early on in my career, i assisted in a large meta-study of world history textbooks.

the findings were grim: american public schools are using highly conservative materials riddled w/ factual errors, islamophobia, racism, and west-centrism.
b/c of the era the study took place in and covered, it’s not surprising that islamophobia dominated, among all the various conservative ideological agendas in these textbooks.

as times change, it won’t be surprising if different ideological needs are emphasized.
sorry i can’t be more specific about the study & the specific topics discussed.

i try to maintain my anonymity on here.
ah, back to my original point— fox news circulating a pdf is being treated like some big problem when the right’s ideological stranglehold on american curricula is a huge & ongoing problem that contributes to every problem we have as a society in one way or another.
the fox news pdf is a drop in a bucket so large it’s difficult to describe. meanwhile the discourse of american education is that children go to school and left-wing educators brainwash them.

to be clear, educators are not primarily at fault here.

• • •

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10 Jun
on Martha’s Vineyard, a family that has only been there since 1998 are still newcomers.

i’m sure some of y’all know places like that. you’ve been there 20 years but as far as they’re concerned, b/c you lack roots there, you’ll never be truly one of them
i despise that attitude actually.

it’s quaint at first but alienating as soon as you try to have an opinion and exercise it and you get told your 20 years there don’t qualify you.
i’m not saying i think all gatekeeping of newcomers is bad.

of course it exists for reasons, and some of those reasons are good and useful.

but it can definitely be taken to an extreme. and sometimes newer people bring fresh ideas.
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Why you should be watching cdrama, part 8, Love O2O

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10 Jun
i do waver on free speech absolutism. generally i’m against it & have been since about my early 20s, when i was old enough to understand the tolerance paradox & history.

the “but who will decide?!” problem isn’t that huge of a problem for a democracy…
i think free speech absolutism is a privileged position, and b/c there is no such thing—there absolutely are forbidden forms of speech—what it really means is that speech intending to objectify, humiliate, exclude, and dehumanize, receives special protection.
it’s important to re-frame the ACLU’s schism — it’s not a schism between principle and “woke-scolds.”

it’s between privilege and protection— the privilege of never being the target of endangering speech vs. the community’s interest in protecting targeted minorities.
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9 Jun
i have had a problem w/ yashar ali since YEARS ago, when i found out he was tight w/ mike cernovich.

idk if that gets mentioned in here. i kinda doubt it. cernovich doesn’t fit the theme.

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9 Jun
what chomsky says here isn’t controversial, or it shouldn’t be; a lot of what he says holds true of other places that tankies on here revere and consider workers’ paradises.

one terrible thing about tankies: their utter disregard for the actual wellbeing of workers.
china is a good example. there’s many reasons so many US companies outsource labor there—a major one being lack of protections for workers.

ijs, if workers in a capitalist den of iniquity like the US have better protections than the country you defend as a gold-standard communist paradise, what are you doin’, buddy? you’re out here denying a genocide for what now—??
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