

विशाम् - Of subjects.

अध्वरानाम् - Of Yagya.

पतिः - Guardian.

Read 9 tweets

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