Isn't it amazing how Oxford University has managed to be a world-leading university for centuries despite being infested with woke lefties?

Isn't it remarkable how the BBC is the most respected broadcaster in the world despite teeming with woke lefties? >
Isn't it just a testament to the British ability to triumph over adversity that the NHS remains one of the finest healthcare services in the world, despite being packed top to bottom with disgusting, soap-dodging, virtue-signalling, lazy, scrounging lefties? >
Isn't it highly peculiar that the English legal system is revered as the fairest in the world, despite literally bursting at the seams with champagne-quaffing, foreign-loving, working-class-hating hypocrite woke leftie judges? >
Ain't it queer that British music and British cinema are successful across the globe out of all proportion with the UK's size, despite being riddled with bleeding-heart liberal musicians and hand-wringing leftie luvvies?

*Stopping because have exhausted synonyms for "Full"* +
But you may continue yourselves, if you so choose, with union representation, literature, scientific research… Feeling particularly awful at having left out charities… ++

• • •

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20 Mar
The glaring omission from this thread, and this story, is even a glancing mention of *what proportion* of people seeking asylum in the UK have secure convictions for terrorist or child abuse offences.

This is a THREAD on why Cole himself is committing an act of terrorism.
Cole calls himself a journalist. Patel has somehow come to be the home secretary of the United Kingdom. Surely one of them can procure hard numbers on exactly how many serious criminals are attempting to enter the UK every year, and how many are "shielded" by "lefty lawyers"? >
But no. Not a dicky bird. Simply a glancing mention of how many immigration cases have invoked the Modern Slavery Act 2014. No mention of how many these citations were valid.

Why this silence? Why are they not telling us how many evil people these lefty lawyers are protecting? >
Read 11 tweets
19 Mar
The Ballad of Darren Crimes (A Shill Shanty)

Born in a north-east mining town
Nowt to eat but coal.
Those London snobs, they’d kept him down
Vengeance was his goal.

God speed, Darren Crimes
To the yardarm with those urban swine!
God speed, Darren Crimes
How low will you go? >
“I must become, to fulfil my quest
An intellectual Titan.”
So Crimes set sail with his sunken chest
To study frocks in Brighton.

Student Darren Crimes
A bachelor in Calvin Kleins,
Student Darren Crimes
Until they let him go. >
The best way to hurt those bourgeois fools
Was fix the referendum.
He’d be keelhauled if he broke the rules
But blimey, he could bend ’em!

Praise be to Darren Crimes,
Spent half a mil spreading hate online,
Praise be to Darren Crimes,
How low will he go? >
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19 Mar
You don't love a flag for the flag itself. (If you do, you're weird.) A flag is a SYMBOL, ie it represents something - values - and it is those values, not the fabric or the pattern, that you hold dear.

So, tell us, Brexitons: what does the union flag stand for? >
If you don't know, or you have to think about it, then you're just a virtue signaller, a plastic patriot.

Perhaps some suggestions as to what it might represent would be helpful.

Unity? Hm. It is not exactly being deployed in that spirit right now.

Tolerance? Ha, yeah. >
Brexit. Yarl's Wood. Deport 'em all. Shut up, Remoaners, black people and women.

Don't think so.

Freedom? What sorts of freedom exactly? Brexit has taken away your freedom of movement and freedom of choice ("Buy British!"). Now the Tories are scrapping your freedom to protest >
Read 4 tweets
12 Mar
Legitimate protest banned. Criticism of the government banned. Valid questions from the opposition ignored. Valid concerns about misleading the House dismissed. Sweeping new digital powers incoming. Scrutiny dodged. Parliament prorogued. Lies unretracted.

Be very, very worried >
about the future of democracy in your country.

Yes, those who shout "DEMOCRACY" loudest are the ones who are desperate to tear it down. Those who bleat "FREE SPEECH" are the ones hellbent on suppressing it. Only one view is permitted. Complete loyalty is obligatory. >
Resist now, while you still have spaces in which to do so. +
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27 Feb
So, Brexitons. You wish us to "believe in Britain". On what should we base this belief?
• Deepest recession of all G8 nations
• 13th in the global happiness index
• 13th highest level of inequality in the world
• 12% of population in poverty >
• 35th in the press freedom index, below Ghana and Slovenia
• Down from 1st to 2nd in soft power index.

(Let us not speak of Covid death rates.)

Yes, we know your grandparents were on the winning side of a war 70 years ago. We know your ancestors five times removed presided >
over an empire that spanned two-thirds of the globe.

But what do you have *now*? The few industries you did still lead the world in (pharma, chemicals, finance, AI, cinema, music) you have just shitcanned with Brexit. You have fewer trade deals than any developed nation. >
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14 Feb
“Fanatical Remainers and the FBPE cult”: a thread

The populist right seems to be intensifying its efforts to portray supporters of EU membership as some sort of lunatic fringe. (Never-knowingly-impartial @afneil and billionaires’ stooge @darrengrimes_ are among (1/20-ish)
the worst offenders.) “Fanatical Remainers,” they sneer at every opportunity. “FBPE cultists! Extremists! Ideologues!”

So what is a cult? What are the hallmarks of extremism? The Oxford Dictionary defines a cult as “a system of religious veneration and devotion /2
directed towards a particular figure or object”; “a relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or as imposing excessive control over members”; or, in its weakest sense, “a misplaced or excessive admiration /3
Read 22 tweets

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