From Dr Mike Yeadon on Telegram:
1/ SAGE has some modelling of deaths especially the fully vaccinated.

Sounds scary, yes? BUT the modelling is based on an ASSUMPTION. An assumption that variants arise which “escapes immunity”.

2/ In other words, they’ve no idea whether anything untoward will happen.

If their “guess” about variants isn’t correct, bin the whole thing.

And will a variant that “escapes immunity” arise?

The empirical data speaks strongly AGAINST it.

3/ We’re still at around 0.3% total mutation away from the original sequence.

In 18 months.

So, around 0.2% per YEAR.

Recall that those infected by & left immune to SARS in 2003?

They all had cross-immunity to SARS-CoV-2, which is 22% different.

4/ Let me say it again. The human immune system EASILY sees two viruses which differ by 22% as similar enough that immunity to one confers immunity to the other.

5/ Now ask yourself, considering the same immune system: if it easily copes with a 22% difference, what do you think the chances are that a 0.3% difference will NOT be recognised by our immune systems??

Yes, that’s right. It’s ZERO. It’s impossible. It is not going to happen.

Why? Because it’s not about a virus & our health, but about total control.

They’ve absolutely no intention of “giving us back our freedoms”. What an absurd concept, anyway.

7/ All around the world, hidden from many of us by the LYING MASS MEDIA, people in other places are living entirely normal lives, forgetting about Covid19.

We get one chance to wrest back self determination: DO NOT TOLERATE A DAY LONGER OF THIS OFFENSIVE, ROAD MAP BS.

8/ If you meekly comply with any further restraints, you’re telling government & their advisors that THEY CAN DO DO TO US WHATEVER THEY WANT.

It’s down to us. Please take everything back on June 21st, if you haven’t already."

Dr Mike Yeadon'

Worthy of #WeKnowYouAreLying

• • •

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4 Jun
On Telegram, Mike Yeadon:
1/ "Dr Zelenko was developing a hydroxychloroquine based protocol in NY I believe during spring last year, Prof Raoult in Marseilles ditto. Think he added zinc.
Then the censors fell on them.
2/ Pierre Kory & Tess Lawrie, others struggled to get the news about ivermectin out. Repeatedly censored. One journal accepted a detailed review only to deny publication at the 11th hour. The entire review staff resigned in protest.
3/ Dr Peter McCullough is a very senior cardiorenal physician in the US, perhaps the top in his field. We’re fortunate that he chose to get involved.
The treatment protocol on that website has a lot to do with his courage & leadership.
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17 May
Dr Mike Yeadon's reply to Geert Vanden Bossche (from Telegram) (long thread):
1/ "Robin, As usual, GVB skirts the entire issue of T-cells and their breadth of antigenic virus recognition and appears to want to base his fear mongering solely on the role of antibodies.
2/ As for the mechanism of host protection I describe - which is absolutely classical & not considered theoretical at all - how else does GVB propose host immunity works? If you’ve acquired immunity from surviving infection or having been vaccinated,...
3/ ...but then don’t see the virus again for months, most likely you won’t have appreciable quantities of circulating antibodies. But you will have circulating T-cells capable of recognising up to several dozen virus short peptides which he’s right to point out...
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1 May
Mike Yeadon former CSO of Pfizer
1/ "In my family & friends circle, my wife & adult children are smart enough to know this was always a deception. One sister, too, and her friend she’s known for 45y (I know her too).
I think that’s it.
2/ People I’ve known for decades including those I was at university with. All coworkers over 30+ years. Many hobby friends (not all, some tinkerers on old motorcycle machinery are thoughtful people not easily kidded).
Two couples in our street.
That’s it.
3/ Everyone else I’ve known or met either believes what they’re told or lacks courage to ask questions & definitely will not speak out.
It’s depressing.
Were it not for the online community across the world, I can imagine why in the 1930s, people mostly just said nothing.
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26 Apr
Things are not looking good...
1/ Update from Fuellmich Team / Germany:
"The judge responsible for the sensational verdict in Weimar, which suspended all masks, testing and social distancing mandates at two Weimar schools due to psychological and physical damage to the children
2/... (lawsuit was initiated by parents), has now had a “visit” from the police and had his office and car (private) searched, and mobile phone confiscated. He is being represented by a lawyer from Hamburg, so it’s under control (for now).
3/ ...Allow this to sink in - a judge is being officially intimidated by the state in a “democracy” due to a (correct) verdict based on evidence that counters the official narrative / propaganda. This is not a democracy, this is totalitarianism in full swing. ...
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18 Apr
Mike Yeadon:
1/ "My message is a plea not to be fooled by the Great Lie of 2021, that “variants escape our immune defences so we’ll need repeated vaccination”. I am deeply concerned about this lie & what it may portend. Would you please share this as widely as you can?
2/ "Dear humanity,
I just read this 'study' claiming that, in vaccinated individuals, a variant of concern (VoC) appeared more frequently than in non-vaccinated individuals.
They're implying that such VoC 'escape our immunity', attacking us as if we had no immunity...
3/ They tested ‘carriers’ (note choice of the word, which you’d never use, because the clear implication is of an ability to infect others with this VoC, something for which there’s absolutely no evidence) & these people are clinically well, with no symptoms...
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7 Apr
Shared with permission, Dr Mike Yeadon:
Doctors and Scientists Accuse Medical Regulator of Downplaying COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers
The European Medicines Agency is misleading citizens into medical experimentation, experts warn
April 7th, 2021
2/ "As vaccine passports are being proposed around the world, doctors and scientists from 25 countries have contested regulators' claims that COVID-19 vaccines are safe.
On April 1st the experts issued a rebuttal letter to the European Medicines Agency (EMA),...
3/ ...following the regulator’s dismissal of their earlier warnings regarding COVID-19 vaccine dangers from clotting and bleeding.
Within days of the EMA receiving the group’s original letter on March 1st, outlining risks of blood disorders from COVID-19 vaccines, ...
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