German ICU hysteria never made sense. Other countries managed with higher rates of Corona & fewer per-capita beds. Germany was one of the least stressed. A trick of Corona reporting, is to direct international comparisons like this.
avoid* direct international comparisons ...

Other countries are only discussed a) if things seem bad there, and b) as harbingers of the future catastrophes that await us, if we don't behave and/or lock down more.
This corrosive idea from March 2020, popularised by the world's foremost non-virologst Tomas Pueyo, is that we are all *at different points on the infection curve*.

It is literally this bizarre: Some countries are taken to represent our future, others our past.
This clever little mind virus makes the arguments around containment basically unfalsifiable. Because if you say "Florida is open, things are OK" the objection will be something like "That's only because they are behind us. They will get bad soon".
In reality we are all in each other's present. Neighbouring countries have remarkably similar infection curves. No other policies are evaluated in this bizarre way.

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10 Jun
SZ, in an article on the federal audit of the German health ministry under Spahn:

"Hospitals ... in 2020 received from public insurance more than 1,3 billion more Euros than in the prior year, although the occupancy was down 8% from 2019."
Fantastic to see this in lockdowns-forever SZ:

Since November, hospitals received compensation if their ICUs were more than 75 percent full. The auditors have noted that this was a "dangerous false incentive"
What's more, the federal auditors' report cites a January letter from the RKI to the health ministry, wherein they suspect hospitals are indeed under-reporting capacity.

So in January: RKI officials demand moar lockdown because ICUs are full ...
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8 Jun
This is the „Teufelstritt“, „Devil‘s footprint“, in the floor of the Frauenkirche in Munich. You can see the point behind the heel, where the impression made by a kind of claw or heel spur has been filled in.

There varying two stories abt how this footprint came to be made:
First some background. The Frauenkirche is the most iconic building in Munich. One of the largest brick churches north of the Alps, consecrated in AD 1494.
It was heavily damaged in WWII air raids, but not destroyed. The Teufelstritt survived the bombs, it is an old feature, and the legends are old too.
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8 Jun
1. The whole pangolin-as-intermediary theory rests on one single sequenced pangolin SARS-CoV virus, published in Fall 2019 by Guangdong virologists, who were sampling pangolins that had been seized from smugglers that Spring. Nobody has ever found a pangolin virus like that again
2. The virus they found had nearly-identical spike protein to SARS-2. Otherwise it was more distant. The spike is a big part of what determines inter-species compatibility. If this spike could infect pangolins & humans, maybe pangolins were intermediary.…
3. The origins of this 2019 paper should be a matter of great moment to everyone. Were Chinese virologists widely sampling smuggled pangolins in 2019? If so, why? If not, why this one batch?
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6 Jun
On the UFO thing:

As mass media is used with greater sophistication (and central coordination) to manipulate public opinion and guide behaviour, it will seem to grow ever more crazy and fantastical, as if reality were suddenly assuming the character of B-movie sci-fi plots.
Corona was also reported in this way early on, like a zombie mass death freak supervirus, and for many even a year’s experience with this rather banal pathogen has not brought them back to earth.
The deeper purpose is perhaps to cultivate a kind of ‚information aesthetic‘, in which increasingly bizarre and seemingly impossible happenings are more & more included in reality, the universe behaves in unexpected magical ways ...
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4 Jun
Pretty amazing how official Corona mythology is so consistently false:

-Holidays cause case spikes
-Children are the drivers of the pandemic
-Restaurants & public transit are dangerous

All these things remain the focus of policy & they are totally irrelevant.
Why can’t the stories be right at least sometimes?

In truth half the infections that lead to death happen in institutional care contexts. Most people get Corona at home or in the buildings where they live. Ordinary public life (or its absence) plays almost no role.
The most important public health measure is the one that gets absolutely no press: People with respiratory symptoms stay home.

Masks, prolonged closures, distance learning, work-from-home: This stuff is all demonstrably useless, it does absolutely nothing.
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26 May
Brief thread on the deadly overuse of ventilators, which killed many hospitalised Covid patients.

Contemporary treatment guidelines from New York-Presbyterian hospital (published 22 March 2020)
shed a lot on these procedures and their purpose.…
Brief background:

WHO report from 24 February endorsed mass containment, and also said aerosol transmission wasn't a concern except in hospitals.

From early March, WHO & China began pushing hard for hospitals to ventilate early & aggressively, in large part to limit aerosols.
The NY Presbyterian guidance says, explicitly, that less invasive methods of ventilation have "higher risk of contamination and pathogen spread".
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