So Yashar is like your flakey gossipy friend who always seems to be either hanging out with my BFF or condemning a former BFF, except he's like historically good at it, and now he's flown too close to the sun…
I don't think he's a con man. That implies intent. I think he just is really good at making friends. And that he got addicted to feeling powerful.
Anyone who has become semi social media popular I think recognizes the cycle. You share something of yourself. People feel close to you. You amass followers. They give you compliments and self assurance. You start to see yourself as righteous.
And then anyone who messes with you? They're bad. You open up about that. Your followers attack. You feel powerful. You start thinking about old scores you want to settle. Slowly, you turn into a monster.
It's really important to know that that could happen to you, and to find ways to keep yourself grounded. Opening up creates intimacy, which creates relationships, and enough relationships create power. And you get addicted to power.
Never view yourself as beyond criticism. Always be ruthlessly skeptical about your own motives. Make sure you surround yourself with people who will call you out on your bullshit. If everyone says yes to you all the time, there's a problem.

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10 Jun
You wanna have fun on the twitters? tweet this:
"Just because someone was instrumental in winning World War II doesn't mean that they they didn't engineer a famine that killed millions of people and it doesn't mean that they weren't an alcoholic egotist with antisemitic views."
And then watch as tankies get in your mentions to defend Stalin and conservatives get in your mentions to defend Churchill
For bonus points respond as if they're defending the other guy.
"it wasn't Stalin's fault it didn't rain"
"I'm pretty sure the Bengal famine happened, dude"
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10 Jun
If you don't like that Chabad has unrivaled infrastructure for Jewish observance, often in areas no one else will go to, then build better infrastructure. It's not their fault they're good at what they do.
"oh no how come Chabad has a monopoly on Judaism in small communities"
Because you didn't give two shits about those communities, and Chabad did. Don't like it? Start giving a shit and compete with them.
Maybe pour resources into that instead of the New York Society For the Preservation of Gefilte Fish or whatever the fuck
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12 May
Fun story, I have literally been told by an IDF general that the blockade on Gaza is militarily unnecessary. "Let Ahmed go fishing, it doesn't threaten Israeli security"
If you're shocked, man, you should have seen the look on R. Shmuley Boteach's face
R. Boteach then tried to overrule the general by a show of hands vote of college kids who showed up for free pizza. Bizarre experience.
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11 May
In my life the guy I've met most Gung ho about Israel invading Gaza was a Palestinian dude from Gaza who picked me and my wife up from the airport once. This isn't a sound basis for policy but it is kind of hilarious.
"are you guys Jewish?"
"Oh hey that's so cool I'm from Gaza"
"uh, I am very sorr-"
"No don't worry it's cool! Why hasn't Israel invaded us yet? Seriously, why not?"
His parents and brothers had gotten imprisoned by Hamas a bunch for criticism of the regime and he managed to escape to America, where, on his first night in his new home, his roommate got shot.
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11 May
Is anyone being convinced by rocket attacks to abandon Israel and the Jewish state? Has terror weakened Israeli resolve or strengthened it? Obviously, no and the latter.
Here's the thing:
Then why do you think it'll work on Palestinians?
The dirty secret of modern warfare is that strategic bombing doesn't actually work! In fact, studies have shown that enemy moral goes *up* in the wake of aerial campaigns against them
Take the British during World War II. There was was widespread fear among government officials that the Battle of Britain would lead to mass panic and destruction of morale.
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11 May
"why don't you renounce Zionism"
idk, maybe because my entire immediate family would be pretty pissed off if I applauded rockets being fired at them? And also because I don't think the desire for a homeland necessarily means we have to do stupid things?
And if your argument is "actually, you do believe in that if you say you're a Zionist", I'm not exactly positively inclined towards strangers telling me what I do and don't believe
"But Israel has done this and this and this"
Yeah. I'm aware. I ain't gonna deny Israel has done some bad stuff, but I wasn't exactly consulted about it. I would have preferred they not do those things. I was not consulted.
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