The 6 SaaS myths holding you back from $10k/mo (and a possible $750k-$2M exit)

I'm an Ex-Googler who has
>>Built 4 SaaS's
>>Been in Silicon Valley for 8+ years
>>Went from $0 to $15k/mo in 1 month

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Trust me:
You've been lied to about how tech startups work.

Learn the truth + hit $10k/mo with ease.
Here are 6 common SaaS myths that are 100% WRONG 👇
Myth #1 - Be original
Being unique is a waste of time.
Imagine Lyft said "Uber already did this... let's try something else"
Here's the way to go:
1) Copy an existing SaaS (preferably a successful one)

2) Tweak it in your own way
Don't make it harder on yourself.
Myth #2 - Tech is hard
They want you to think tech is hard.
You don't need an MIT degree
All you need:
- work ethic
- basic skills

I'm no master coder, and I do just fine.
The barrier to entry talent-wise is lower than you think.
Myth #3 - SaaS is hard
Just like with tech, they want you to think it's hard
The tech is the easy part.
The hard part?
Marketing, business, etc.
Myth #4 - SaaS is expensive
Certain SaaS's can be.
In fact, some require major capital (7-figs) or third-party investments
Unless you're building the next DropBox, SaaS is surprisingly cheap.

(see my course to learn how to build a SaaS for low $:
Myth #5 - SaaS must be sexy
This is a big one.
Everyone wants to be the next Zuck/Jack/Elon/etc.
You don't need to be.
(trust me, you don't want that life)

Why not build a million-dollar biz instead?
Focus less on sexy ideas + more on offering value and profitability.
Myth #6 - The Silicon Valley Model is best
Copying Silicon Valley is a fast track to bankruptcy.

You don't have seed investors, private equity, millions of dollars, etc.
So, you can't build a SaaS the same way Silicon Valley does.
Find smaller niches with less SV competition.
Want the blueprint to building successful + profitable SaaS's?
Ones that sell for 32 - 74X MRR?

Do you have money for upfront investments?
Check out my SaaS masterclass
The ex-Google’s A-Zs for building a profitable SaaS business

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If you don't know me, I
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>>built Contact Ecom with @blackhatwizardd
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Before we begin, a quick PSA:

This thread took time to put together.

If you get value out of it, please RT the first tweet ☝.

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> 8+ years in Silicon Valley

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If they're willing to pay me 50k to build this??

I figured...
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