Listening in to Chris Wray's hearing, and in response to Zoe Lofgren Chris Wray raises the stupid auditing program that Billy Barr implemented, which is not going to work.
Now Chris Wray is bragging about his entirely new leadership team. One of those leaders refused to respond to my question about why he signed off on a document that had been altered.
Issa bitching abt FBI not being leaders on cyber. Wray refrains from bragging abt the An0m operation.
Sheila Jackson Lee asks for written description of contacts between MoC and FBI on Jan 6.
SJL asks abt whether FBI has referred Trump to DOJ (not how it works) and the speaks over Wray saying something potentially interesting about the investigation.
Now Louie Gohmert is going to ask Chris Wray a question that Secretary Mayorkas is the appropriate person to ask (second GOPer to do so, after someone did the same with Garland yesterday).
Note that recent SJC hearings revealed that none of the Republicans asking Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe understood the purpose of the FBI Director signature on an FISA report.
Wray talking about 3 groups in the Jan 6 attack: protestors, trespassers, and assault.

[He's ignoring some levels, and can only remember one case of a firearm in the Capitol.]
Wray: We have not started to bring conspiracy charges.

Cohen: Have you gone after people who incited the riot.

@RepCohen should read this post I wrote.…
Before GOP Congresspeople are permitted to ask questions, they should first have to pass a quiz about the mandate of DHS and DOJ, CBP and DEA.
Matt Gaetz, under investigation by the FBI, wants to know what side the FBI is on.
Gaetz now asking whether FBI has CI investigations into specific Chinese people. He appears to be blaming the FBI for deaths caused by COVID, as opposed to Trump.
Ted Deutsch's office (or wherever he's calling in from) looks like that of a history professor.
I wish someone in this hearing would ask Wray why FBI wasn't tracking the specific planning on The Donald channel.
it's kind of breathtaking how many false or ignorant claims that @RepMikeJohnson is making about FARA investigations (if Wray could he'd point out that Hunter Biden's associates are being investigated under FARA).
@RepMikeJohnson Oh he KNOWS about this! Meaning his entire question is bunk.

They fucking went after Greg Craig, and a guy named Podesta, you moron!!!!
@RepMikeJohnson Plus, Billy Barr jumped through about 20 hoops to prevent Rudy for being investigated for cuddling up to the Russian mob.
Ken Buck is upset that the group he claims that exists called Antifa isn't investigated like the people who ransacked the Capitol.
Wray helpfully notes that the stuff that happened last summer only committed state or local crimes, whereas an attack on the Capitol is a federal crime.
Gonna jump in here and note that those claiming Wray to be fired are sort of crazy pants.
BREAKING: Jim Jordan, Ranking Member of HJC, has no idea what happens to evidence obtained with probable cause warrant.
Also Jimmy Jordan--who hasn't always been a good judge of criminals in his life--doesn't understand that not being the suspect in question does not mean entirely honest about their actions on Jan 6.
Wray: We are treating [Jan 6] as an act of domestic terrorism. Ongoing investigation and a lot more to come ... I expect to see more charges and some of them may be more serious charges.
Hey everyone?!?! Chris Wray keeps telling you to look at the conspiracy indictments.

I made that point, too.…
Chip Roy is upset that the people who committed a crime by trespassing got arrested for the crime of trespassing.
BREAKING: @ChipRoyTx, who voted against a Jan 6 commission, wants a briefing for members of Congress about what happened on Jan 6.
@chiproytx Note: Chip Roy seems to be complaining that people got arrested for the crime of trespassing.
Raskin starts his questioning by pointing out that Trump is inciting violence again. See something Say something!
Republicans calling on Wray to prosecute ProPublica for publishing on leaked information.

Dan Bishop wants to know why no one has been arrested in the 3 days since the story.
Dan Bishop now claims that FBI has put Jan 6 trespassers in solitary confinement, which with maybe 4 cases, is utter bullshit.
Dan Bishop now complaining that charges were dismissed bc they were dodgy.

Andy Ngo! Drink!
Wray has to explain to an HJC member that the FBI doesn't dismiss charges bc they're not the prosecutors.

• • •

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11 Jun
I love defendants who write down on paper all the security steps they're going to take on magic online services. This is Zach Alam, who broke the window through which alleged "protestor" Ashli Babbitt jumped through.… Image
Alam apparently was also using stolen license plates on his car, and had a bunch of IDs not belonging to him in his wallet when arrested.
In a recorded jailhouse call, Alam bitched that the VPN he was using didn't protect his location. Image
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11 Jun
The arrest affidavit for Chicago cop Karol Chwiesiuk has a nice map of where he was on Jan 5, walking right up to the barriers still up protecting the Capitol.… ImageImage
Going back to the Chicago cop who got arrested today (for Jan 6, not JUST for being a Chicago cop), he appears to have confessed to have assaulted someone the night before the insurrection. Image
Now back to the cop. He apparently texted a buddy, "[N-word], don't snitch," which I guess is perfect Chicago cop-speak.
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11 Jun
AUSA notes that Kenneth Harrelson (whom Jason Dolan was with) was taking pictures at the Capitol on Jan 5, which he suspects was surveillance in advance of the attack.
AUSA is arguing that Jason Dolan tried to pull a cop out of his position guarding the East side of the Capitol.
AUSA says that "and others" were with Dolan, Harrelson, and Meggs as they headed to Pelosi's office.

[AUSA makes clear that the pic was not taken by the Oath Keepers.]

"They were looking for Nancy Pelosi."
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11 Jun
This is my post about the Three Percenter conspiracy indictment revealed last night (h/t @SeamusHughes).…
But I'd like to talk about the numbers involved. The indictment says that the men coordinated their trip to the insurrection with 30 other SoCal radicalized Trump supporters. I can guess about 5 or 6 people who were on it. But that leaves 24 unidentified insurrectionists.
In March, prosecutors revealed there were 60 people on the Boots on the Ground Telegram that the Proud Boys had. At that time, just 23 were IDed (add about 5 to that number now).
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11 Jun
In a reply arguing he should be released pre-trial, Oath Keeper Jason Dolan says he's not as bad as (eg) Kelly Meggs bc he didn't go to weapons training last fall.

He, himself, was a marksmanship instructor in the Marines.… Image
The lawyer he shares with the former President has backed off his claim to have cut ties with the Oath Keepers entirely, without acknowledging he did so.
Of the photos showing Dolan wheeling gun cases around the Ballston Comfort Inn, the lawyer Dolan shares with the Former says maybe it's not him and effectively brags that Dolan hid his own weapons before the FBI came to arrest him. ImageImageImage
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10 Jun
Now reading the III-Percenter Jan 6 conspiracy indictment (h/t @SeamusHughes), which is going to fuck up my table. Does this plan look familiar?… Image
@SeamusHughes The FBI thanks you for your self-identification. Image
@SeamusHughes The FBI thanks you for laying out the weapons you brought to insurrection that made your luggage too heavy to check. Image
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