As you can probably imagine, the massive rebranding of Critical Race Theory is about to begin in schools, etc., now that people know what it is and don't like it. (Next step will be to rebrand and criticize CRT itself while still doing CRT.) Gotta keep your eyes open.
If they are teaching about racial privilege, they're teaching CRT. If they are teaching about racial equity or racial justice (outside of narrow, historical uses), they are teaching CRT. Words like "voices," "decolonize," "transformative," "diverse," etc. are giveaways.
Currently, essentially everything related to "inclusion" is treated under a Critical Social Justice (thus, when racial, Critical Race Theory) lens. There are various ways for them to downplay this, like saying "whiteness" isn't really part of CRT, or CRT is just about law.
The truth about Critical Theories in general is that they are abusers of language and manipulators. They will gladly say "Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT)" isn't "Critical Race Theory (CRT)" so "you don't even know what's happening." They probably arranged that on purpose.
We talk a lot about the virtues and skills needed to combat Critical Race Theory and Critical Theories more generally, and I only rarely mention discernment. Discernment requires knowledge and wisdom, so you must get informed and pay attention. If it feels wrong, dig.
This, though, is why it's so important to combat Critical Social Justice Theory at the level of what it DOES, not by its name. To these liars and manipulators, the names are all disposable. You have to stop their stereotyping, scapegoating, discrimination, segregation, etc.
Regarding Queer Theory, they're probably less apt to rebrand and more apt to accuse you of encouraging childhood suicides if you don't give them their way. You have to stand firm and ban inappropriate sexualization, unscientific characterizations, etc. Then it gets ugly.

• • •

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11 Jun
Since Critical Race Theory is trending, here are some articles and other resources on New Discourses about it.
1/ Five Ugly Truths About Critical Race Theory…
2/ Critical Race Theory: A Two-Page Overview…
3/ No, Critical Race Theory Does NOT Continue the Civil Rights Movement…
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10 Jun
This will probably be executed in a way that is just barely lawful, but the truth is that "diversity hires" are commissars and apparatchiks, and these could be of any race so long as they hold the right political ideology (Critical Theory of Identity). This is really important.
"Diversity" is only kind of about identity. Identity matters, but politics matter way more (identity amplifies the politics). A person of X identity will not qualify as a diversity hire unless "skilled in diversity," i.e., an apparatchik or commissar in DEI ideology.
"Diversity" as a term is a front to make it look like they're trying to hire people from "minoritized identity groups," which will happen to a degree and with a justification, but it's more a form of Soviet-style entryism. Only those "skilled in diversity" will qualify.
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9 Jun
Critical Race Theory begins with the belief that race is imposed upon "people of color" (by "white supremacy," thus whites), says this is bad to the point of requiring a revolution to unmake it, and then intentionally imposes white racial identity on whites, as a negative only.
When Robin DiAngelo says there's no such thing as a "positive white identity" after spending 150 pages explaining why whites need to be aware of their racial identity because that's what Critical Whiteness Studies, as a subdivision of Critical Race Theory, exists to do, it's this
Robin DiAngelo has an earlier, less famous book called "What Does It Mean to Be White?" It's not just her. This is the raison d'etat for Critical Whiteness Studies (part of Critical Race Theory). Barbara Applebaum explores it in Being White, Being Good (2010), before DiAngelo.
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7 Jun
There's currently a huge business opportunity to outcompete Uber, which has alienated most of its drivers with bad policy decisions ad is thus frustrating its customer base with unreliable, expensive service now.
Uber believes, or at least says, its drivers aren't coming back because they're afraid of covid. Maybe in their bubble in California, but probably not even there. They're not coming back because Uber is screwing them financially. Maybe for good reasons, but they're out of touch.
Your lack of reliable service with Uber as a rider is the result of too few drivers, which has virtually nothing to do with covid (demand is back up) and virtually everything to do with Uber making it very hard for their drivers to make money outside of narrow circumstances.
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7 Jun
A few thoughts on the AbuelaOC stunt.

So, what actually happened here is that the Right (Walsh) intuited the right move, executed the maneuver effectively, but can't capitalize on the win because they don't know why it's a win because "muh hypocrisy!" etc.
It's a win for this reason:

It exposes very clearly that AOC and Leftists believe the state should solve problems even in a case where there's an obvious failure, so all they have is to blame the system and others while taking no responsibility. That is, her approach is a fraud.
It's not about *hypocrisy*, it's about *fraud*. You have to understand both that we live in postmodernity (like it or not) and how Leftists use this hyperreal terrain to their advantage (dialectically) to make gains. Hypocrisy (asymmetry) is the point. Statism is the goal.
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3 Jun
Should I add "fraysexual" to the Critical Social Justice Encyclopedia, or nah?
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