Very well. *breathes in* Age of consent thread, here we go.
It is completely normal, healthy, and indeed, Lindy for a man to be attracted to and romantically desire sexually mature, fertile young girls. There is nothing remotely psychologically unsound about this.
In fact, in Current Year it is even healthier than it was in the past, as a man who prefers purity is not going to find it in any 23 year old female now living.
There would be nothing inherently wrong with the natural attraction to teenage girls if we lived in a society where mentally desiring something was decoupled from the moral right to engage in that behavior.
Sexual liberalism introduced an entirely new standard of morality to our species, one only heretofore taken seriously in depraved Satanic cults: "Do as you please. Nothing is immoral as long as both parties will it."
If consent-based morality were immediately adopted as an absolute, no one would tolerate such an absurd abomination, the moment they thought of their own children, and the kinds of people who might be interested in manufacturing their consent.
Thus, to make consent-based morality seem reasonable, the "age of consent" had to be invented, a magical age at which the atomised, free individual suddenly gains the power to consent to whatever he wants, with absolutely no moral implications.
One day it is terrible for a girl to be prostituted. The day she reaches the magical "Age of Consent," however, suddenly her prostitution is perfectly okay; you are not allowed to feel any moral way about it, and in fact, it is immoral to stop her if that's what she wants.
The age of consent is a thing because French philosophers failed to convince normal people that "I don't want my 14 year old daughter being used sexually by some random man" was an unreasonable objection to sexual liberalism. The number was raised until they could convince them.
But the "Age of Consent," this magical island where morality is still for a time allowed to apply to human behavior, was always a bigoted reactionary fiction, an unprincipled exception destined to be whittled down to nothing like all others through successive normalizations.
Yesterday, a girl's *own parents* would make sure that as soon as she reached a certain age, she was given birth control to ensure her Human Right™ to not get pregnant from having sex, that she might be free and wild and beyond good and evil, no longer the slave of natural law.
Today, even younger children are offered even wilder liberations from their own biology in the name of the Satanic morality of consent. Nothing could be more evil, and I do not feel any shame for opposing this way of thinking about morality.
Much simpler: All sex outside of marriage is wrong. A girl can potentially get married once she is sexually mature to a good, worthy, vetted man. The age of the girl and her husband could vary depending on circumstance.
You would not need to obsess over and frantically negotiate an "age of consent" if we lived in a society where moral laws other than "do what thou wilt" still applied to adults. This temporary and illusory exemption for children was designed to make you tolerate it.

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