the premise of this argument is that nonstop anti-white propaganda won't cause racial violence but the mere suggestion that it eventually could actually will.
"implying that race war propaganda might inspire nonwhites to commit violence against whites is dangerous because it might inspire whites to commit violence against nonwhites"
for this argument to be logically or ethically coherent, either whites must be orders of magnitude more trigger happy than nonwhites or, alternatively, violence against white people must be considered more morally acceptable than the converse
claire @clairlemon, centrism @a_centrism, and others criticizing james @ConceptualJames know that the former isn't true (it's actually the opposite) - so they have to explain either why they believe the latter or why some other belief justifies their line of argument.
is it just the fact that whites are (currently) a majority within the countries embracing this ideology? if so, at what point in the demographic transformation of such societies about which we are constantly and gloatingly reminded will it become acceptable to worry?
is it the use of the word genocide? fine, there's no need to use it. we can talk about cultural erasure, expulsion from cities through stochastic violence, demographic replacement, media blood libel, etc on their own terms. a holocaust is not imminent, but who suggested it was?
this isn't a matter of biden's next executive order. it's about the long term consequences of a society casting a rapidly declining racial group as the paramount moral evil and scapegoat of a new national mythos.
we don't have these rhetorical hangups when discussing uighurs or tibetans or even european-colonized peoples who were in fact allowed to maintain far greater national integrity. these are treated as moral atrocities even if they aren't a holocaust happening at this very moment.
wrote this out because enough people have "owned" you at this point that i have little left to contribute. you pride yourselves on being able to "steelman" and discuss things in a level-headed way. so try it here instead of resorting to the same name-calling so many direct at you

• • •

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8 Jun
buck breaking compilation thread
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“asian-americans” constructing an artificial collective racial identity in order to bemoan the fact that nobody sees them as individuals
insofar as white people actually are treated as individuals rather than a demographic, maybe it is because they cannot help but identify as such
there’s a real and unacknowledged tension in complaints about the illegibility of distinct asian national identities (let alone personal ones) coming on the heels of an incoherent “AAPI” hate-crime victimization narrative and concomitant “heritage month”
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advice for young male followers:

hookup culture sucks but it’s a lot better than some “trad” egirl psyopping you into a disposable attention battery at best or fbi honeypot victim at worst
if you find a nice girl irl that’s great but don’t get memed into simping for wheatfield accounts. you’re not saving yourself from modernity, you’re not retvrning to tradition, you’re feeding entryist status vampires attention w/ a highly novel and socially destructive technology
literally the best realistic outcome is that you’re strung along in a parasocial relationship with a fake persona, further alienating you from real life and aggravating the problems that probably brought you here in the first place.
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The story of modern government is the attempt to abolish judgement. To outsource decisions to some set of "neutral" procedures which will self-execute, free from the corrupting influence of human interests. The paradox of people supporting "democracy" but opposing "politics"
The problem with "government by smart contract" is the same problem as "government by science" or "government by expert." Humans have interests and those interests will creep into whatever system you devise. Power is existential. You never get rid of it, only obfuscate it.
Modern man is deeply uncomfortable with power and therefore eager to make power as nebulous as possible. In obscuring power, he ensures that power will never be held to account and therefore never have an incentive to do good. This is the nature of what we call "democracy."
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funny how something being a “culture war issue” just means you have to concede it to the left
notice what is actually being said: “the people supporting this bill have good reasons for doing so but it belongs to a category outside of legitimate political disagreement” - that’s what “this is a culture war issue” means
can we just apply this to anything?

“Asa Hutchinson is a fine governor he does a great job but unfortunately his continued employment is a culture war issue. He has to resign. I don’t make the rules”

what doesn’t count as a culture war issue? answer: whatever the clerisy says
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if trump had supported lockdowns a lot of right wing twitter rhetoric would characterize leftist opposition to them as hatred of old people/the past and mock liberals for being a sex cult mad they couldn't hook up at nightclubs or on tinder anymore
“based” pro-lockdown position isn't hard to imagine. some reactionaries were always supportive of it. instead of focusing on life being crushed out of humanity, focus would be on the degenerate character of that life in the first place. who doesn’t want a “great reset” to that?
do we really want freedom for millennials and zoomers? who thinks their problem is too little freedom? and if problem is lack of freedom to become piratical steppe marauders, is that something to be blamed on lockdowns? if anything, lockdowns show promise of something different
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