It’s really important everyone understands the Democratic Party is not allied against white supremacy any more than any other white-dominated institution that has Black people on staff.
Like, you can’t keep asking “why don’t they do this?” and “why don’t they do that?” without examining that perhaps you’re assuming they have different motives than they actually do. Even when they first passed the VRA in 1965, Dems wld only go so far in challenging racism.
Recall how the admin that passed 1965 Voting Rights Act is same one that sicced FBI on civil rights leaders. Dems are the more amenable wing of the white power structure but it’s still the white power structure. Blk ppl are the base voters, but they’re not the power brokers.
That’s why it was so problematic during 2020 election when folks said Blk southern voters were the “Democratic establishment” (as tho Dems aren’t largely controlled by white corporate interests). If that were true, why do Blk ppl have to fight so hard to be part of the agenda?

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10 Jun
Do you ever notice how Americans aren’t given much news or perspective from Black & brown countries including the ones that are geographically closer to the USA than Europe & Asia?
One of the most disturbing aspects of oppression & one that I reflect on a lot when recalling how I used to think about things before learning what I currently know, is how white colonizers replace our self-image with their own image in ways that often go unquestioned.
So in our minds as Black ppl living in America, we’re taught to identify with the Europeans who stole this land & not with the millions of other Black, brown & Indigenous ppl who they also colonized & continue to terrorize.
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10 Jun
The white power structure will never be reformed into something that serves the interests of poor, nonwhite and/or colonized people. It will continue to pillage, exploit and murder for profit, on a global scale. 1/
Beyond concerns of how to successfully displace the current power structure, ppl should realize the current system is unsustainable & will implode whether or not ppl are organized & prepared for it. 2/
Its collapse will resemble structural failures we’ve already seen, where the capitalist system couldn’t adequately prepare for or respond to the effects of climate change—Gulf coast during Katrina, Hurricane Maria, Texas deep freeze, failing water systems, etc. 3/
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7 Jun
The old economy is dying & industries refuse to adjust.

Improvements in technology will reduce need for manual labor. It wouldn’t be problem if society adopted universal basic income model that still allowed ppl to be consumers instead of clinging to a dying owner-worker system
Whichever nation makes the adjustment first is going to soar past everyone else into the future. The resulting industries wld be more nimble w/ less overhead & it wld free up the population overall to engage in more intellectual & recreational pursuits, improving quality of life.
What holds human societies back more than anything is the insistence on maintaining oppressive power structures of wealth & resource hoarding instead of a focus on improving overall quality of life. We could be light years ahead of where we are.
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5 Jun
Folks keep saying Trump can’t do things when 2015-2021 was instance after instance of him doing or nearly doing things folks said were impossible, including nearly assassinating the line of succession & overthrowing the election.
If they can’t even get a majority in the senate to pass new voting rights protections when it’s obvious Republicans are prepping to overthrow future elections, I wouldn’t use the word “impossible” to describe the potential implosion of the democratic project in the USA.
I strongly encourage everyone to revisit the period of Oct-Dec 2020 when it became popular among liberals to mock those who raised concerns about Trump’s court cases. “Ha! He’ll never win! What’s the worry?” they said. And then 6 days into Jan fascists stormed the Capitol.
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3 Jun
Whiteness itself is organized around racism. Racism infuses every aspect of white identity, socialization and institutions. White identity has never existed independently of structural racism. It developed over time via social practices & laws that gave whiteness definition.
There is no separation between whiteness and racism. Prior to slavery and colonization whiteness was not a thing like it is now. This is the historical awareness they don’t want people to have.
This generation is in great danger of being returned to the social & economic conditions of its great-grandparents because, unlike earlier generations, it lacks firsthand historical memory of slavery & segregation & is susceptible to miseducation about race & power dynamics.
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3 Jun
I didn’t appreciate until I was grown how much deliberate effort my parents had put into teaching me things they knew I wouldn’t learn in a white dominated public school system.
I just thought we were doing family outings but they were deliberately taking me to museums & historical sites to educate me.
If I had to do a report on a famous person, my mom made sure I researched historical Black figures. She had me dressing up as Matthew Henson and Marian Anderson in elementary school and I had no appreciation at the time of the full significance of that.
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