People need to understand why paying ransomware is fueling the growth of cybercrime as it is making a huge shift in the economics in play that bought talent away from crime and into industry. A thread.
Early at the turn of the millennium, hacking did not really impact business - until worms like MyDoom and SQLSlammer hit, hackers were loosely aligned groups of intruders who breached networks for fun and often had public spirited intentions and set about todo no harm.
There was always a criminal element, seeking to profit from insecure systems and conduct profit-driven attacks like premium rate tel fraud or carding. However, talented hackers were quick to dismiss such behavior as lame and sought a higher calling, trying to help world instead.
The industry sprung up and with it govs of world addicted to hacking drove the price & value of hack tools and material skyward. Early 2000, an RCE exploit for a popular web server might set you back the cost of a small car, LPE's a bottle of vodka and few packets of cigarettes.
As the price of these attack tools rose, so too did the employment prospects and salaries of people who knew how they worked and how to create them. Criminal gangs could not easily recruit talented hackers, as they were happily earning 6-figure salaries at major tech companies.
This economic shift has been in place for years, the economy of malware and intrusions for those who choose the blackhat lifestyle struggled to make the same sums as their whitehat counterparts and often they would seek to enter the industry for better prospects in their life.
The governments and industry raised the price of exploits to small-mansion money as it was largely seen as a way to price amateur and criminal hackers out of the market. Crime groups were not likely to pay $100k for a RCE and thus many powerful attacks stayed out of their reach.
When you start giving organized crime groups $11 million USD or $5 million for an attack that involves a split amongst some 10 threat actors at best, you leave them with a huge cash reserve that they can spend on buying material that PREVIOUSLY WAS OUTSIDE OF THEIR BUDGET.
This economic shift is placing the ball in the attackers court, they are no longer going to struggle to attract skilled and talented individuals - who may also see the risks as not too significant and thus may not be motivated to seek professional employment when crime will pay.
Every single time you pay a ransom, you increase the kitty available to the crime gang, they aren't hackers in the traditional sense - everything they do flies in the face of the ethics and traditions passed down generationally through t-philez and e-zines amongst hackers.
As these groups are now the ones able to hold the large purse strings, which previously were reigns held by defense, military, LE, intelligence and security service sectors - they are able to attract some of the best and brightest talent, as well as purchase the best tools.
When you start to think about paying a ransom, just stop and realize that for every one ransom paid, another 10 victims are created - the ONLY WAY to slow this growth in behavior is to target the economics, the financial incentive, which fuels the attackers and their business.
Harming and disrupting systems was never part of the ethos of the hacker community and people who engage in this behavior are not those seeking to climb mountains for the intellectual thrill of the knowledge gained, they are organized crime groups profiting from destruction.
For every major corporation paying them $11million USD, there are 1000's of SMB's, mom & pop shops, non-tech industry companies that simply go out of business and people loose their livelihoods - jobs are lost, families go without, these are the real human costs of the attacks.
The ONLY SOLUTION IS NOT TO PAY, I cannot stress this point enough - it doesn't matter what you think will be the outcome of paying, any payment will only have a disastrous knock-on effect and cause significant costs to others in society, might save your data but not next persons
These attacks will increase in both sophistication and frequency as the attackers begin to understand that the power dynamics and economy of hacking that kept such groups in check is now swinging hard and fast into their favor. Do NOT pay ransomware. EVER. There is NO EXCUSE!

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