Lindsay blocked me for the sin of quoting James Burnham but from what I can gather he has once again stated the obvious, stuff he was gatekeeping people away from 6 months ago, and it has the IDW apoplectic
This seems to be a deliberate strategy of gatekeeping the dissident right and then breaking off pieces to be watered down and sold back to the audience of more mainstream voices in a safe way
This is the lifecycle of almost every idea set but I am particularly uncomfortable with Lindsay being positioned as gatekeeper, his past behavior is not encouraging
He has a history of cynical and unattributed adoption of ideas from those he has actively worked to silence

It seems to go beyond bad faith, but in the end we don’t really have control of this process

Lindsay has a large platform and access because he has played the game

• • •

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21 Sep 20
I was going to make a video about how COVID-19 is a perfect example of decentralized coordination by the cathedral but then I realized that YouTube’s censorship around the virus would get it instabanned so instead I’m doing this thread /1
A lot of people have a problem with the concept of the cathedral, thinking of it as just another name for some kind of Illuminati cabal, it isn’t. /2
Conspiracies are difficult to maintain and hard to keep secret for long. As soon as they start to wield real power they become obvious and tend to become part of the formal power structure or collapse. The cathedral is not a conspiracy. /3
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8 Sep 20
The great thing about spreading the neoliberal agenda over two parties is that they could pit them against each other to feign a battle and still always come out the winner

Now that they all have to sit in the same party together it starts to become clear who is backing what
Military and business interests on team red, deconstruction of family and culture on team blue

When red wins only push that half of the agenda, when blue wins only push the other half

Almost looks like a functioning democracy
But while Trump may seems like a buffoon, he isn’t lining up correctly and breaks the election theater

Everyone trying to keep the neoliberal train going has to jump to team blue to signal cultural solidarity
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6 Sep 20
There is a lot to unpack in this photo
1st the press love themselves above all else and all stories that can be about the press will be about the press
2nd the press will cover for these people even when directly threatened by them because they were raised as the priest cast and know that the promulgation of the faith is even more important than their narcissism or safety
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27 Aug 20
If you don’t think we’re already there you haven’t been paying attention
The only people willing to stay on the force will be the desperate and the corrupt, which is how blue empire captures one of the last remaining strongholds of red empire
Once the progressives complete the takeover of military and police any reasonable claim the GOP has to the constitution/liberty/freedom narrative will be destroyed
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15 Jul 20
I understand the impulse is to dunk on the NYT as increasingly irrelevant due to the consolidation of progressive power on its opinion page, but I think this is an increasingly desperate cope
Many see this as a betrayal of principle so obvious that the blatant hypocrisy must signal a failed system exposing itself right before it collapses, and that would be nice, but I don’t think that’s the case
The progressives had to feign a belief in free speech when they were still marching through the institutions because most of the country was at a gut level opposed to their positions and they needed a principle that allowed them cover to spread their bile
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29 Jun 20
I honestly wasn’t sure this would happen, it’s good to see people still have the will to defened themselves. Now the question is will the progressives be able to use their influence to destroy people like this and scare others into compliance?
They’ll probably have a hard time hurting him monetarily he looks incredibly well off. He is within his legal rights but that hasn’t stopped them from trying to excute that officer in Atlanta.
Of course the best case scenario is this wakes up a certain sector of the elite, making it clear that they are not safe from the mob, triggering a re-evaluation of their current trajectory.
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