That presumes he’s even going to run for re-election, as opposed to say, running for WV governor instead, or joining a corporate board or becoming a fossil fuels lobbyist or something else. The question is, what does he want? That’s how you figure out who has what leverage…
And don’t tell me he wants “bipartisanship” or the Senate to be like in the olden days when 100 old white guys cut deals across the aisle over cigars and brandy. The latter might be true but so what. What does he want NOW?
Also miss me with “he wants what his constituents in rural, ruby red West Virginia want, because the data suggests otherwise…
He clearly wants to be on the Koch network’s good side ……
So what does he want from them?

• • •

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11 Jun
Open question to those who are afraid of “critical race theory” (which isn’t being taught in K-12 schools; it’s a course offering in law schools, but you clearly are conflating it with the #1619Project.) What do you WANT taught about U.S. slavery and racism? Nothing? Or what?
Currently, most k-12 students already learn a kind of Confederate Race Theory, whereby the Daughters of the Confederacy long ago imposed a version of history wherein slavery was not so bad and had nothing to do with the civil war, and lynchings and violence never happened.
Is this about continuing to teach Confederate Race Theory? And continuing to omit things like the founders owning slaves, or the facts about the mass extermination of the indigenous? Are you insisting that those things continue to be omitted? If so, why?
Read 4 tweets
11 Jun
We’ll be back in Scopes Trial territory soon. Teachers being told to wear body cams, so some unnamed authority can monitor their lessons to ensure they’re teaching only “patriotic history” — droning out dirges about how slavery was actually a blessing and there is no racism…?
These people are in hysterics and desperate to zombify American students who they assume can’t get access to the truth. Are they going to monitor the Internet like China to keep kids from discovering that the founders held slaves? Ban books? Make watching the Watchmen illegal?
Seriously, it’s getting THAT WEIRD out there……
Read 5 tweets
8 Jun
.@RepSeanMaloney made a lot of sense w/ @SRuhle today. Let’s say Republicans got the Senate back w/ no filibuster. What might they try to do?
- Permit unlimited assault weapons sales?
- Make all abortion illegal with no rape or incest exceptions?
- Cancel Americans’ healthcare?
Would they move to privatize Medicare and Social Security, which they’ve ruminated about for decades? Basically handing your retirement over to the same Wall Street casinos who tanked the economy in 2007-2008? Sorry grandma, your retirement account lost value. Your balance is $0.
Presumably they’d want to cut billionaire & corporate tax rates to zero or near zero and maybe pass a consumption tax to shift most or all of the tax burden to the middle class & the poor. The name of the game is: make the working scrubs pay; let the leisure class enjoy their $.
Read 14 tweets
1 Jun
Biden on the Tulsa massacre: "we do ourselves no favors, pretending that none of this happened. ... We can't just learn what we want to know, but what we should know ... the good, the bad ...everything. That's what great nations do. They come to terms with their dark sides."
More Biden: 'in silence, wounds deepen."
Biden attacking the zero-sum thinking of too many Americans who have held all the power and who believe that "if I hold you down, I lift myself up. If you get a job, I lose my job." No truer words, or more succinct explanation of much of American racial and ethnic history.
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31 May
The notion of “American exceptionalism” necessitates a heroic narrative specifically about the country’s European “pilgrim” colonizers and founders. If they and the white Americans who followed are not uniquely and consistently heroic, the whole narrative falls apart.
That’s why the 1619 Project and @nhannahjones are viewed by traditionalist historians and “white normative objectivity” journalists as so dangerous. The project disrupts the heroic narrative and forces us to confront the villainy and piracy involved in this country’s founding.
With that as a new starting point, we’re forced to question everything that a very whitewashed and sanitized “traditional” history has told us; especially about Black people, who have faced far more violent and long-lasting resistance to equality than we have ever been told.
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31 May
On Memorial Day, we learn that the "Oath Keepers" and disgraced ex-General Michael Flynn, actively desire a military coup in the United States like the one that happened in Myanmar, in order to install Donald Trump as the leader of a white nationalist military junta. Perfect.
Oh, and they and the "proud boys" and various other extremist nuckleheads also may have had the support of at least some Republicans in Congress. And Republicans are trying REALLY HARD to suppress public knowledge of these events or an investigation, though a bunch of cops died.
Republicans REALLY REALLY want us to stop talking about this. They want to bury the 1/6 insurrection like their fellow travelers buried the Tulsa massacre and the one in Elaine, Arkansas and Rosewood and all the others. Welp. Instead, we're gonna talk about it EVERY DAMNED DAY.
Read 8 tweets

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