When an entire media organization is all in for you and your party, when there are “free press” orgs created just to support your political party and act as constant advocates for you and mouthpieces against your “enemies”, of course you’d want to limit anyone else’s voice.
Ford’s whole “saving us from American style politics” is such a disingenuous bit of bullshit. What he wants is to stop anyone else from getting a word in. This isn’t to level the playing field, it’s to keep it uneven.
JFC, he’s already got every “bad man, great leader” and “hotdogs dressed in blue are better than a liberal” PostMedia drone on his side and G&M is just a cauldron of boiling anti Trudeau / Liberal psychosis.
Maybe we need to start our own year round press organizations and then we too can say whatever we like whenever we like.
We could call it For The Actual People.
A while back I was exploring funding for a fact check organization and discovered this: you can find nearly unlimited money to trash the liberals and almost none to tell the truth.
And that’s because the first one has a payback in corporate friendly legislation and the second one only creates a healthy democracy, 🤷🏼‍♀️

• • •

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9 Jun
This is the same cray cray that @cherylgallant says. And Canada, you should know that there’s a political party (@CPC_HQ )that just recently re-endorsed her candidacy for the next election because … checks notes … she will likely win.
In a representative democracy using the parliamentary system the parties hold the power and it is supposed to be their most important obligation to select good candidates so that if elected they can be good for both the country and their constituents.
Now, I ask you, in what make believe world would a person who believes liberals are trying up normalize pedophilia or that Trudeau himself helped create the COVID virus be good for either their constituents or the country.
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9 Jun
If you’re wondering what it looks like when a former conservative comes face to face with the results of the ideology they supported for decades, this is it.
Content in our rightness, held together by our contempt for the study doing, virtue signalling liberals who wanted to “give it all away” - our money, our sovereignty, our conquered resources - happy in our pretend homogeneity, yelling about deficits in our paid for bungalows.
Maybe there was a time when the dangerous aspects of conservatism were kept at bay by honourable politicians but we haven’t had that in at least 20 years. In through the reform door they snuck like burglars. But we let them.
Read 11 tweets
9 Jun
You don’t have to whisper “kill Muslims” in people’s ears to radicalize them. You can just generate a lot of omni directional hatred and loathing against side “A” and then point out a thing side “A” supports or protects. Gravity, if you will, takes care of the rest.
We don’t need to specifically look for examples of outright islamophobia to identify the problem. Fear of other, the constant narrative that the liberals are more concerned with “foreigners”than with Canadians, that our immigration and border policies are dangerous will work.
You tell people that Canada is letting in dangerous people. Then you tell people that Canada is giving away too much of *your* money to those people, then you paint a false doomsday economic forecast. Throw in a pandemic which you can politicize and the violence is *inevitable*.
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8 Jun
This is a big part of how people are radicalized. PostMedia publications have the art of stoking the resentment and anger to *just* below boiling down to a science. No society can withstand this sort of coordinated effort to undermine its trust in institutions forever.
It all seems sort of defensible on a case by case, article by article basis. It’s like the abuser who just just smacks you a little each day. Not quite enough to break a bone or leave a mark but enough to permanently damage the soft tissue.
They don’t tell you to go and try to assassinate (or just “talk to” ala sausage guy) the PM, they just wind you up, point you in the right direction and keep whispering in your ear.

The best of them can make you believe they’re “just doing their job” but there’s a gleeful …
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7 Jun
I had to go into town this morning to put a pair of children’s shoes on the local Catholic church’s steps.

I could only find one old pair of skateboarding shoes stuck in a box of comic books and hockey cards my youngest son has stored in my garage.
But I really felt it had to be shoes from one of my children who never worried a day in their lives that someone like me (or them) might do them harm or try to steal and disparage their identity. He wore those shoes easily.
When I texted him to ask if this was okay there was a long delay before he replied (he’s the only practicing Catholic left in the family) and finally this, “Yes.”

Then a few moments later, “Baba didn’t want to go to church yesterday.”
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24 Apr
Oh man. The border thing is tricky. It *looks like* Canadians are mostly bringing the variants into Canada and spreading them. Some are cheating and flying to the States and walking through at unguarded border points. Some are arriving on planes and ignoring quarantine protocols.
Some are moving from province to province, ignoring provincial restrictions or guidelines.

All the federal restrictions on flights and whatever won't mean *anything* if provincial quarantine protocols aren't adequately enforced.

"Adequately" enforcing them could be very hard.
And if they land in or end up in a province who has not got a good quarantine system, there we are.

Because we're not a police state, enforcing quarantine is ... well, tricky.

And Canadians must be allowed to return home.
Read 11 tweets

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